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The Powerpuff Girls Movie on Blu-ray

The Powerpuff Girls was a successful cartoon and became legend in cartoon history over the last two decades. Fifteen years ago, The Powerpuff Girls Movie was released during the summer and fans like me were impressed on how good it was, but there had been negative reviews and I didn't care what they've said or thought about it over the years. The movie was released to VHS & DVD and years later, there hasn't been a Blu-ray release, so I made this petition to ask the entertainment companies to re-release the movie on Blu-ray HD with features like: Marketing campaign (TV spots, Got Milk ads, Air Heads, Burger King, Subway, Kellogg's, etc.)  Turner Classic Movies Wizard of Oz Sing-a-Long co-hosting segments with Robert Osbourne No Secrets "That's What Girls Do" Music Video The Quick "Girls Against the World" Music Video Cherish "Chemical X" Music Video Interview with creator/animation director Craig McCracken Rosie O'Donnell Show segment Early Test Sequence Fans Speak Out Widescreen HD format of the movie 5.1 & 7.1 Surround Sound That goes along with the other original bonus features from DVD. It'll be like a collector's edition and we also demand a digital release of the movie on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play at the right video quality. If they can't do it, I'll need supporters to make it happen 'cuz we love the franchise in every way. If we're going to commemorate the movie's 15th year, then sign this petition. #PPGMovie #PPGMovie15

Alex Dillard
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Gary Marsh, Adam Bonnett, Lakeitcha Thomas

Bizaardvark Oz Themed Episode

Since the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark has been renewed for a 3rd season this year, I've figured I should cooperate whether an episode or a special because it's the right thing to do. When I've watched both seasons, it impressed me and somehow I had a thought after seeing one of the episodes. My question was this: What if Bizaardvark would have an episode with a spoof on The Wizard of Oz? I've already got the name Ozaardvark last year and the characters on the show [like in the picture above] for the roles. It can be funny & enjoyable to see for viewers both young and old. We can see that in each TV show past and present has some references to the movie [quotes, themes, etc.] and such because it's legend in movie history, but this one would be great to see for fans of both Wizard of Oz and Bizaardvark. If I can help, then so can you. I don't care what they say about the show or its stars, it's a great one to watch and we can hope for an episode like this to occur unless we do something about it together. Also, this may work without 2 of the show's creators Josh Lehrman & Kyle Stegina since I've learned that they left, but it'll be okay without them 'cuz we can always remember that it was they who made the show in the first place, nobody else. This episode must work and we deserve to see one like that in the show. Think about it, Bizaardvark is going over the rainbow and down the Yellow Brick Road. Sign this petition, support and share! #Ozaardvark

Alex Dillard
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Petition to ABC, Netflix

Shonda Drop Luvvie

"Black Women ghetto is if you're 21, you're mama is 36, and your granny is 50. AND you got a 6 year old." -Luvvie "I ain't gon lie. I will not be encouraging my kids to go to an HBCU. It's the African Elitist in me." -Luvvie "It confused me that people don't think that we can critique "culture." And I do not think a child name Chlamydia is Black culture." -Luvvie If u r an urban youth, still in highschool, with a baby in Gucci shoes, u need ur tubes forcibly tied. Clearly, u got wrong priorities." - Luvvie "The Gubment betta owe me back like I owe my rent & give me my monies! I'mo b an urban youth & go buy gym shoes for no reason w/ it. LOL" -Luvvie "I was at a ghetto funeral last year for my cousin who was a rapper o_0 & got shot (RIP cuzzo). *sigh* So many spray painted tees with his face." - Luvvie Luvvie Screenshot Tweets Here are just a sample of Luvvie's derogatory tweets again African Americans. Let's be more specific. African Americans who are the descendants of chattel slavery in America.  Those whose bodies were worked so hard in the field that their muscles would tear from the bone.  Those whose hands bleed from cotton and tobacco picking.  Those who fought for freedom yet were denied that same freedom.  Those who once Emancipated were never given 40 acres and a mule to give them stability but we instead were told go figure it out.  Those who were Emancipated but didn't get news of it until two years later.  Juneteenth.  Those that rebuilt Tulsa only to see it destroyed in a matter of seconds.  Those that sat in substandard shacks for class.  Those who sharecropped and at the end of the year still owed money. Those that  walked a mile to school.  Those that were relegated to the back and told to move when they say move.  Those that drank from the dirty fountain.  Those that went to war but were told you can't be in my bunk. Those that were tested on my the sake of the study. Those that came home to no jobs, no homes, no education.  Those that were spit on at the lunch counters.  Those that were beaten, hosed, and maimed all for the ability to be treated equal. Those that were told not in my back yard.  You can't live here.  Those who survived street wars, lock ups, and addiction in the inner city man made ghettos.  Those whose lives were ended because they looked like a thug.   Those that were told you're pretty for a black girl. Those that were locked up at a rate so high 72 percent of their children live without fathers.  Those who cant afford the basic necessities like housing. Many are broke.  Unemployed and drowning in student loan debt. We sicked and tired of being sick and tired.  We already fought this fight and more.  Yet, as more new Blacks move into American for new opportunities like jobs, education, and financial opportunities they relegate us to positions beneath them.  What right do you have to look down on us?  Do you know our struggle to survive on a day to day basis? Do you care to know about the unique position we are in?  So Shonda as a descendant of Africans enslaved in the United States, I will not have my ancestors or my people disrespected in any way shape or form.  I might not agree with all of our behaviors or consumerism but its not permissible for a new Black to build a platform on our plight. We are a people who in the face of constant adversity have survived.  I need you to get Luvvie off our collective backs. We have enough of a load to bear on our own.   Do not elevate her. Do not support her work.  Do not feed her while starving us.  We are watching and the decisions you make till have long repercussions.  For if you let voices like Luvvies in they will grow stronger and they will take over and drown our voices out. Do not open Pandora's box. We are already seeing that media gatekeepers are not touching this topic.  They are censoring this conversation.    

Stop Luvvie
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