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Petition to Tammy Baldwin, Elizabeth Warren, Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders

Test our VETERANS for Agent Orange known diseases and give them a chance for treatment.

Vietnam veterans being treated by VA medical facilities are not always being tested for agent orange related diseases. If a veteran exhibits symptoms of any of the presumptive agent Orange diseases they deserve a diagnosis. My husband was exposed to agent Orange in Vietnam. He trusted and depended on VA medical care. He exhibited many symptoms of AL Amyloidosis, yet he was never tested for it. It is a difficult disease to diagnose, but that is because it is rare. It is rare  outside of exposure to chemicals used in Vietnam that is. VA doctors should be more well versed in these specific diseases and be trained to test for them. With early treatment a veteran's life span and quality of life can be greatly improved. Unfortunately for my husband, Paul, there was no diagnosis until, in desperation we went to Mayo Clinic. He was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis within a few days. It was too late for treatment and he passed away two weeks later. Please sign this petition demanding a law that our Veterans get the care they deserve. I propose that VA medical personnel be required to test, when symptoms warrant, for known chemical exposure caused disease.  Our Veterans are suffering with severe, debilitating diseases that can and should be treated. I saw my husband suffer in agonizing pain and worse. He was told that no cause could be found for his illness. This is unacceptable treatment of those that sacrificed their lives for us. There was a treatment for him and many others. They suffer and die never knowing about it. 

Wilma Perry
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Petition to Rep. Manuel T. Sagarbarria

Authorship of Bill for the Establishment of Fully-Equipped Hospital & Fund Appropriation!

Tanjay City as an urban locale is in need of a fully-equipped, modest hospital to cater to the proper medical attention and remedies of its citizens and those in the adjacent areas with services from critical surgeries to therapeutics and laboratory analysis, among others. However, the present Urgent Care clinic lacked the essentials and required facilities, and even on that condition, they rendered medical treatment by the shot in the arm to the people in Pamplona and Amlan. Dismally, there are some instances where patients on emergency cases were brought to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) but succumbed to death due to distance. Whereas, the City of Tanjay is strategically situated that could accommodate patients in the 2nd District like Amlan, Pamplona, Bais and Mabinay, and other areas in the North. That while Dumaguete is crowded with public and private hospitals, like Silliman University Medical Center (SUMC), Holy Child, Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) along with others, almost all areas in the province were deprived of the opportunity and privilege to establish their own. Also, Tanjay City is 30 Kilometers (1-hour travel) from Dumaguete where the nearest fully-equipped hospital is settled, and that Bais City Medical Center is only good for minor issues and in fact, in most cases their patients were transferred to Dumaguete City for appropriate care, aside from complaints from Baisanons on inferior equipment and incompetence of the medical staff (please see comments, below).  Therefore, WE PETITION to the Honorable Representative of the 2nd District of Oriental Negros, Manuel T. Sagarbarria who is also a Committee Member on Appropriations, to author a bill for the Establishment of a Fully-Equipped Hospital in the City of Tanjay and Appropriate Funds for the purpose. ON PRESENTATION TO THE APPROPRIATE AGENCIES, THIS PETITION WILL BECOME A PUBLIC DOCUMENT.        

Eliseo Joselito Monroy
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Petition to Capt. Mark Kobelja, Capt. John Rotruck, Chris Van Hollen, Ben Cardin, Jamie Raskin, Roger Manno, Marice Morales, Benjamin Kramer, Bonnie Cullison

Give Mary the medical treatment she requires.

