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Petition to The State of Hawai'i, The State of Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources

Remove the Illegally Placed Iwi from the TMT Site.

         Recently it has been made public that a TMT protestor, Ralph ‘Palikapu’ Dedman, dug up human remains and twice placed them illegally on the proposed Thirty Meter Telescope site. While protest is a critical component of living within a free democratic society, this disrespectful and culturally inappropriate action is beyond the pale and far outside the bounds of respectful protest or socially conscious civil disobedience.          Our deceased loved ones’ remains should be revered, not used as political pawns. Disinterring a grave to promote a lie about the TMT site does not "protect Mauna Kea". It is not "kapu aloha". It is desecration: any TMT protester who assisted in this heinous act likewise has participated in desecrating Mauna Kea. The TMT is a complicated issue for Hawaiians and Hawaii residents. We can respect those who oppose TMT on principled grounds and with honorable actions, even if we strongly disagree. This act, however, is unprincipled and dishonorable, communicating that the ends justify the means and the truth does not matter.          Thus far, is seems that the TMT protesters have either been silent on this act or, incredibly, have supported it. No doubt, at some point the full truth of what happened will be revealed to all the island’s residents. But for now we call on upon those in opposition to TMT to join us in publicly condemning this desecration and challenge any others who participated in it to come forward and publicly apologize. In addition, this act would not have been possible without the state of Hawaii’s failure to enforce its own laws, which would have resulted in the swift removal of the ahu, in which the remains were wrongly interred, in the first place. We call upon the government to clearly articulate and equitably enforce these laws.           Please join us in signing this petition to have The State of Hawaii get the iwi placed back in their original gravesite, where they rightfully belong, and the ahu removed from the TMT site. Mauna Kea, a place all of us revere regardless of our opinion on TMT, deserves no less.

Niki Thomas
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