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Petition to Dallas Independent School District, American Indian Heritage Day in Texas

20th Anniversary - No Native American Mascots at H. Grady Spruce High School!

20 years ago in August of 1997, through the concerted efforts of leaders within the Dallas Independent School District, all American Indian mascots were eliminated from schools within DISD's jurisdiction. It has come to the attention of the Dallas American Indian community that a petition has recently been created to encourage support to reverse that decision and bring back the "Apaches" mascot to H.Grady Spruce High School, which now operates as the "Timberwolves." Research has shown that the continued use of American Indian mascots, symbols, images, and personalities has a negative effect on not only American Indians students but all students by: - Undermining the educational experiences of members of all communities-especially those who have had little or no contact with Indigenous peoples. The symbols, images and mascots teach non-Indian children that it's acceptable to participate in culturally abusive behavior and perpetuate inaccurate misconceptions about American Indian culture.- Establishes an unwelcome and often times hostile learning environment for American Indians students that affirms negative images/stereotypes that are promoted in mainstream society. ( Unfortunately, the symbol that some choose to hang on to as a means of reminiscence is highly problematic to all students and the thought of reversing a decision that has been in effect for 20 years shows the blatant lack of respect to American Indian culture and the first inhabitants of this soil. Stand with us and make your voices heard! We will not tolerate the attempt to overrule the decision that 20 years ago set an incredible example for school districts across the nation!

American Indian Heritage Day in Texas
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Petition to Sue Dibble, Roger S. Bourassa, Maria Coleman, Ola Hawkins, Norman Sulser, John F. Axselle III, Robert L. Hundley, Jr., Charles Stevens, Michael Gill

Support Change at Lee-Davis High School, Home of the Confederates in Virginia

NOTE: all are welcome to sign the petition, but if you are a Lee-Davis High School alumni, parent of a student in Hanover County Public Schools or Hanover County resident please make a note in your signature. We have a special private petition that includes the names of alumni, students & faculty with graduation dates, e-mail to be added to that private petition. Feel free to sign BOTH! Please DO NOT include hateful or violent language in your signatures. This is a peaceful campaign inspired to uplift the local community and students. I am an alumnus of Lee-Davis High School named after Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis leaders in the Confederate States of America. The website homepage says 'Lee-Davis High School | Home of the Confederates | Tradition & Pride | The Lee-Davis Way.' (Link: Banners with the image of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis hang in the hallways and gymnasiums with the phrase Tradition & Pride. The mascot is the Confederate soldier and has been symbolized in various ways including a Confederate soldier costume and a student in Confederate uniform who would ride a horse across the football field. During my time there cheerleaders would chant 'Go, Confederates!' at football games and spell out the mascot's name. In 1959, the new Lee-Davis High School was completed and drew students in grades eight through twelve from Battlefield Park School and Washington-Henry School who were permitted to vote on the new name. Hanover County Public Schools confirms online that schools were not integrated until 1969, 10 years after the high school opened. Therefore, the name was chosen only by students at two segregated high schools in the county (Link: We acknowledge that Hanover County Public Schools have changed already and seek to embrace this change by changing the school name and mascot to a symbol not associated with white supremacist activities. The schools are now integrated with students from all races and 28 different native languages (Link: This diversity is planned to increase in the future. Hanover County Public Schools released a long range plan for 2017-2023 with important themes of relevance, equity, relationships and community (Link: Hanover County aims to inspire, empower and lead as a student-centered, community-driven school district that assures a quality education for success in a changing world. They admit that public education must foster equitable opportunities for each child and that students thrive in a safe and secure environment that nurtures the whole child. The long range plan sets forward goals and objectives to 1) provide social, cultural, emotional and educational equity to maximize student potential, 2) provide a community that promotes diversity through awareness, appreciation and understanding, 3) provide diverse learning experiences that address students' interests and goals, 4) create learning environments that promote student voice and choice, 5) embrace innovation in all aspects of education by developing new ideas, exploring opportunities and implementing strategies, 6) encourage risk taking, 7) create an environment of mutual trust in which all employees feel supported, empowered, valued and engaged, 8) promote a culture that inspires and recognizes excellence, 9) provide a safe, inclusive environment that engages all students, 10) evaluate factors that impact the social and emotional safety. Moving forward with a Confederate mascot at Lee-Davis High School named after two Confederate leaders directly contradicts these long-term goals and the mission of the Hanover County Public School system. The name and mascot all contradict Lee-Davis High School's own mission to prepare students for success in future academic, social and business endeavors in a global society by providing an atmosphere that supports the cooperation of administrators, teachers, students, and parents (Link: There have been multiple unsuccessful efforts to change the name and mascot dating back to the 1970s. While attending the school I was embarrassed and ashamed to have the name and mascot, but the recent use of Confederate symbols by white supremacist groups and the KKK led me to start this petition. In August, a collective of various white supremacist groups used Confederate symbols and imagery at a protest that resulted in the death of an innocent Virginian in Charlottesville, Virginia. A public school should not have a name or mascot that is glorified by violent white supremacists. Our aim with the petition is to address the use of the Confederate symbols and imagery by white nationalist and KKK groups to promote white supremacy. We aim to address this negative association with the name of Lee-Davis High School and their Confederate mascot and hopefully seek peaceful compromise and change of both the schools name and mascot. Already efforts have been made to remove the word Confederates from sports uniforms, athletic wear and cheers. We support these efforts and seek further change. Hanover County Public Schools also says that they are open to comments about the name and we seek to work with them and members of the community to do this in a peaceful and low cost way. We seek to emulate the peaceful transition of Harry F. Byrd Middle School to Quioccasin Middle School in Henrico County in 2016. Personal Message: To friends and family who are offended by the idea of this change, I want to be clear -- I do not wish to suppress the use Confederate flags and symbols in the privacy of your own home or at events where everyone has free choice to attend and honor the memory of those who died fighting for the Confederacy. However, this is a PUBLIC SCHOOL where students (including me) have been required to attend and look at these symbols every single day when they DO NOT support the legacy of the Confederate States of America. I know if I was uncomfortable with the legacy of this name/mascot that other students probably still are too. I hope you see the difference between this thoughtful compromise and suppression of culture/heritage/free speech. Better to deal with this costly problem now voluntarily than to face a embarrassing and shameful retraction of the name and mascot in the future.

Ryan Leach
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