As a friend, I have watched Mary and her family struggling for years not only with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), but with a never ending struggle to get her care that she needs. Mary Weisberg is the wife of a career active duty officer. The whole family receives their medical care at the state of the art Walter Reed Military Medical Center, formerly National Naval, in Bethesda, MD. This is the President’s hospital. She is continually denied care, unbelievably, for her rare disease at this hospital. She needs to be allowed to see an outside Ehlers-Danlos specialist for surgery to correct her spinal injuries now, and Walter Reed must be made to correct how it treats EDS patients in the long run. Mary has a rare genetic disorder; a form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She and her son were born without the DNA the connective tissues in the human body strong. People with the Ehlers-Danlos suffer from fragile joints that dislocate easily, from blood vessels and organs that rupture, inability to regulate their blood pressure, the may need to be tube fed. They become disabled. They may die. For Mary, she suffers profoundly from the fragile joints of EDS. Joint fragility is measured on a 9 point scale; she scores a 9. There are many mornings I see on Facebook that she will not be able to get out that day because she rolled over in bed the night before and dislocated a shoulder. A few years ago she dislocated her neck and had a six hour surgery to fix it As if living like this weren’t hard enough, this family has to fight to get her health care. At Walter Reed, EDS is controversial. It’s not a controversial disease. It has been described in medical textbooks for 100 years. They have identified many of the genes that cause it. The former Head of Spine at National Naval, Dr. Fraser Henderson, is now a lead researcher on helping EDS patients and heads EDS charities. Just this year, a worldwide symposium of EDS doctors updated best practices and clinical guidelines on helping this patients with 18 new publications. All this, and the Weisberg family at Walter Reed cannot benefit. Walter Reed recognizes none of it. The level of medical tragedy I’ve seen this family go is heartbreaking. They have insurance because her husband is an active duty officer. In the last few years, I’ve watched as they lost a baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy because they “didn’t know” they should be doing anything for. After that, they still denied her extra care in another pregnancy. She’s walked around with a shoulder that wouldn’t stay in the socket, with a damaged pelvis they wouldn’t fix, with vomiting, with losing weight, with a neck that was dislocating. They’ve told her that her symptoms are too unusual to be real and EDS can’t be the reason for them. Her non-military EDS specialists disagree. Mary has been trying to get help with two of her neck vertebrae for a year and a half. According to two EDS specialists, this surgery is badly needed. They also say that she needs an operation to detether her spinal cord, as she’s had the symptoms of Tethered Cord Syndrome her whole life. The surgeons at Walter Reed will not release her from care there for the operations and won’t do it themselves. The surgeon who would do the surgery is covered by military insurance and is ready to go. Walter Reed, according to the doctors trained there, teaches its doctors that EDS is benign, that my friend shouldn’t even be sick. The people stopping the surgery say that there can be no such thing as an Ehler-Danlos specialist, and no doctor can have a more informed opinion than any other on EDS. There is no need. This is even though their own former Head of Spine is one of the most respected EDS specialists in the world. Mary has seen him. He is one of the doctors recommending her surgery. My friend Mary is sick with a real disease. EDS is real. I don’t know why it’s controversial at this one hospital. Please sign this petition asking that Congressman Jamie Raskin and Senator Van Hollen of Maryland speak to Capt. Mark Kobelja, Director of WRNMMC and Capt. John Rotruck, WRNMMC Chief of Staff on this matter. We ask them to demand that Mary’s case be released immediately to the civilian doctor. We further ask them to review the WRNNC and USUHS medical practice and knowledge on the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and demand that up to date standards of practice be instated as mandatory from the top down to improve patient care.

Jeffrey Poretsky
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Petition to Xina Bolden, Michael Sexton

Human Rights For Charles Manson

It has once again become apparent that there is a scandalous lack of administrative oversight at California State Prison Corcoran, with regards to the daily care, well-being, and medical treatment of Charles Manson. The application of rules and regulations in a torturous and punitive manner against Mr. Manson has been a continuing issue at CSP Corcoran; now illustrated dramatically by the hours-long use of an eight point strap-restraint tie down on the 82-year-old Manson, during his most recent medical procedure. The regulations in place for the CDCR are prohibited by law from being applied in a corrupt or punitive fashion by any staff or administration personnel, who, after all, are paid and supported by our own tax dollars. The public and the worldwide media are hereby notified once again, that certain CSP staff are hiding behind a false "good guy" mask in order to illegally punish and harass Mr. Manson. CM has the highest inmate privilege-group rating, but is being kept in a cell in the prison medical wing 24 hours a day. His only option for leaving his cell is a one hour "walk alone" outside, on a fenced concrete pad. Friends and supporters of Charles Manson, both international and American, are now demanding that this discriminatory treatment be halted immediately. In order to avoid another Federal oversight-panel investigation, which consequentially revoked CSP Corcoran's hospital license due to multiple lapses in effective patient care the last time it convened: CSP administration must immediately stop all harassment and discrimination against Mr. Manson, and cease any callous indifference towards his treatment, rights, and requirements.

Human Rights
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