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Petition to Hon. Mark Furner, MP

Stop whale entanglement

Gold Coast bay and Moreton bay in the urbanised south-east Queensland are home to a large number of marine mammals including the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, dugongs, and the humpback whale. A recent study ( has confirmed that humpback whales use the Gold Coast as a resting area during their southern migration. Recent surveys show an increase of calving. In particular mothers and calves were found to spend hours or days on the surface to rest with their calves near the shore. Every year more whales and dolphins are being caught, injured and even killed in shark nets that are set 500 m offshore in attempt to kill large sharks. We have studied which nets catch most whales and dolphins and that we can stop a large number of horrible entanglements by lifting the nets for only a few weeks and still ensure safety for swimmers by replacing them with modern and better technology. We need your signature, your support. Every day we grow stronger building a community that respects the ocean and life. Join our facebook community More infos on shark nets from the government here.  An entanglement in a shark net can be viewed here. Alternative to shark nets: plastic nets, drones, tagging, shark spotters, enclosed beaches and in development: sonar barriers, electromagnetic fences. Thank you for supporting marine life.

HHR Humpbacks
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Petition to Leeanne Enoch, Hon Mark Furner, Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk

STOP Commercial Netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park !

IT’S TIME to end damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park! The Great Sandy Marine Park is THE ONLY Marine Park that allows commercial netting in what “should be” TRUE YELLOW CONSERVATION ZONE AREAS! Ending damaging commercial netting in the Great Sandy Marine Park – which has already been tentatively listed as a World Heritage Area, will bring a much needed boost to an environment deserving of proper marine protection. Using commercial nets to: Target spawning aggregations MUST BE STOPPED Target bream, whiting and flathead in conservation park yellow zones MUST BE STOPPED Target top level predators like mackerel , trevally, barramundi , threadfin salmon and shark MUST BE STOPPED Target low food value but high recreational fishing value fish like Golden Trevally, Snub nosed dart ( Permit ) , Queenfish, Giant Herring etc. MUST BE STOPPED Incidentally catch dugongs and marine turtles is definitely MUST BE STOPPED  NOTE - The Great Sandy Designated Area incorporates areas of conservation park zones in :- Baffle Creek & tributaries The Elliott River & tributaries The Burrum River & tributaries The Mary River & tributaries The Great Sandy Strait and Tin Can Bay Inlet Sign this PETITION to request  Leeanne Enoch MP - Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef and the Palaszczuk State Government to commit to ending destructive commercial netting operations in the Great Sandy Marine Park and adjacent waterways under the current full term 10 year review to restore fish stocks and help protect the Queensland urban coast’s largest dugong population.

Fraser Coast Fishing Alliance Inc
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Petition to Dick Persson AM, Gabrielle Upton MP, Melinda Pavey MP, Gladys Berejiklian MP

Save Manly's marine conservation aquarium facility

Please restore the aquarium building at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary and keep this site as conservation facility with a focus on the marine environment and conservation. The aquarium at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary was built in 1965 and has a rich history for locals and visitors alike. It is a much loved icon of Manly and operated under various names including Manly Marineland, Oceanworld Manly and more recently since 2011, Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Both the aquarium and the fantastic team at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary have played a huge role in the SEA LIFE values of Breed, Rescue and Protect including various grey nurse shark and turtle rescue releases, multiple beach cleans and the driving influence behind Sustainable Organisations of Manly (SO Manly). Through this facility, many people have learned about the wonderful local treasures we have in Manly and Australia. This interaction and experience has enabled people to go forward and make positive changes in the marine environment around the world. Many children in the local community and abroad have learned about the ocean in this place. Couples have dived here and proposed marriage. Children have hosted birthday parties here. Each year the Manly Environment Centre Eco Awards are held here. Conservation documentary movie nights are run here. SO Manly was founded here based on the model of the world-renowned, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, with dedication to sustainable community projects. This site is highly significant as it holds social, cultural and environmental values. We ask that the building owner works with a suitable future leaseholder, to restore the facility and education centre. Please ensure that it retains its dedication to the marine environment, which is so important for Manly and Sydney residents and visitors from around the world.

Alicia Lloyd
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