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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump

Tell Congress to end preventable maternal deaths in America

On June 28, 2016, after eleven hours of labor, my husband and I welcomed our second daughter, Ava. After she and her father were led into the recovery room to wait for me, I started to feel like I was drowning. I told the nurse I couldn't breathe and begged them to save me. Lots of machines started making scary noises. Everything went white. Ten hours later, I woke up intubated in the ICU. I had suffered flash pulmonary edema, a life-threatening complication of pre-eclampsia. After doctors rushed to flush the fluid out of my lungs, I still couldn't breathe. My anesthesiologist made the life-saving decision to intubate me. As he was preparing the intubation, the nurses lost my pulse. I had gone into cardiopulmonary arrest. I was a Code Blue in the ICU. My husband watched forty doctors run across the floor to my bedside. For twenty seconds, I was gone. For those twenty seconds, my husband was a single dad to our two young daughters. For those twenty seconds, my parents lost their only child. For those twenty seconds, my children lost their mother. For those twenty seconds, I was another statistic in the staggering rise of the maternal mortality rate in the U.S.A. - the only industrialized nation with a rising maternal mortality rate. My anesthesiologist saved my life. Had he been even a minute too late with the intubation, I wouldn't be here typing this today. For the next 48 hours, I fought for my life in the ICU and finally met my baby on the eve of my 34th birthday. In truth, the fight had only begun. The road to recovery was laden with triumph, self-doubt, and shame that I upset so many people by almost dying. I was plagued with guilt for not having been able to thwart this deadly, non-discriminatory disease. I had the best care. I did all the right things. I followed my doctors' orders. But for twenty seconds, none of that mattered. Who would comfort my survivors by telling them "she did all the right things and had the best care"? Last March, I learned I wasn't alone. A bipartisan bill aimed to address the rise of maternal mortality in our country was introduced by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA), Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI), Congressman Ryan Costello (R-PA), and Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO). The Preventing Maternal Deaths Act of 2017 (H.B. 1318) aims to help states establish or improve their maternal mortality review committees (MMRCs) – interdisciplinary groups of local experts in maternal, infant, and public health – to examine maternal death cases and identify locally-relevant ways to prevent future deaths. Despite major advancements in technology and treatment, the maternal death rate has increased by 26% in our country in the past fifteen years with African-American women three to four times more likely to die from preventable and/or treatable causes related to pregnancy. This legislation is so urgently needed as women in the United States are needlessly dying from pregnancy-related complications at a higher rate than women in 47 other countries. This is completely unacceptable, and you can do something about it today by signing this petition and contacting your representative to co-sponsor this bipartisan legislation.

Kristel Stern
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Petition to Linda Bacon Service Director of Maternity Services, Ronald C. Werft President and CEO of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Jason Boyatt MD Chief of Staff at Santa Barbara Cottage hospital

Birth Choices at Cottage: We want to bring back VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean)

VBAC Petition “Attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and appropriate choice for most women who have had a prior cesarean delivery…” –American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) press release, July 21, 2010. Unfortunately, women do not currently have the option to choose a VBAC at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, contrary to ACOG’s current practice bulletin for obstetricians and contrary to current scientific evidence supporting the safety of VBAC for most women. Therefore, we, the undersigned, request that the hospital administrators and obstetrical decision-makers at Cottage Hospital lift their ban on VBACs and begin following ACOG’s recommendation of trial of labor for most women who have previously had a cesarean birth. In making this request we affirm the following: Women have the legal and moral rights to decide what happens to their body, as well as what is best for them and their babies. Women have the right to complete, accurate, and non-biased information about the risks and benefits of CBAC (cesarean birth after cesarean) and VBAC, so that they have true informed consent about all their birthing options, both during pregnancy and throughout the birthing process.  ACOG states that that VBAC is a safe and reasonable option for most women, including some women with multiple previous cesareans, twins, and unknown uterine scars. Current evidence shows that the rate of complications from VBAC is comparable to that of CBAC. Many hospitals to the north and south of Santa Barbara are not only allowing VBACs, they are actively encouraging them as a way to reduce health care costs and increase patient satisfaction. Women in Santa Barbara county who want a VBAC now must choose to travel an hour or more, or choose an out-of-hospital birth. Cottage Hospital, as our area’s ONLY hospital offering obstetric care, should bring itself into alignment with current evidence and with the practices of our nation’s best hospitals. We stand in solidarity with the mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, and other community members who have, for years, been calling for Cottage Hospital to offer VBACs again. We also want to give special recognition to the women who have been denied VBACs against their wishes or were required to travel an hour or more to receive evidence-based care in a hospital.  

International Cesarean Awareness Network
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Petition to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo

Complete the maternal and child health block in Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Now

THE ABANDONED MATERNITY AND CHILDRENS BLOCK PROJECT OF KOMFO ANOKYE TEACHING HOSPITAL Nearly 1000 bed capacity block 10 dedicated theatres  28 consulting rooms Separate dedicated Maternal and children's emergency and critical care facilities Diagnostic services ..labs , X-rays, Scans Training and simulation rooms for teaching and skills training etc A one stop shop for women and children's healthcare. One of a kind in the subregion.  However, for 42 years, we have pretended to be working on this project while the maternity and child health units are congested beyond sanity. For 42 years our mothers have and continue to labour on dirty and congested floors lest they get turned away. For 42 years we have and continue watch on as fragile babies are stacked into cots as the slaves of times past while pleas to donors have failed to turn their heads For 42 years we have played lottery with lives of vulnerable women and children while professing to care on political platforms . For 42 years we have failed to see the urgency and wisdom of completing this structure and we have watched as the cost has ballooned by the year while we have preached financial prudence Yes, this project was started 42 years ago and has seen several governments who have given several excuses. Almost all Presidents of the 4th republic from President Kuffour to President Mahama promised to complete it but never finished it. Almost all Ministers of Health have captured it as a top priority project yet the project still stalls while new ones sprout everywhere.  For how long must it tarry? How many pregnant women and innocent children must spill their blood for us to realise our sheer lack of care for their welfare?We cannot stand by and look on. It could be your wife , it can be your sister or your only child who may need care in the hospital and will have to die because someone else is on the table. It could be your constituent or even a female MP . We must care !This project must be completed ASAP! No amount of money is too much for the lives that are being lost daily due to lack of space and equipment while this project that could significantly reduce the lives being lost stands uncompleted after several promises for over 40 years. No excuse is worthy ! We must #finishthisnow !  

Richard Selormey
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