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Petition to Dick Persson AM, Gabrielle Upton MP, Melinda Pavey MP, Gladys Berejiklian MP

Save Manly's marine conservation aquarium facility

Please restore the aquarium building at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and keep this site as conservation facility with a focus on the marine environment and conservation. The aquarium at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary was built in 1965 and has a rich history for locals and visitors alike. It is a much loved icon of Manly and operated under various names including Manly Marineland, Oceanworld Manly and more recently since 2011, Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Both the aquarium and the fantastic team at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary have played a huge role in the SEA LIFE values of Breed, Rescue and Protect including various grey nurse shark and turtle rescue releases, multiple beach cleans and the driving influence behind Sustainable Organisations of Manly (SO Manly). Through this facility, many people have learned about the wonderful local treasures we have in Manly and Australia. This interaction and experience has enabled people to go forward and make positive changes in the marine environment around the world. Many children in the local community and abroad have learned about the ocean in this place. Couples have dived here and proposed marriage. Children have hosted birthday parties here. Each year the Manly Environment Centre Eco Awards are held here. Conservation documentary movie nights are run here. SO Manly was founded here based on the model of the world-renowned, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, with dedication to sustainable community projects. This site is highly significant as it holds social, cultural and environmental values. We ask that the building owner works with a suitable future leaseholder, to restore the facility and education centre. Please ensure that it retains its dedication to the marine environment, which is so important for Manly and Sydney residents and visitors from around the world.

Alicia Lloyd
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Petition to Gabrielle Upton MP, Gladys Berejiklian


Plastic pollution of our waterways and oceans is a major ecological and human health issue requiring urgent attention. Surfrider Foundation Australia is asking the NSW State Government to implement a ban on single-use and biodegradable plastic bags. Australians use over a million plastic bags each day and these bags are choking marine life and poisoning our beaches and waterways. Plastic bags are artificially created with chemicals that are designed to last forever and simply don't mix with nature. Single-use plastic bags never disintegrate and break up into tinier micro particles that never truly biodegrade. 'Biodegradable' bags have the same problem. Do not be fooled by their name and think that they will disappear. Shockingly, only about 3% of plastic bags get recycled in Australia.Don't be green washed by policy-makers, the plastics industry and big chain retailers who bully the government into seeking soft biodegradable alternatives that still wreak havoc on marine life. It's time for NSW to say NO to single-use plastic bags.South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory all have bag bans, and Queensland are implementing their bag ban in 2018. NSW can't lag behind on this important issue. We all live downstream and even if you live in anonther State, our bags could wash up on your shores. We need our rivers and beaches to be clean and plastic free; we want a cleaner State.

Surfrider Foundation Australia
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