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Petition to David S. Taylor, Jeffrey K. Schomburger

TAMPAX: Stop making plastic applicators

Dear Tampax and Procter & Gamble,  As the leading tampon brand around the globe we are reaching out to you to stop a very serious environmental hazard: plastic tampon applicators. An alarming number of tampon applicators are washing up on shores all over the world, some beaches even have to be closed after large numbers of them flood the beach after a storm. In the past two months of cleaning up beaches JUST along Lake Ontario in Canada, my team and I have picked up 415 plastic applicators. We are aware that these applicators are not meant to be flushed, but it's evident that many users are not following this advice and we would like to stop this problem at the source.  This issue affects all walks of life. It's obviously not a nice sight for beachgoers, but more tragically a lot of wildlife are affected as well. Fish and birds can mistake the applicators for food, consuming them and making them feel full without receiving any nutrients, eventually starving to death. Thousands of animals are being found dead with a stomach full of plastic, and plastic applicators only add to this issue.  Even when plastic applicators are disposed of properly and end up in a landfill, they do not break down, and seeing how an estimated 20 billion applicators end up in North American landfills every year using a biodegradable material would make a HUGE impact.  Please consider eliminating production of plastic applicators and only selling applicator-free and cardboard or biodegradable applicator tampons. As a large corporation you have the power to stop this negative impact on the environment. Please do!     

A Greener Future
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Petition to Mayor's Office, City of Toronto

In honour of Rob Stewart, ban the sale of shark fins in the City of Toronto

Rob Stewart, a native of Toronto dedicated his life to changing people's hearts and minds about sharks. Rob showed us sharks through his eyes, up close and personal. He taught us that sharks are not monsters to be feared, but beautiful creatures that play such a crucial role in our marine ecosystems. Ending the inhumane slaughter of sharks for their fins is more than an animal rights issue, it's imperative for the health of our natural environment. "One of the first vertebrates with jaws and the only large animal that's remained unchanged for 400 million years is the shark. New animals to evolve in the ocean have been shaped by their predators, the sharks, giving rise to schooling behaviour, camouflage, speed, size and communication. Sharks control the populations below them, eliminating species that were easy prey and creating new ones. Even though sharks have very few young and take up to 25 years to reach sexual maturity, they've managed to survive through five major extinctions that wiped most life from the planet. They're architects of our world." -- Rob Stewart, Sharkwater (2006) On the evening of February 3, 2017, the heartbreaking news came in that Rob died fighting for sharks and our natural world. Rob was diving off the coast of Islamorada, Florida filming Sharkwater: Extinction, when he went missing. In honour of Rob's work, I'd like you to join me in asking Mayor John Tory to discuss a ban on the sale of shark fins in the City of Toronto. The City of Toronto passed a bylaw banning the sale of shark fins in 2011, but it was overturned by the province. It is time to re-open this discussion. The ban was passed once before, and I'm calling on the City of Toronto to take a stand. Honour Rob's memory and his life's work. It's time to make Toronto fin free once and for all.

Kaley Fitzsimmons
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Petition to Canadian House of Commons, Senate of Canada, Parliament of Canada

Ban the Import of Shark Fins Across Canada, Support Bill S-238!

Every year, up to 73 million sharks are killed for their fins, threatening one-third of open ocean sharks with extinction. Finning is incredibly inhumane, as the sharks are typically thrown back into the water to drown. Sharks are disappearing at an alarming rate, and if they go extinct the ecological consequences would be devastating. As an apex predator, sharks hold the oceans in balance and their extinction would have significant effects on every species below them. The practice of finning was brought to light by Rob Stewart, a Canadian biologist and filmmaker who dedicated his life to the conservation of sharks and our oceans. Since the release of his award winning documentary Sharkwater in 2006, many states and municipal governments including Hawaii, Guam, Washington State, Oregon and California – representing over 47 million people have introduced or proposed bans on the trade and consumption of shark fins, with representatives in mainland China and Indonesia initiating bans and restrictions as well. A Canadian ban on the importation of shark fins would have a significant impact on the shark fin industry and would reduce the demand for shark fin imports and subsequently the practice of shark finning. Senator Michael MacDonald introduced Bill S-238 “The Ban on Shark Fin Importation Act” on April 11, 2017. If passed, Bill S-238 will prohibit shark finning and ban the importation of shark fins that have been harvested through finning nation-wide! To make sure Bill S-238 passes, we need your help! We’re calling for the following actions and hope you’ll take a moment to sign and show your support: Urge your local representative to support Senator MacDonald’s Bill S-238. Take a moment to send an email, a message over social media, a letter or a phone call. We’re calling on cities all across Canada to join us in supporting Bill S-238! On April 27, 2017 a motion will be introduced by Toronto City Councillors Kristyn Wong-Tam & Glenn De Baeremaeker. We are hopeful that the motion will pass, and we’d like to see other cities across Canada stand with Toronto! We are also calling on the province of Ontario take a stand and enact their own ban on the importation of shark fins. Please pledge your support to end the import of shark fins in Canada! The following petition will be used to show the federal government that Canadians want to see this done: We, the undersigned residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House to the following: THAT, each year up to 73 million sharks are killed primarily for their fins, threatening open ocean sharks with extinction. And that the fins are used primarily for the production of shark fin soup, which has now been banned from state banquets in China out of recognition of the ecological disaster that accompanies this destructive trade. And that shark finning is a wasteful, inhumane practice that involves cutting off a shark’s fins and then throwing the still - live shark back overboard to drown or bleed to death. And that jurisdictions such as the State of California and the State of Washington, have proposed bans on the trade and consumption of shark fins. THEREFORE we call upon Parliament to support Senate Bill S-238 “The Ban on Shark Fin Importation Act” so that Canada can take its place in the front rank of nations determined to save the world’s sharks and safeguard our oceans’ ecosystems for generations to come. Rob Stewart was a Canadian photographer, filmmaker and conservationist. He produced the award-winning 2006 documentary Sharkwater, a film that brought attention to the devastation caused by the shark fin industry and the destruction of ocean ecosystems. He died in January 2017, while filming Sharkwater: Extinction, the sequel to Sharkwater. Please help us keep his legacy alive.

Kaley Fitzsimmons
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