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Let Other Food Trucks on Camp Lejeune Rifle Range besides MCCS "Stop Monolopy of MCCS"

We need your HELP!  We need at least 150 Signatures to get NOTICED, Thank you for sharing this and signing to support this cause!  To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in regard to a very concerning issue. In May of 2018, Jarvis – an active duty Gunnery Sargent in the Marine Corps -- and Stephanie Jones (Owners of King of the South Hot Dog Stand) approached MCCS Food and Hospitality Division with an inquiry of wanting to serve food on base at the Stone Bay Rifle Range. This was made clear from the beginning that this location was the only one they intended to serve at, due to it being in a location that is beneficial to Marines that are in a situation that limits their option for food, since they are at the range a large portion of the day. Many Marines, young and seasoned alike, may not always pack a lunch or want the only option currently at the range – MCCS gut truck food that is sold at a gouging priced and is microwaved instead of being served hot and fresh. As the start date of King of the South Hot Dog Stand arrived on January 22nd, 2019, they were told they had to set up in a completely different location, Camp Johnson. This was not the goal or premise that they invested in to start this business. Additionally, it has been brought to the owner’s attention that Anthony Rogers, Director of the MCCS Food and Hospitality Division, has no intentions of letting them set up on the rifle range due to him wanting only the MCCS gut trucks out there to monopolize the area. This hesitantly forced King of the South to set up on Camp Johnson, where the opportunity to serve to the Marines in a central location was quickly shut down due to the loss of profits from other food industries on that base. In lieu of finding a solution, Mr. Rogers placed King of the South on MCCS New River, which led to their sales plummeting and barely covering their daily running costs. With this location, a similar issue arose, and MCX requested they move from their premises on which they were originally granted to set up on. Due to these protests, it is clear that a monopoly is in place and MCCS Food and Hospitality supports it one hundred percent. But the monopoly isn’t the only problem, it has also created a supply and demand issue that has led to gouging prices. In the last week of February 2019, a Marine sent a photo to another Marine and complained of his gut truck purchase, consisting of a microwaved chicken sandwich and a Rice Krispy Treat. The total of this purchase came to $9.50. That is a price that is unfair and unreasonable in the areas they have chosen to set up in. King of the South Hot Dog Stand offers two, freshly cooked hotdogs, made to order at the price of two hot dogs for $5, chips $1 and a soda a $1. This purchase total comes to $7 and they are getting more for their money at a reasonable price. Therefore, King of the South Hot Dog Stand should have a fair and equal opportunity to serve on base in a central location that can be in line with the gut trucks in order to give Marines the options and pricing they deserve. King of the South owners and employees will not back down until a change is made.   Respectfully, Ashley Livingston – Wife of Veteran Marine and King of the South Employee    

Ashley Livingston
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