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Petition to António Guterres, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (United Nations), UNSG Antonio Guterres and Deputy Amina Mohammed & USG Alison Smale, Alison Smale

We demand the UN restore Inner City Press' access to the UN as a Resident Correspondent

Matthew Russell Lee and the Inner City Press that he founded were accredited to cover the United Nations in 2005-6. (The NYT headline said, First Blogger.) Since then Inner City Press broken stories ranging from peacekeeper rapes in Africa, through UN cholera in Haiti, war crimes in Sri Lanka, Burundi, the Sudans, SEMG and Yemen (leaked letter here), to corruption in UN Headquarters, including for example cocaine shipments through its mail room and the current bribery scandals surrounding John Ashe, Ng Lap Seng and Frank Lorenzo. On February 19, 2016, Matthew was given only two hours notice to leave the UN, closing down his shared office space and lugging eight years of investigative files with him. He asked for time, went to cover a UN Security Council meeting on Syria - and was pushed out of the building with his UN Resident Correspondents pass torn off, without even his coat or passport, by eight UN Security guards. Audio here. On February 22 when another UN correspondent tried to sign Matthew in as a guest, to cover that day's UN Security Council meeting, UN Security announced Matthew was banned throughout all UN premises and to get out of even the UN pass office. Matthew took to covering the UN and Security Council from the Isaiah plowshares park in front of the UN on 43rd Street. The letter which demanded Matthew leave on two hours notice was signed by UN Under Secretary General Cristina Gallach, based on an incident three weeks before on January 29. In that time, Gallach not once spoke to or tried to get Matthew's side of the story. There was no due process, no credible investigation. On January 29, Matthew went to cover an event in the UN Press Briefing Room for Inner City Press. The group the UN Press Briefing Room was apparently "lent" to asked him to leave, and Matthew said he would if UN Security confirmed that it was a closed meeting. The group, left unnamed in this petition, has acknowledged funding from Ng Lap Seng's and Frank Lorenzo's South South News. UNlike UN official Gallach's February 19 letter, if only for BuzzFeed the group has spelled out its version, using "blogger" as a bad word and for example mistaking Periscope live-streaming with "video on a blog" while its members turned over their video to the UN authorities: who are they working for?   This is who today's UN of Ban Ki-moon, Herve Ladsous (who refuses Press questions about rapes, linking them to "R&R"), Cristina Gallach and others wants to work with: no more hard questions, a symbiosis of "news." So when even Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jose Ramos-Horta wrote to Gallach in Inner City Press' favor, she dodged. Now, this petition. Matthew did in fact leave when a UN Security officer told him that UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric was ordering it. (There was no "Closed Meeting" sign on the door, and no Closed Meeting listed in the UN Journal.) Three weeks later, Gallach by a letter had Matthew expelled, his Resident Correspondents pass deactivated then torn off. This petition demands in light of the above that Matthew Russell Lee and Inner City Press be restored to the shared UN office and Resident Correspondent accreditation they have had for eight years prior to this pretextual incident. It also requests, as does the Free UN Coalition for Access that Matthew co-founded, that an investigation be launched into how all of this occurred. Please sign, for aggressive investigative journalism at the UN and to tell the leaders of the UN that the UN, too, must live up to the principles of due process and freedom of the press.

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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Disney, The Walt Disney Company Benelux

Breng 'A Wrinkle In Time' naar Nederlandse bioscopen/support the Dutch theatre release!

