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Petition to Altha J. Stewart, Carlos Pena, Rosie Phillips Davis, U.S. Congress, American Medical Association, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr. Georgina Zahirney, Irish Psychiatry, Australian Psychiatry, Paul Chrisp, The Committee on Electroconvulsive Therapy and Related Treatments, ECT Accreditation Service (ECTAS), National Association of Lead Nurses in ECT (NALNECT), The Scottish ECT Accreditation Network (SEAN), Juan José Lopez-Ibor

Standardize, Regulate & Audit Shock Treatments (Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT)

My doctor dropped the electrical force equivalent of a 73-pound weight onto my head 116 times. He continued treatment without routinely assessing for brain injury – with permission of more than 25 other doctors at the hospital – because Electroconvulsive therapy (also called electroshock therapy) is not regulated or audited by a third-party regulator.  I am not the only one. Thousands of patients like me are being treated with unregulated electroshock therapy right now. In 2017, the hospital that treated me reported that they gave 4,055 ECT treatments and collected $13.9M from ECT reimbursements alone. And that’s just one hospital. Today (a decade after I quit treatment), I live with the effects of a repetitive head injury much like those recognized in athletes. Now, I suffer from symptoms including 36 years of memory loss, migraines, early onset Dementia, and slurred speech due to motor neuron malfunction. Technically my symptoms fall "outside the scope of practice" for most neurologists in the area because no one specializes in repetitive electrical injury to the head. That’s because this type of treatment isn’t actually regulated or audited. Join me in demanding American Psychiatric Association improve patient care by creating a set of standards for shock therapy treatment by signing this petition. I'm also targeting other top international psychiatric associations in hopes that this will be a global outcry that will lead to a global solution. There needs to be official regulations to ensure that practitioners are properly trained to give appropriate treatment. People referred for Electroconvulsive therapy (and their family members) deserve complete information pertaining to risks of permanent brain damage now recognized by the device manufacturer. Patients deserve to understand that until the method of administration technique is standardized, regulated and audited to ensure protocols are followed, they cannot reasonably expect positive outcomes from this form of treatment. Patients and their family members must understand that doctors and device manufacturers cannot say that negative outcomes are "rare" because without standardized treatment, no one can understand how rare or common negative outcomes are. Patients and family members must understand that this treatment can potentially cause a repetitive head injury which doctors do not understand how to treat. Not telling patients and their family members about manufacturer recognized risks is negligence. Assuming a person (or their family member) does not need to fully understand the risks involved with treatment because of the severity of present mental health symptoms is discrimination. Humans have the right to choose whether or not they receive a treatment based on fully informed consent. Humans deserve appropriate follow-up care if/when they are injured. Doctors deserve to be fully informed of the risk of permanent brain damage to which they are exposing their patients and understand they are providing a treatment which can potentially cause symptoms that are outside their scope of practice to follow-up on and treat appropriately. This petition (outlined in the updates) prevents risk of brain damage, establishes protocols to identify if/when a patient is injured and provides rehabilitation when injured. 

Sarah P. Hancock
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Petition to Scott H. Peters, California State House, California State Senate, California Governor, Doug LaMalfa

All large businesses need to have an AED machine

My 20-year-old niece, Marisa, had a heart attack at work and died. This tragedy left me feeling helpless knowing there was nothing I could have done to save her. The paramedics did not make it there in time, but I often wonder if her life could have been saved if there had been an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site. Marisa was working full-time at Lowe’s when the incident occurred. She worked at one of the company’s large retail stores, with hundreds of employees and customers passing through its doors every day, and you would think they’d have an AED. But there is no law requiring them. This life-saving machine is affordable, easy to use, and should be mandatory in all large businesses. Marisa was extremely hard-working. She was putting herself through nursing school and working full-time. She was also juggling the responsibility of having a 10 month-old son, and taking care of her younger sister at the time. It is possible that she would still be with us today if there was an AED present. In honor of Marisa’s memory, I am asking California lawmakers to pass “Marisa’s Law” which requires large businesses to have at least one AED at each location. Companies like Target, Costco, and Outback Steakhouse have already voluntarily provided defibrillators at their locations, but legislation needs to be passed.  Please sign and share.

Michael Courter
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Petition to Guardian Services of Penn, Judge Platt

My mother, Phyllis A. Dickens had her civil rights violated and had her property stolen

  My mother has died &; not the way she wanted to , at home surrounded by loved ones . I planned a memorial service and am in the process of raising funds for a very special headstone for the special bond we had. I can be found on FB. Below is how it came to all of THIS!        UPDATE: My mother is STILL being kept at Sunrise Nursing Home in West Chester Pa . There phone number is 6103994474 against her will. In their own words she “is sharp as a tack” and are considering moving her into a more “INDEPENDENT LIVING UNIT” BUT STILL REFUSE TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW HER WISHES TO LIVE WITH HER FAMILY. Please contact Sunrise and Ashley Kelly to voice your concerns over my moms constitutional rights being violated and the state selling off assets to pay for care she doesn’t need! Dear Sir /MadamHello, my name is Shannon Saucier and I am contacting you to ask for your help on behalf of my 74 year old mother, Phyllis Britton. My mother is a resident of the state of Pennsylvania & has been since 1949. Parkesburg, Pennsylvania is where she & my father built a home, raised my brother, John , and myself  .     In October of 2017, she was pulled over in Salem , Virginia due to driving erratically from dangerously high blood sugar. She was returning home ‪after the burial‬ of my father, William Britton. The state troopers had her transported to Catawba Hospital once they concluded that she was not intoxicated with neither alcohol or drugs and she has been there ever since . Against her will. For over 3 months they have refused to release her regardless of the fact that she is not a threat to herself or others. She has broken no laws in ANY state , she has a support system here in her home state of Pennsylvania, and the financial means to have a visiting nurse if it’s necessary. I also live less than 15 minutes away and have offered to bring her home, to my house.    All to no avail. When my mother was first admitted to Catawba , no one tried to contact myself or my brother , who are her legal next of kin and they have yet to ever call and notify us of anything. Catawba Psychiatric Hospital has also failed to  contact any of my mothers long term physicians  in Pennsylvania for her medical history. Although I was able to have one of her long term physicians to speak to her on the phone & he is of the opinion that she should be released.     Now , on January 5,2018 my mother was transferred to Roanoke Hospital from Catawba Psychiatric Hospital after being found by an aide unresponsive from dangerously low blood sugar. So low in fact , that the machine couldn’t give a read out . Again, Catawba Psychiatric Hospital failed to notify neither my brother or myself about the decline in my mothers health while in their care. Then behind my back I found out that the PA Chester County Department of Aging was urging the VIRGINIA Hospital not to go ahead with their discharge plan. All the while telling me , my mother and my aunt that she would be going home they were working to put her in a facility behind her back with the help of an estranged brother they got named temporary guardian. They have her now in a nursing home here in PA with a room as small as a bathroom with no tv and no window. I’ve been told that if she wants a tv that I would have to purchase it and pay the monthly cable bill- this is a place that is not only getting her social security and pensions that total around $4000/month plus owns assets in the hundreds of thousands. Now that I have had him removed as guardian, an independent guardian has been named and the PA Chester County Department of Aging is not supposed to have any further involvement, I’m asking to have my mothers and my own wish granted that she return home to us to be cared for and no longer have a judge, Social Worker or guardian obstruct her happiness in her golden years. And I can assure you her room will have windows, a tv and whatever else her heart desires instead of warehousing her like a criminal oops I think even criminals get TVs now 

Shannon Britton-McElyea
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