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Petition to Guardian Services of Penn, Judge Platt

My mother, Phyllis A. Dickens had her civil rights violated and had her property stolen

  My mother has died &; not the way she wanted to , at home surrounded by loved ones . I planned a memorial service and am in the process of raising funds for a very special headstone for the special bond we had. I can be found on FB. Below is how it came to all of THIS!        UPDATE: My mother is STILL being kept at Sunrise Nursing Home in West Chester Pa . There phone number is 6103994474 against her will. In their own words she “is sharp as a tack” and are considering moving her into a more “INDEPENDENT LIVING UNIT” BUT STILL REFUSE TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW HER WISHES TO LIVE WITH HER FAMILY. Please contact Sunrise and Ashley Kelly to voice your concerns over my moms constitutional rights being violated and the state selling off assets to pay for care she doesn’t need! Dear Sir /MadamHello, my name is Shannon Saucier and I am contacting you to ask for your help on behalf of my 74 year old mother, Phyllis Britton. My mother is a resident of the state of Pennsylvania & has been since 1949. Parkesburg, Pennsylvania is where she & my father built a home, raised my brother, John , and myself  .     In October of 2017, she was pulled over in Salem , Virginia due to driving erratically from dangerously high blood sugar. She was returning home ‪after the burial‬ of my father, William Britton. The state troopers had her transported to Catawba Hospital once they concluded that she was not intoxicated with neither alcohol or drugs and she has been there ever since . Against her will. For over 3 months they have refused to release her regardless of the fact that she is not a threat to herself or others. She has broken no laws in ANY state , she has a support system here in her home state of Pennsylvania, and the financial means to have a visiting nurse if it’s necessary. I also live less than 15 minutes away and have offered to bring her home, to my house.    All to no avail. When my mother was first admitted to Catawba , no one tried to contact myself or my brother , who are her legal next of kin and they have yet to ever call and notify us of anything. Catawba Psychiatric Hospital has also failed to  contact any of my mothers long term physicians  in Pennsylvania for her medical history. Although I was able to have one of her long term physicians to speak to her on the phone & he is of the opinion that she should be released.     Now , on January 5,2018 my mother was transferred to Roanoke Hospital from Catawba Psychiatric Hospital after being found by an aide unresponsive from dangerously low blood sugar. So low in fact , that the machine couldn’t give a read out . Again, Catawba Psychiatric Hospital failed to notify neither my brother or myself about the decline in my mothers health while in their care. Then behind my back I found out that the PA Chester County Department of Aging was urging the VIRGINIA Hospital not to go ahead with their discharge plan. All the while telling me , my mother and my aunt that she would be going home they were working to put her in a facility behind her back with the help of an estranged brother they got named temporary guardian. They have her now in a nursing home here in PA with a room as small as a bathroom with no tv and no window. I’ve been told that if she wants a tv that I would have to purchase it and pay the monthly cable bill- this is a place that is not only getting her social security and pensions that total around $4000/month plus owns assets in the hundreds of thousands. Now that I have had him removed as guardian, an independent guardian has been named and the PA Chester County Department of Aging is not supposed to have any further involvement, I’m asking to have my mothers and my own wish granted that she return home to us to be cared for and no longer have a judge, Social Worker or guardian obstruct her happiness in her golden years. And I can assure you her room will have windows, a tv and whatever else her heart desires instead of warehousing her like a criminal oops I think even criminals get TVs now 

Shannon Britton-McElyea
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Petition to Aetna Coventry Medicare, Aetna

Approve transfer of James Gillespie to a hospital that can help him recover.

