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Petition to Bell Media Canada Advertising Sales Committee, PR , Nathan Gibson

Bell Media, stop advertising and promoting Marineland Canada

To the advertising committee of Bell Media ( We are unhappy with your representation of Marineland Canada through running their advertisements and promoting their establishment, and we are asking you to discontinue the promotion of Marineland Canada. While we realize they have been a longstanding client of Bell Media, their current legal proceedings, press and ongoing investigations are simply not worth being associated with.  You must understand, Bell Media plays a monumental role in the distribution and promotion of Canadian news and media.  Your media outlet represents Canada on a monumental level, and the concerned Canadians signing this petition do not want our country to be associated with the promotion of a theme park with such a horrendous, volatile and violent history.  The quality of this establishment simply does not match the quality we expect of an establishment advertised so openly through our media. We are not only Canadians, however.  Overall, we, the concerned citizens of not just Ontario, not just Canada but the world who are signing this petition are asking you to consider the following information and discontinue receiving funding from Marineland Canada: Charges (mostly of archaic, brutal treatment of animals at the park): Investigations:   Once again, we are concerned citizens of the world who ask you to reconsider having your name attached to such an establishment.  Even if you choose not to look into the documentaries and investigations provided, if you look at the online reviews alone for this park, they truly say it all.  Please recognize that everyone does NOT love Marineland Canada.   We thank you for your time,  

Devika J. Singh
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Petition to Kathleen Wynne, Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums

Marineland Ontario. End Captivity Now.

    Marineland Ontario is home to hundreds of animals, in which are not getting the right care they need. Many reports have been made towards this facility in closing the gates for good. Yet, they still haven't. The orcas, dolphins, and the beluga whales should not be kept in the conditions that they are. Where they stay motionless and show signs of depression and stress.  As well as the bears, deer, and the many other small animals that are kept there, should have more care.  These animals are depressed, alone, and in trouble. Infections from the water is growing, as the sea lions and walruses have been getting eye infections from the amounts of chemicals put into the tanks. As well as layers forming on the orcas skin. Not only are the conditions cruel and abnormal, the size of the tank is not at all okay to put an animal of this size in.  Marineland should be closed. The animals need to be rescued and sent to different facilities to help bring them back to their full potential. There are many places that will take in all the different orcas, like the Vancouver Marine Mammal Rescue. For the bears, and deer, etc, they should be sent to different facilities that tend to their species. Funding can come from selling items at the park, and raising funds from locals and others that have been waiting for the park to close.  In the case that it's decided that sending the animals away would be too much money that we couldn't get, there can be measures taken to still save the animals while closing the park. A clean up of the park and an expansion of the tanks should happen, people from CAZA and the Prevention of Cruelty Association should be sent to be in charge of the health of these animals, and they all should be looked after properly.  What is it that signing this petition could help do? You can help spread the word more than it already has. You can help come closer to closing this park, and saving the animals that are trapped there.  Be the voice they wish they had, make the choice they wish they could.

Kristen Miles
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