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Petition to California State Senate, California State House, California Governor

Let Brooke and Kids Like Her Attend Public School

Five-year-old Brooke Adams from Santa Rosa was born with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and severe form of epilepsy that causes severe seizures and developmental delays. For Brooke, a few drops of cannabis-derived THC oil help halt ongoing seizures (that can often last longer than an hour) in just three minutes. This means less suffering, fewer prescription drugs, and no more frequent ambulance trips to the ER for Brooke and her family. Unfortunately, federal cannabis prohibition prevents Brooke from attending public school in California with her vial containing a dose of her cannabis-based medication. Please sign this petition so Brooke and other kids like Brooke can one day attend public school with their effective and potentially lifesaving cannabis-based medication.  #BrookesLaw ________ By the time she turned one, Brooke was already taking an assortment of prescription drugs meant to prevent her debilitating seizures. Stopping the seizures once they started required a different drug, known as a “rescue” medication. Unfortunately, the medications didn't work for Brooke. The rescue drug would slow down her breathing so drastically that she had to be intubated every time she had a seizure. After numerous ambulance trips to the ER, Jana - Brooke's mom - tried cannabis-based medications that actually worked for Brooke. Now, after a doctor's recommendation, Jana gives Brooke a few drops of cannabis-based CBD tincture every day to prevent seizures. This tincture has reduced the number of seizures and Brooke now needs fewer prescription medications.  In case of a seizure, a few drops of cannabis-derived THC oil applied between Brooke’s gums and teeth tend to stop her seizures within three minutes. Since a seizure can occur without much warning, Brooke always carries potentially life-saving doses of her rescue medication in little vials with her wherever she goes. Please sign this petition asking the California State Legislature to pass an amendment to impending legislation that will allow children like Brooke to take their prescribed cannabis-derived medications to school.   SB-1127 - a bill introduced by Senator Hill - has already passed the Senate and Assembly (July 3). This bill would make it legal for only parents or legal guardians to come to school with the medicine, and remove it immediately after they dose the child. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t give Brooke the ability to access her medicine at school or for a designated school personnel to administer it in her parent's absence.  Colorado, New Jersey, Maine, Washington, and Pennsylvania already have legislation like SB-1127 allowing parents to administer necessary cannabis-based medications to their children in school.  Colorado also recently passed an amendment to their bill (Quintin’s Amendment) allows the designated school personnel to administer a non-smokeable medical cannabis to students. Brooke's family and other families like hers need a similar amendment to SB-1127 in California.  Please sign this petition to California's legislators demanding legislation that can make a world of difference for Brooke and thousands of other kids like her. #BrookesLaw Image Credit: Lee Romney / KQED

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Petition to Georgia State Senate, Honorable Judge Kimberly A. Childs, Victor Reynolds, Marty First, Georgia Governor, Donald Trump

Tell Georgia: Stop Prosecuting Medical Cannabis Support Scott Negron's battle for change!