[ENGLISH text below, please scroll down] Wij, Women’s March the Netherlands en, namens de inwoners en het bioscooppubliek van Nederland, roepen Disney NL en The Walt Disney Company op om de Nederlandse release van ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ op 4 april 2018 door te laten gaan. Op 19 maart jl. kondigde VPRO Cinema aan dat ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, de baanbrekende film van regisseur Ava DuVernay met rollen van o.a. Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling en Reese Witherspoon, niet meer in de Nederlandse en Belgische bioscopen wordt uitgebracht. Wij zijn extreem teleurgesteld in deze onverwachte beslissing waarover geen verdere uitleg is gedaan. Women’s March Netherlands en CINE willen daarom het maatschappelijk belang van deze film onderstrepen: De film laat het belang zien van representatie: een Afro-Amerikaans meisje speelt de hoofdrol, en vele van de prominente bijrollen worden ook vervuld door mensen van kleur, juist de mensen die zichzelf nauwelijks vertegenwoordigd zien in films (en al helemaal niet in sciencefiction films); De film laat het belang van sterke vrouwelijke karakters in cinema zien, welke ook ondervertegenwoordigd zijn; De regisseur van de film, Ava DuVernay, heeft als eerste vrouwelijke Afro-Amerikaanse regisseur een budget van 100 miljoen dollar gekregen om een belangrijk verhaal over volharding en diversiteit neer te kunnen zetten. Het feit dat er niet eens een reden wordt gegeven door Disney NL waarom deze film niet in de Nederlandse en Belgische bioscopen wordt uitgebracht is nog schokkender. De verklaring kan duidelijk niet liggen in de verkoopcijfers in Amerika: er zijn vele andere films die een soortgelijke openingsweek hebben gehad maar vervolgens wel uit kwamen in Nederland. Dat leidt dus tot twee mogelijke verklaringen, die beide even onrustbarend zijn: Disney NL heeft niet het vertrouwen dat het Nederlandse en Belgische publiek zich kan vinden in een film waarin vrouwen centraal staan, en/of waar mensen van kleur meer vertegenwoordigd zijn dan in andere films. ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ is een film die gedreven wordt door vrouwen, maar dat betekent niet dat het alleen maar een meisjes-film is. Iedereen kan zich vinden in de boodschap en verhaallijn; sterker nog, dit soort films worden constant uitgebracht met mannen en jongens in de hoofdrollen, maar trokken toen ook vrouwen en meisjes in het publiek. Wat voor een signaal geeft Disney NL af door te besluiten dat juist deze film niet in Nederland en België wordt getoond? Dat het bioscooppubliek niet op waarde wordt geschat, omdat Disney denkt dat de film niet voldoende mannelijke of witte kijkers trekt? En al zou de film alleen maar voornamelijk vrouwen trekken, dan behoort dit nog geen probleem te zijn: er worden namelijk voortdurend zogenaamde ‘chick flicks’ ingezet die (in tegenstelling tot ‘A Wrinkle in Time’) enkel zijn gericht op het vrouwelijke publiek. Wellicht dat er bij Disney NL de opvatting bestaat dat een film waarin mensen van kleur centraal staan niet succesvol genoeg kan zijn in Nederland. Onze samenleving is met zo’n 200 nationaliteiten echter zeer divers, net als ons bioscooppubliek. Daarom is het juist belangrijk om deze innovatieve en toegankelijke film te tonen in de bioscopen. Een gemiste kans voor diversiteit, maar ook voor de inkomsten van Disney, die het blijkbaar prima vindt om miljoenen Nederlanders over het hoofd te zien. Sowieso zou Disney NL beter moeten weten dan zich hierdoor tegen te laten houden, vooral vanwege het recente succes van ‘Black Panther’ in Nederland. Zoals Entertainment Business schrijft: “In drie weken tijd bracht deze film in Nederland meer dan 5,6 miljoen euro op. Ter vergelijking: de animatiefilm Ferdinand bracht in elf weken een vergelijkbare omzet (5.9 miljoen) op. Het vakblad Variety meldt dat Black Panther de 33e film ooit is die wereldwijd meer dan een miljard dollar opbrengt. Extra bijzonder is dat de film dit bedrag realiseerde in 26 dagen.”  Kortom: er is geen enkele reden om A Wrinkle in Time niet in Nederland en België uit te brengen. Op z’n minst zou het mogelijk moeten zijn om een limited release in een selectief aantal bioscopen te realiseren. Wij roepen Disney NL daarom op om z.s.m. te reageren en met ons samen te werken om de April release van deze film te laten doorgaan. Was getekend, Women’s March the Netherlands View 'A Wrinkle in Time' trailer: ============================================= ENGLISH VERSION: We, Women’s March the Netherlands and, on behalf of Dutch cinema audiences, call on Disney NL and The Walt Disney Company to not cancel the Dutch release of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, originally scheduled to premiere on April 4th, 2018. On March 19th, VPRO Cinema announced that ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, the groundbreaking movie by director Ava DuVernay with roles by Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon among others, is no longer scheduled to be released in Dutch and Belgian cinemas. We are extremely disappointed by this sudden decision, which has arrived without any further explanation. Women’s March Netherlands and CINE therefore want to emphasize the social importance of this movie: The movie shows the importance of representation: the lead role is played by a young black girl, and many other roles are also played by people of color, who are underrepresented in movies in general, but the science fiction genre in particular; The movie shows the importance of strong female characters in cinema, who are also underrepresented in movies in general; Ava DuVernay is the first female African-American director who received a budget of 100 million dollars for a movie, and created this important production which she clearly positioned as a story about endurance and diversity, providing role models that are never cast in this light. Even more shocking is the fact that Disney NL never issued an explanation on why the movie won’t appear in Dutch and Belgian cinemas. The amount of tickets sold in the opening week in the US can’t be too blame: many other (young adult) movies have had a similar opening week, which was still followed by a release in the Netherlands. This leads one to suspect there are two possible explanations, which are equally worrisome: Disney NL doesn’t believe that the Dutch and Belgian audiences can relate to a movie that centralizes female characters, and/or that features people of color more prominently than other movies. ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ is a female-driven movie, but that doesn’t make it a women’s or girls’ movie: as a matter of fact, movies generally portrays men and boys in the lead, but still managed to attract both men and women audiences. What kind of signal is Disney NL giving off by deciding to not show this movie in the Netherlands and Belgium? That they don’t trust filmgoers to relate to a movie that doesn’t revolve around white and/or male characters? Even if the movie would only draw female audiences, there’s no reason why this should be a problem: there are plenty of ‘chick flick’ releases throughout a year that are aimed at female viewers alone (unlike ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, which is accessible for all audiences). Perhaps Disney NL may feel that a movie with people of color in leading roles can’t be successful enough in the Netherlands (or Belgium). However, with as many as 200 nationalities living in our country, we’re a pretty diverse group of citizens and filmgoers. That’s why it’s important to show this innovative and accessible movie in our cinemas. A missed opportunity to show diversity, but also a loss for profits, as Disney NL apparently sees no harm in overlooking millions of Dutch people and potential ticket buyers for this movie. Disney NL should know better than to let any of those reasons stop them. The current success of ‘Black Panther’ in the Netherlands demonstrates that cinema audiences have no trouble relating to a cast of primarily people of color. As Entertainment Business writes: “Within three weeks, Black Panther made more than 5.6 million euros in the Netherlands. A quick comparison: the animation movie Ferdinand took eleven weeks to sell a comparable amount of tickets (5.9 million euros). Variety magazine indicates that Black Panther is the 33rd movie ever to make more than a billion dollars worldwide. This is particularly special since the movie managed to do this within 26 days.” In short: there is no reason not to release ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ in the Netherlands and Belgium. At the very least, it should be possible to launch a limited release in a couple of select cinemas. We call upon Disney to respond to us as soon as possible and to work with us to make the April release of ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ possible in the Netherlands and Belgium. Signed,Women’s March the Netherlands  

Women's March the Netherlands
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