I need help! (NO DONATION- only signatures & prayers please!) My father went into the hospital for a gallstone, 78 days ago. UPMC Hamot dropped him and broke his back after surgery. He is now paralyzed with a tracheotomy/feeding tube/colostemy bag/catheter. He has a bed sore the size of a volleyball on his back that is going to need surgical intervention. They just informed us that after 6 weeks of doing all of the above, that they recommended to heal him, there is nothing they can do, because of his acuity! AFTER THEIR EGREGIOUS CARE DID THIS TO HIM!!! We can transfer him to UPMC in Pitt but they aren't going to do anything either. Just let him lay there We need him out of there immediately!!  It is my belief that 98% of their staff is amazing, but 2 % are killers.I am going to release a story a day of their negligence, and trust me I have them! We have never left Dad alone, someone always stays to advocate, but what good does it do when they give you attitude and drop him right in front of you, after you begged 4 120lbs aides to not lift your post op- 400lb 6'5' father!! It's called GRAVITY. (Especially, if you do not use the proper procedure by inflating the bed or the Hover mat!).We want to take my father to another hospital- either Select Specialty Hospital  or Cleveland Clinic but my parent's insurance #AetnaCoventryMedicare (#AetnaCoventryHealthcare) will not approve the move saying he is fine at UPMC or can go to a 1 star Nursing home. WHY won't they approve it when the facility's  we want to go to accept their insurance?When we can go somewhere that a top Neurosurgeon can see him and see if we in fact CAN do something? Dad hasn't even had an MRI of his spine because he can't fit in the non open air MRI machine at his current hospital!! Even if there was no surgery Select Specialty Hospital (Erie, PA) at least can give him some rehab so we can see if he can gain any use of his legs and maybe prepare him for his new life. Why? Because one of the ppl who works @AETNA CoventryMedicare told us on the sly, "The insurance doesn't "want to pay another "entry fee" to an acute facility!"  Please sign this petition that hopefully can get the insurance moving.I need your help saving my father's life! Thank you. (Again, sign & share, say a prayer- but do not DONATE- the donation does not go to us, but to the website)  

Tammy Pescatelli
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Petition to MSUM President Anne Blackhurst, Vice-President Brenda Ameson-Hill

Continuation of Medical and Pharmacy Services of Hendrix Center

The MSUM administration decided to discontinue the medical and pharmacy services at the Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center at the MSUM campus beginning July 1, 2019 and primarily support mental health counseling services. Many students, especially those without vehicles and international students, rely on Hendrix to receive immediate medical assistance and its pharmacy for easily accessible medication. Students DESERVE easily accessible medication.  If you attend MSUM, this affects YOU! Even if you do not use Hendrix, many of your peers and friends do. Changes of this nature set an extremely dangerous precedent for the discontinuation of vital programs at YOUR university. I urge you to consider signing this petition. Changes like this do not support the Dragon values we hold ourselves to.  While accommodations like taxi vouchers and the usage of MAT Bus to access medication were discussed by administration, I believe these to be rather impractical solutions. I question the practicality of ill students in pain scheduling time to catch a bus to go get simple medication as well as returning using public transportation. This inconvenience coupled with Minnesotan winter weather is extremely impractical to expect students to suffer through to access the medication they need to get better. Additionally, how are students supposed to catch up with their homework, classwork and other assignments, along with recovering from their illnesses and other obligations, when they will be wasting so much time trying to procure their medication? Being unable to access medication for students within walking distance from the MSUM campus is a scary change to undergo. MSUM follows a policy where most freshmen have to live on-campus. How can such a policy be ethically enforced when students living on-campus do not have access to medication they need?   A justification for discontinuing important medical/laboratory and pharmacy services at Hendrix was cited to be under-utilization. While this may be true in absolute statistical terms, this justification does not account for the nature of healthcare services. I, for example, have been fortunate to have never needed to utilize these services at Hendrix my first three years at MSUM. However, in a situation where I may need immediate medical attention, I never once felt as unsafe as I do today, because I knew that Hendrix and its services were present at MSUM, where I spend majority of my day. In essence, it was never about visiting Hendrix regularly, but knowing that the services were readily available anytime I may need them, within a few minutes’ walk. And I am confident that this is the same for majority of my peers.   I am starting this petition in hope that the MSUM administration truly sees how many students value the Hendrix Clinic and Counseling Center and wish to preserve its services, for themselves and for future generations of Dragons.  Want more information? Find my open letter to MSUM Administration at:  

Rahil Richard Pereira
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