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Let Other Food Trucks on Camp Lejeune Rifle Range besides MCCS "Stop Monolopy of MCCS"

We need your HELP!  We need at least 150 Signatures to get NOTICED, Thank you for sharing this and signing to support this cause!  To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in regard to a very concerning issue. In May of 2018, Jarvis – an active duty Gunnery Sargent in the Marine Corps -- and Stephanie Jones (Owners of King of the South Hot Dog Stand) approached MCCS Food and Hospitality Division with an inquiry of wanting to serve food on base at the Stone Bay Rifle Range. This was made clear from the beginning that this location was the only one they intended to serve at, due to it being in a location that is beneficial to Marines that are in a situation that limits their option for food, since they are at the range a large portion of the day. Many Marines, young and seasoned alike, may not always pack a lunch or want the only option currently at the range – MCCS gut truck food that is sold at a gouging priced and is microwaved instead of being served hot and fresh. As the start date of King of the South Hot Dog Stand arrived on January 22nd, 2019, they were told they had to set up in a completely different location, Camp Johnson. This was not the goal or premise that they invested in to start this business. Additionally, it has been brought to the owner’s attention that Anthony Rogers, Director of the MCCS Food and Hospitality Division, has no intentions of letting them set up on the rifle range due to him wanting only the MCCS gut trucks out there to monopolize the area. This hesitantly forced King of the South to set up on Camp Johnson, where the opportunity to serve to the Marines in a central location was quickly shut down due to the loss of profits from other food industries on that base. In lieu of finding a solution, Mr. Rogers placed King of the South on MCCS New River, which led to their sales plummeting and barely covering their daily running costs. With this location, a similar issue arose, and MCX requested they move from their premises on which they were originally granted to set up on. Due to these protests, it is clear that a monopoly is in place and MCCS Food and Hospitality supports it one hundred percent. But the monopoly isn’t the only problem, it has also created a supply and demand issue that has led to gouging prices. In the last week of February 2019, a Marine sent a photo to another Marine and complained of his gut truck purchase, consisting of a microwaved chicken sandwich and a Rice Krispy Treat. The total of this purchase came to $9.50. That is a price that is unfair and unreasonable in the areas they have chosen to set up in. King of the South Hot Dog Stand offers two, freshly cooked hotdogs, made to order at the price of two hot dogs for $5, chips $1 and a soda a $1. This purchase total comes to $7 and they are getting more for their money at a reasonable price. Therefore, King of the South Hot Dog Stand should have a fair and equal opportunity to serve on base in a central location that can be in line with the gut trucks in order to give Marines the options and pricing they deserve. King of the South owners and employees will not back down until a change is made.   Respectfully, Ashley Livingston – Wife of Veteran Marine and King of the South Employee    

Ashley Livingston
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Petition to Robert Burton

Help Officer Snyder clear his name and reputation

  Justice for Officer Rick Snyder Help Officer Richard Snyder, a decorated United States Marine Corps veteran, clear his name and reputation as a respectable and honorable former police officer for the Boro of Medford Lakes Police Department from 1996-1998. Officer Snyder, living his life- long dream of being in law enforcement, was forced to resign as a patrolman after being advised by his on call supervisor on what to tell the victim in a domestic violence case. Officer Snyder gave the victim the supervisors given direction. The information was later found to be inappropriate and after that same supervisor was questioned for his actions, the supervisor told investigators from the Burlington County prosecutors office that he never advised  Officer Snyder what to tell the victim and even though he had a Medford Township patrolman standing in the victims living room when he made the call to said supervisor, it still resulted in a politically based smear campaign and all blame in the matter was placed on Officer Snyder.  Officer Snyder was then harassed every day and ultimately threatened with termination if he did not resign. All legal attempts at the time were voided by the fact that his Chief at the time had re typed his resignation letter, stating that he would not hold the Boro of Medford Lakes responsible for any future legal action. This was only found out when attempts to file charges with the prosecutors office and Attorney Generals office were also deemed unfounded. Now after 18 years of relentless pursuit of retribution, seeking unanswered guidance from political figures including Governors and Senators, Snyder’s recently retired; Medford Lakes Boro Chief of police, who was Officer Snyder’s direct supervisor and a Corporal at the time the events took place has now come to his defense. Snyder lost the opportunity to partake in the Police family ritual of the pinning of the badge ceremony for his brother and later his eldest son at their police academy graduations, lost his potential salary, pension and his self esteem. Let’s help him regain his direction and self-worth. Family and Friends Please Flood the Boro Managers phone or mail with Calls or letters of Support for Officer Snyder's Justice. You can get more info and follow this story on Snyder's FB page @SNYDER3707.. PLEASE SEND ANY SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS TO HELP MAKE THIS PETITION KEEP MOVING FORWARD, PLEASE AND THANKS AGAIN !!!!! Medford Lakes Boro Managers 1 Cabin Circle Medford Lakes, NJ 08055 Phone: 609-654-8898, ext. 122 Fax: 609-654-1816      

jenny HORTON
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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs

Give recent amputee Veteran Marine Jordan Leitsch benefits he deserves: Full Disability!

