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Petition to Disney XD, Marvel Animation, The Walt Disney Company

Please create all-new episodes of "Spider-Man: The Animated Series"

From 1994 to 1998, the Fox Kids network aired "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" on Saturday mornings and it was one of the network's most popular series. Unfortunately, despite running for five seasons and having 65 episodes made, the show was canceled and the series' cliffhanger ending of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Madame Web looking for the real Mary Jane Watson went unresolved.  Over 20 years later, this show is still popular and is considered by many fans to be the best Spider-Man cartoon series ever made.  We, the fans, would like to see John Semper Jr. (who was the story editor, producer and series co-writer on the "Spider-Man" animated series) back in charge and to reunite him with as much of the old cast and crew from "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" as possible.  Among the voice actors we hope to see return include Christopher Daniel Barnes (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Saratoga Ballantine (Mary Jane Watson), Rodney Saulsberry (Joe "Robbie" Robertson), Patrick Labyorteaux (Eugene "Flash" Thompson), Jennifer Hale (Felicia Hardy/Black Cat), Gary Imhoff (Harry Osborn), Neil Ross (Norman Osborn/Green Goblin), Mark Hamill (Jason Macendale/Hobgoblin), Gregg Berger (Kraven the Hunter and Quentin Beck/Mysterio), Hank Azaria (Eddie Brock/Venom), Jim Cummings (Herman Schultz/the Shocker), and Maxwell Caulfield (Alistair Smythe).  While some characters would have to be recast because their voice actors have since passed away, such as Doctor Octopus and the Kingpin, we hope that Marvel is able to bring back this wonderful animated series and as many people involved with the old series as possible.  We hope that the show is able to feature old characters (such as Dr. Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus, Eddie Brock/Venom, Jason Macendale/Hobgoblin, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin I, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, the Fantastic Four, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, the X-Men, etc.) and include new ones the show was previously unable to use (such as Flint Marko/Sandman, Max Dillon/Electro, Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, etc.) and do things the old show was unable to do, such as show Spider-Man punching an enemy on the jaw. We would love it if Marvel would create more new episodes of this classic animated series for Spider-Man fans, old and new, to enjoy.

Stuart Green
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Petition to SONY, Marvel

Release Toei's Spider-Man TV Series on DVD/Blu-Ray in North America

In 1978, Toei Company aired a Japanese live action television series based on the iconic "Spider-Man" comic book series from Marvel Comics. Over the years, this loose adaptation of a beloved superhero has accumulated a cult following, and is considered to be one of the best television shows in the "tokusatsu" (Japanese special effects) subgenre, as Takuya Yamashiro vows to avenge the lives who were taken by the evil Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army. On November 2019, it was confirmed that this iteration of the famous web-slinger may finally appear in the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed and beloved "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse". Not only will Takuya Yamashiro's inclusion spread awareness of the 1978 television series, but the situation would make it even more appropriate to prepare North American audiences for what could potentially come from this particular character in the Spider-Verse sequel by releasing the series for home video for the first time in North America, after only appearing in a couple of Spider-Man-related comic book events! Therefore, we who sign this petition humbly ask Sony to release this television show to North American audiences, and perhaps elsewhere, too. Doing so will provide Sony with worthwhile ROI, appreciation and consumer loyalty from tokusatsu and superhero enthusiasts eager to consume new material. Furthermore, releasing this series will help put a stop to its current bootleg distribution and incentivize consumers to invest in Sony's products.

Davis Madole
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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Disney Interactive, Offbeat Creations

Please bring back Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook or game consoles

On March 1st, 2012, Facebook launched the game "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" for fans to play. Developed by Offbeat Creations and published by Playdom (and then later by Disney Interactive), the player would be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and would take two characters, heroes and/or villains, with them in story missions and Player Vs. Player tournaments. The game had alternate costumes for the heroes and villains, ISO-8s to equip their characters to make them stronger, special unlockable characters that players could earn by collecting 8 comic book covers from Lockboxes, and so on. The game's popularity spawned a short-lived spin-off, "Avengers Alliance Tactics", and a mobile sequel "Avengers Alliance 2", but a majority of fans preferred the original for its content, characters and story. However, in 2016, fans were shocked and heartbroken to learn that Disney Interactive would be closing the "Avengers Alliance" game permanently.  After four years of playing, collecting heroes and content, and so many possibilities of what could have been added into the game, the game closed down on September 30th, 2016.  To this day, many fans remain disappointed and saddened by the game closing down and would love to play the game again. We, the fans, would like to see Disney Interactive bring back "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" on Facebook and/or as a video game for the current game consoles. Fans would love to see the game return in its original format as much as possible, so Story Mode missions, Player Vs. Player tournaments, Flight Deck missions, etc., could still be a part of the game.  Fans also hope that all of their favorite heroes and villains from the original "Avengers Alliance" could return as playable characters (including Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, The Mighty Thor, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm-Richards/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Ben Grimm/the Thing, James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Jean Grey, Ororo Munroe/Storm, Anna Marie/Rogue, etc.), and Player vs. Player reward characters (such as Janice Lincoln/the Beetle, Tyrone Johnson/Cloak and Tandy Bowen/Dagger, etc.) and Lockbox characters (such as Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto, Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom, Max Dillon/Electro, Herman Schultz/the Shocker, Victor Creed/Sabretooth, etc.). When the game is re-created, fans would also like to see more new heroes and villains introduced as playable characters, such as Amadeus Cho/the Totally Awesome Hulk, and boss villains, such as Alexsei Sytsevich/the Rhino and St. John Allerdyce/Pyro. Fans are hopeful "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" would also add more playable characters to the game that weren't playable before (such as heroes Nick Fury, Agent Phil Coulson, Jubilee, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Angelica Jones/Firestar, Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer and Sean Cassidy/Banshee, and villains Sam Sterns/the Leader, Adrian Toomes/Vulture, Doctor Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Raven Darkholme/Mystique and Mortimer Toynbee/Toad). For new alternate costumes for heroes, fans hope that costumes such as Spider-Man's Iron Spider suit, Spider-Man's "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie costumes, Black Panther's "Captain America: Civil War"/solo movie costume, the original 1963 X-Men costumes as alternate costumes for the original five X-Men (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast and Iceman), the original X-Factor costumes for the original five X-Men, the Mr. Fix-It Gray Hulk persona and "Professor" Hulk persona for The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four costume as an alternate costume for She-Hulk, and countless others could be added into the new "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" along with the previous existing alternate costumes (such as the Uncanny Cyclops uniform best remembered from the Fox Kids "X-Men" animated series, Daredevil's original yellow costume, the "Avengers" movie and "Age of Ultron" movie uniforms for the heroes featured in the movies, Spider-Man's black costume, and many more). Please consider bringing back "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" in some form so fans can play and enjoy it again.

Stuart Green
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