We want to help bring change in this Country. The lies and superstition used to block the use of Medical Cannabis has done nothing but damage to the people of this country since the 1930's. It has helped to erase a life of service and modest accomplishments.The Negron/Mazurek (Medical), Cannabis "Trafficking" trial Case No.15-9-02848-42 Cobb County ,Georgia Superior Court has been "resolved" by a forced, coerced  plea deal that Negron took under direct threat to keep him from corruptly receiving over 30 years sentence in Prison, and left his life and health in financial and medical shambles. He stayed in the fight much longer than he should have and sacrificed everything he had in hopes that the People of the State of Georgia would stand with him.Here, he sends his message: "I write to you as a fellow American citizen in hope that you are an advocate of Liberty. The lies and superstitions that have been used against Cannabis since the 1930's have forever affected millions of people in this country. If you support the choice for people who are ill, like myself ("Crohns disease" and severe chronic osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease), to use medicinal cannabis for their pain & maladies my hope is you will consider helping us to get their story in front of more people. We need thousands of signatures and voices. Given the circumstance, we respectfully believed the State of Georgia had the wisdom, legal authority & discretion to make the decision not to prosecute. They selectively prosecuted me because of politics. They let a serviceman and his wife off Scot free for cultivating Medical Cannabis for his wife's Multiple Sclerosis the next county over.  We are not the criminal element and traffickers the State has in mind when pursuing criminals. I'm grateful for your interest, hope you will consider supporting my efforts at exoneration and legislative changes.Please accept my sincere intention to be a part of solutions & rational change for Georgia. If there is any further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact me. I answer all inquiries personally" Excerpts from the Petition, article & statements: Essentially this criminal legal action sought to use a questionable & problematic search warrant, to prosecute and imprison a seriously suffering and medically disabled medical cannabis patient & his caregiver. They are accused of growing a medical cannabis for his various treatments. No evidence or accusation of sales, no distribution, no scales, no money, no valuables, no monetary enrichment. The charge of "trafficking" is alleged simply on the technically arbitrary amount of plants seized by weight; that’s it. Here is further information in the form of a short bio links About the defendants: Scott is an ex-professional & volunteer, Firefighter/First res-ponder medic & business owner. He has been repeatedly awarded & cited over the past 30 years for multiple "acts of Civic Heroism" both on the job and as a civilian, for intervening in accidents/fires & violent crimes on the behalf of other people at great risk to himself. He has done thousands of hours of volunteer & pro-Bono work starting in the 70's teaching basic computing to young kids at Montessori summer school in Santa Barbara. He was helping other very sick and suffering patients in the Atlanta near his adopted home of Cobb County Georgia. Here is his LinkedIn profile: He has always been involved in "doing", to help others.As he was raising his own son as a primary custody parent, he cared for his elderly grandparents through their struggle with Alzheimer's disease & dementia to maintain dignity in their old age for 12 years in his home as a custodial guardian, to keep them out of a nursing home until their death all while dealing with his own health issues & physical changes. He has worked hard, affected and saved many lives and served his community well. He is being painted as a criminal "with a history" because of several arrests (no convictions) on record and incredibly, his assistant/caregiver was being tried as an accomplice! Co-defendant David Mazurek, Born in Green Bay Wisconsin moved to Georgia in 1973 is a local resident. A graduate of Tucker High School & Georgia Tech. University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Aerospace Engineering. He worked in both Defense & Aerospace, held security clearances and (at 60 years old), has never been arrested, not even a misdemeanor traffic violation. He has never smoked, used or tried cannabis or any illegal narcotic in his life. In 2002 he went to work with Negron's small subcontracting business & eventually came to join their family, helping to care for "Jorge & Josephine", the grandparents as a live-in assistant caregiver. Jorge literally died in David’s arms & Josephine followed to the other side within months. After their deaths, Mazurek stayed on to help care for Scott's ever worsening medical disabilities. Despite never having used any illegal drugs in his entire life, both Mazurek & Negron were accused of "appearing heavily intoxicated with Cannabis". To sum up David’s culpability: an officer said: "there is no way he didn't know about it, so that means he was involved." There was also a misleading written accusation of violent assault being committed contained in