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Huawei to public MHA-L29C636 Kernel Binary

As per GNU GPL licensing agreement which Huawei is in agreement with, Huawei is legally binded to provide source code/binaries when requested. It is also advised on Huawei's website to contact Huawei in regards to obtaining the source code ( when downloaded It is a text file which reads the following: “Huawei Device Co., Ltd ("Huawei")is pleased to provide you the corresponding open source code of the device. If you want the code, please contact us with an email titled "Open Source Codes Issue" to Please note we may charge you the cost of physically performing source distribution like sending you a CD of the Open Source Codes, if you reqest. And the code download link will be ready soon.”   I would like to remind you that Huawei is in a legally binding contract to provide the source code when requested.   Email from Huawei: Subject: RE: REF: 91573779 - Mail Support CRM:0067509 With regards to your inquiry pertaining the source code, kindly know that we understand your frustration however we only would be able to provide you with the source code and not the Kernel Source Code of your device as it is confidential information for the software of our devices.     My response:   I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that Huawei has a history of confirming to the GPU GPL licensing agreement ( which has published kernel sources in the past when requested. Huawei has a long standing in the development community to provide sources when requested which is mandatory since Huawei is associated with GPU GPL licensing agreement ( All Huawei source code binaries are GPL licensed under Android.   I am not requesting the kernel source code rather the kernel source’s (i.e binary) required for development as is obligated to provide.   As per any of the aforementioned components included in the kernel must be made open source to the public.   For your reading:   I was under the impression that Huawei is obliged to offer source code binaries due to the fact that their software complies to the GPL GNU licensing thus entering in a contract agreement in lieu of a third party.

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