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Please make a retro/vintage toy line of "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars"

In 1984, Marvel Comics released the 12-issue series "Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars", which featured most of the publisher's most popular super heroes fighting with a group of their popular super-villains.  The 12 issue series was created to coincide with the toy line of the same name by toy company Mattel, who released only two lines in the United States and three figures for the third assortment in Europe. Hasbro, the current company to make action figures based on Marvel Comics' characters, released a 25th anniversary line of 3.75 inch tall action figures in 2009.  However, a toy line of six-inch figures based on "Secret Wars" has yet to be made.  Since Hasbro is making retro/vintage assortments of figures, such as their recent vintage wave of figures with the old Toy Biz box art of The Uncanny X-Men, why not do the same for "Secret Wars"?  We, the fans, would like to see Hasbro release all-new figures of the heroes and villains from the 12 issue and to re-release previous figures that were hard to find in previous Marvel Legends toy assortments, but this time with all-new accessories and/or repainted with brighter suit colors. Among the heroes and villains that Hasbro could make into new figures or re-release previous figures for the toy line with new accessories or repainted suit colors include Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man (in his classic red-and-blue costume and his alien black-and-white costume), The Invincible Iron Man (with an alternate Jim Rhodes head), Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing, She-Hulk, Cyclops, Captain Marvel II, Rogue, the Wasp, Magneto, Doctor Doom (in his classic costume and his Beyonder Doom costume), Doctor Octopus (with a new head sculpt with blue sunglasses and all-new bendable wire tentacles accessories included, please), Kang the Conqueror, Ultron, the Absorbing Man, Titania, Volcana, Enchantress, Molecule Man and the Lizard.  Hasbro could also make all-new figures for characters who appeared in Mattel's "Secret Wars" toy line but not in the comic series, including Baron Zemo, Constrictor, Daredevil, Electro, the Falcon and the Hobgoblin.

Stuart Green
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