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Justice for Nat

For those who have seen Avengers Endgame, you saw how Natasha Romanoff's death was treated. Like Gamora, she was sacrificed to get the soul stone on Voromir. Also, like her fellow superheroine, because of the means of how the sacrifice went down, it has landed her on the list of female characters being “fridged”. “Fridging” is a term coined by comic book writer Gail Simone. It is when a female character is raped, killed, or injured to move along the arc of a male counterpart. Natasha's death was used to develop Clint's arc which was him trying to undo the snap and get his family back. Another problem with Romanoff's death was the aftermath. The team barely mourned the death of their fellow founding Avenger. She was only given a few tears before barely being mentioned for the rest of the movie. Unlike Tony Stark, Romanoff wasn't given a funeral or an actual memorial service. It was as if Tony's sacrifice play was greater than hers when the only reason the team had all the stones in the first place was because of her. Marvel and the directors could have easily made it so the fallen Avengers had a joint funeral or memorial service instead of making Tony's death seem like he was the only one who died in the movie. My goal with this petition is for some sort of action be taken for Romanoff's character arc. Whether it be a formal acknowledgement and event held for her death in a future film or for her death to be undone in some way, justice for this character must be served. She was the one who helped paved the way for other superheroines in the MCU. Marvel should have done more for her character in Endgame than this. It’s up to us, the fans, for this message to get through, so please sign and share this petition. Your support will be appreciated. #justicefornat

Victoria Buckles
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