and cited as probable cause on the application for the search warrant. This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice) or medical cannabis, illegal search & asset seizure. As Scott wrote: "We need your help and are asking, praying for help & calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: all Medical Cannabis advocates for desperately needed moral/vocal support." Statement from Negron: "I hope to convince you to take a minute to look into my case, sign & circulate this petition to support me, a fellow who is sick and now in mortal danger. You see, I have been extremely ill, plagued with severe paralyzing chronic pain, degenerative joints & even longer with debilitating digestive ailments similar to Crohn's disease. I've run the gauntlet of doctors, almost a dozen of them, pain management and watched other friends die from long term heavy pain medication. Steroid treatment for asthma helped kill my father at 50 years old. The acute, chronic pain started circa 2000, & by 2005 doctor prescribed pharmaceutical pain-killers/Pain management, massive regular doses of anti-inflammatory & analgesics made it 25%-35% worse, AND added over 200lbs to my weight in under 2 years. In 2010 I left pain management and began to use cannabis in various Medicinal ways to treat my pain, inflammation, as a digestive aid (primarily by consumption, and various other ways, such as Juiced, RAW), but I never participated in any black market activities. My health responded so well, that we began exploring further options on healing." In 2015, I was arrested in Cobb Country and without any evidence of dealing or distribution what-so-ever, I was indited with the ridiculous charge of "Trafficking". However ludicrous the charges are - I am facing 15 to 30 YEARS IN PRISON. Please read my story and sign the petition to keep me FREE to recover from my long illnesses and to pursue medical health and happiness. "My assistant/caregiver & I are being tried in Cobb County Georgia, accused of "Trafficking." Is this the appropriate charge for the accusation of growing my own supply of Medical Cannabis for my health conditions? This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice). We need your help. I am asking, praying for help and calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: GEORGIA Medical Cannabis patients are desperately in need MORAL/VOCAL support from advocates. This issue is not about politics, it's about people who are suffering. I am a patient; a human being who is suffering, not a drug dealer or criminal profiteer. I want people to understand that I do not view our justice system, the Judge, D.A. or officers in this case as enemies. I know they are simply doing their job. I hold no contempt for them. As a man and citizen, I truly want to be a benefit to this issue; I want to help develop solutions and in all modesty: After almost twenty years of constant illness & suffering and the constant research done to find out how to help myself, I feel qualified & knowledgeable enough to do so. The disinformation campaign waged against Cannabis has been over seventy years. I believe that everyone would benefit from further truthful education and tolerance when it comes to Medical Cannabis. If they knew the truth and the facts, I do not believe they would want to put us in prison. "People who need Cannabis as medicine should be able to access it without participating in black market criminal activities. I respectfully believe people should be able to get it or grow it legally and should not be turned into criminals, and I promise to do everything I can to help with this cause. Never in my life would I have intended to be in this position any more than I intended to be sick. My life is difficult right now but I am not here to whine. I am here to ask for help to fight." There are MANY OTHERS suffering worse than I am. Self preservation is a human right and the strongest power on earth in this country, over any office of government is the power of a Jury of citizens; the voice of the People. Does this sick man & His caregiver belong in prison? Imprisoning them for the decision to save himself from what he believed was a certain death is not in the best interest of the People. If you are interested in any further information, you are welcomed to contact us through the FaceBook group. PLEASE JOIN OUR GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION. Chronic Pain: Common Sense Justice for Medical Cannabis - Article by Lionshare P.R. Here is a link to the petition: Click here to support David & Scott's Legal Defense Fund!"Send $5 dollars & forward to FIVE people who care about this issue!" Thank you for your support." Warmest RegardsThomas Scott Negron- 404