I've started this petition on behalf of my cousin. We're fighting for his right to benefits from the Department of Veteran's Affairs. He has been denied full disability by the VA, despite losing his leg due to trauma sustained during his service. Here is his story: "My name is Jordan. In 2014 I got done with my 8 years in the Marine Corps. My time as an Infantryman as well as an Infantry Combat Instructor took its toll in more ways than one. In January of 2017 I had surgery for a condition called Popliteal Artery Entrapment: Basically, from repetitive trauma, my muscles formed a vice grip-like effect on the arteries in my leg so I had little to no blood flow. Recovery was supposed to be about 2 months, but things took a different turn. My leg gave me severe chronic pain, was 3 times the size of the other one and I faced a high risk of blood clots and DVT on a constant basis. Even while sleeping my leg lost all sensation and I had to physically work on even just moving my toes. Since there is little information on this condition, I have been fighting with the VA for the last 10 months on benefits for this, even to the point of having to get in contact with my congressman and use their aide. Because of the severity of my condition and after talking to many, many medical professionals, we just completed an above the knee amputation. Leading up to this surgery, I had daily battles of severe anxiety. This is both physically and mentally draining, not only for me but also for my family. I've spent a lot of time going back and forth to Milwaukee and Madison for appointments and a lot of time off of work because of this issue. I try my best to do everything I can for my family but sometimes life knocks you down. My wife, son, family and friends have really been there for me on many fronts. One of the things that really is pushing me through this though is a quote that may sound dumb but is true in many respects: "To Stupid Too Quit" by Derek Weida, an amputee Army veteran who served three tours in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division  I take this quote to mean:We all have choices we make in life, and those choices have 2 outcomes. You succeed or you fail. But failure is not the end. When failure is presented you have to continue to push for that thing you want the most. Life will knock you down and beat and kick you while you're there laying in the dirt. But to get back up and keep fighting and keep pushing yourself, that mentality is the key! This is a long road that I am on and the end goal is to have that better quality of life, so I can play with my son and run alongside him. So I can sleep in peace. So when my wife asks me to help, I can get out of my chair without agonizing pain, and even take those strolls down the street with her. All the things I used to take for granted." Please sign to show your support for Jordan, who has served our country to the point of now sacrificing a limb, and to demand he receive full disability, the benefits he deserves, from the VA.  If you would like to donate to assist Jordan's family during this difficult time, please visit THANK YOU!!

Astri Graceheart
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Petition to COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS, Commandont of the Marine Corps., Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Award Tray Nixon as an Honorary Marine

Tray Nixon is a local 24-year-old who has been diagnosed and has lived with cerebral palsy the entirety of his life.  Additionally, Tray has struggled with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in regard to child hood trauma he experienced during several facets of his life.  Through all of this, Tray's one and only passion that has kept him fighting against his debilitating physical disorder and his anxiety inducing mental disorder are his desires to serve as a United States marine in the corps.  So much so, that Tray has written several presidents, local military affiliates, and a plethora of other contacts with this specific desire to enlist and, in any way he can, serve his country.  Tray has attempted to serve in other ways as a civilian, such as reaching out to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs in hopes to be part and serve as inspiration and help in any capacity, specifically the Wounded Warrior project.  However, time and time again, Tray has been notified that, due to his physical disabilities, he is unable to do so.  However, despite countless setbacks, Tray continues to adapt and overcome, persevering in his passion for the military philosophy and code of conduct and adhering himself the standards that all marines hold themselves accountable to.  This petition is solely geared toward one purpose and one purpose only, to help Tray Nixon become an Honorary Marine, a gift that, if bestowed upon him, would serve to lift his spirits and help him in his continuing struggle to ward off anxiety, depression, stress, and continue to battle the unending debilitation of his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.  However, in order for Tray to be awarded this title, the Commandant of the Marine Corps must approve it.  I truly feel that Tray has endured as much, if not more hardship, than any of those he names as brothers, his fellow Marines.  Thus, for his dedication to the corps and the cause, he deserves to at least be considered to be given the title of an honorary marine and earn the right to be named among the best fighting force in the world. By signing this petition, you would be helping to bring attention to the Commandant, General Robert B. Neller, in the hopes he is kind enough to approve Tray with this award.

Daniel Fife
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