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Petition to Donald Trump, Maryland Governor, Maryland State House, Maryland State Senate, Elijah Cummings, Ben Cardin, Barbara Mikulski, Steny Hoyer, Chris Van Hollen, Larry Hogan, Mike Miller, John Delaney, John Sarbanes, Dutch Ruppersberger, Andy Harris, Donna Edwards, Angela Angel, Jamie Raskin, Alonzo Washington, Katherine Klausmeier, Bobby Zirkin, Pam Queen, Craig Zucker, Mary Washington, Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Michael Busch, Anthony Brown, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Patty Murray, Jay Inslee, Washington State Senate, Washington State House, Maria Cantwell, Washington Governor, Adam Smith, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Suzan DelBene, Derek Kilmer, Dave Reichert, Rick Larsen, Jaime Herrera Beutler, jim mcdermott, Barbara Bailey, Dan Newhouse, Denny Heck, Pramila Jayapal, Karen Keiser, Zack Hudgins, Sharon Santos, Sherry Appleton, Frank Chopp, Shelly Short, Mark Mullet, Annette Cleveland, Maureen Walsh, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, Virginia Governor, Mark Warner, Virginia State House, Virginia State Senate, Terry McAuliffe, Bob Goodlatte, Bobby Scott, L. Louise Lucas, Gerry Connolly, Barbara Comstock, Don Beyer, Barack Obama, President of the United States, Commission on Presidential Debates, CNN, FOX News, U.S. House of Representatives

Recreational use of marijuana in The DMV! (DC,Maryland and Virginia)

Why Should We Legalize?Reduce harmThe criminalization of marijuana use disproportionately harms young people and people of color, sponsors massive levels of violence and corruption, and fails to curb youth access. Create jobsLegalizing and regulating marijuana will bring one of the nation's largest cash crops under the rule of law. This will create jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. Save moneyScarce law enforcement resources will be better used to ensure public safety while reducing corrections and court costs. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales. Promote consumer safetyMarijuana product testing is becoming a standard requirement for legalized marijuana markets. This means consumers are better informed about the marijuana they use. No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose.   You may think having a large amount of THC in your system will kill you, but you are wrong. Ever since marijuana has been known to mankind, not one single account of death from overdose has been recorded. On the other hand, in 2010, 38,329 people died from drug overdoses. Sixty percent of those were related to prescription drugs. In that same year, 25,692 people died from alcohol-related causes. Around 40% of Americans have already admitted to using marijuana.   Most polls regarding Americans and their pot use hover around the 40% mark for having tried marijuana at least once. This is compared to the 16% of Americans who have tried cocaine, which is obviously a significantly lower percentage. Marijuana is becoming more and more ubiquitous every year despite being less addictive than coffee. There’s a reason people are feeling safer and safer trying the drug, which brings us to our next point... Marijuana is much safer than already legalized drugs.   Image = The Lancet via WikiCommons If you are completely fine with alcohol and cigarettes, then there shouldn’t be a reason you aren’t accepting of marijuana as well. As you can see from a 2010 study published in the Lancet and reported on by the Economist, a team of drug experts in the U.K. assessed the combined harms to others and to the user of marijuana as less than the harms posed by alcohol or tobacco use. The negative stigma of pot use has certainly made it seem like it’s worse, and since using the drug is still illegal, the fact that only people who are willing to break the law will smoke has inevitably made it associated with a “pothead” culture. These are just the preconceived notions we’ve been brought up in though. A world where instead of drinking cheap beer, a hopeful political candidate can roll a joint to seem like the “people’s choice” doesn’t have to seem crazy. This scenario would actually be the healthier choice. Marijuana has a very low risk of abuse.   Contrary to popular belief, marijuana is not as addicting as one may think. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, recently wrote in his essay, “Why I Changed My Mind About Weed,” that we have been “systematically misled” on marijuana. He reports that marijuana leads to dependence in around 9-10 percent of adult users. Cocaine hooks about 20 percent of its users, and heroin gets 25 percent of its users addicted. The worst culprit is tobacco, with 30 percent of its users becoming addicted. Cannabis can be a safe and useful sleep aid.   In a blog entry on SFGate, writer David Downs explores the best strains of marijuana to help with insomnia. Downs found a quote from researcher I Feinberg, from “Clinical Pharmacology Therapy” in 1976, that says, “The effect on sleep of THC administration closely resembles those induced by lithium.” Also, the National Cancer Institute announced in a study that patients who ingested a cannabis plant extract spray reported more restful sleep. Marijuana is used to alleviate a lot of medical ailments.   Medical marijuana is important to a lot of people. According to a Discovery Health article, marijuana has been extremely successful in relieving nausea, which is extremely good news for cancer patients suffering from nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy. The drug also helps with people who have loss of appetite due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, it helps relax muscle tension and spasms and chronic pain. So many extremely successful people smoke marijuana.   Maya Angelou, Martha Stewart, Morgan Freeman, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, and even Rush Limbaugh are all high-functioning marijuana users. Stewart, who is 72 years old, gave an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen over the summer of 2013 where she talked about “sloppy joints” and flat out said, “Of course I know how to roll a joint.“ And this isn’t just an argument about how the “cool kids” do it and therefore so should you. There are big-time business people, such as Richard Branson, who couldn’t have accomplished as much as they have if they were being debilitated by a killer drug. Sure, there is a difference between the marijuana use of a “pothead” and Oprah Winfrey, but we shouldn’t continue punishing the moderate users. It’s simply not a gateway drug.   One of the biggest and most widespread arguments from marijuana detractors is that smoking marijuana will lead to using other drugs. As Scientific American points out, the studies that show people who use marijuana first before trying other drugs is correlation and not causation. People who go on to use harder drugs also tend to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol before trying the other substances plus with with our current stigma on pot only people who are predisposed to being a “outlaw drug user” are going to smoke pot. On top of all of this, as mentioned above, nearly half the country has already tried pot which is more than how many Americans know who Jennifer Lawrence is and much much more than the percentage of Americans who are left-handed. 1. It’s less dangerous than cigarettes Photo creditNot to mention, it smells better, too. But in all seriousness, cigarettes are bad for you. Not only can they damage your lungs, but they’re also addictive. So why are they legal again? 2. It’s great for your mental health Photo creditIn addition to easing stress, cannabis decreases anxiety and helps you relax. That’s why pot smokers, for the most part, are happy people. In this day and age, staying grounded is necessary. A little weed is all you need to help you find inner peace and tranquility. 3. Reduces diabetes and obesity Photo creditBelieve it or not, people who smoke weed are at less risk for diabetes and obesitythan those who don’t partake. In fact, several studies can prove that adults who toke have much smaller waist sizes, better-regulated insulin levels, and higher levels of HDL, aka that good cholesterol, than non-tokers. 4. It’s the ultimate cramp killer Photo creditA painful period may not seem like a serious issue. But it is, and it can make it pretty damn hard to roll out of bed in the morning. Not when you consume the ganja, though, which is a godsend for women dysmenorrhea. Not only does it alleviate cramps, but also headaches and breast tenderness. Why should it feel like a volcano when we could vape from the Volcano instead? So please, give us ladies a break already, would ya? 5. It beats shoving 11 prescriptions down your throat for chronic pain Photo creditSure, most doctors will tell you that a particular pill will take your pain away. But what they don’t tell you is that you’ll also need another pill to treat the symptoms of the other pill. Before you know it, you’re on more medications than you know what to do with, which is all the more reason to use cannabis instead. According to a recent study, cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain, and it doesn’t cause all sorts of harmful side effects. 6. Fights cancer cells Photo creditThere are over 100 peer-reviewed studies that can confirm that cannabis kills cancer cells in more ways than one, from halting metastasis to triggering cell suicide. 7. Could keep HIV from turning into AIDS Photo creditDid you know that over 1.1 million Americans have HIV and don’t even know it? A major cause for concern indeed. But as it turns out, THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, can stop HIV from progressing into AIDS. 8. Keeping it illegal isn’t stopping anyone Photo creditThe FDA might think that keeping the herb illegal will stop folks from sparking up. But in reality, it’s not. According to a new survey, more Americans are admitting to trying cannabis than ever before, 45% to be exact. That’s almost 112 million people, to put it another way. 9. Improves your sex life Photo creditJust ask the millions of potheads out there having great sex. If that’s not enough evidence, then there’s also a study that reveals that weed makes for an excellent aphrodisiac. 10. Money, money, money Photo creditDuring the first half of 2017, legal weed sales in Colorado reached over $750 million, earning the states $116 million in tax revenue and licensing fees. When it comes to the ganja, people are willing to pay up. Study: Legal marijuana could generate more than $132 billion in federal tax revenue and 1 million jobs New Frontier Data, a data analytics firm focused on the cannabis industry, forecasts that if legalized on the federal level, the marijuana industry could create an entirely new tax revenue stream for the government, generating millions of dollars in sales tax and payroll deductions. “When there are budget deficits and the like, everybody wants to know where is there an additional revenue stream, and one of the most logical places is to go after cannabis and cannabis taxes,” said Beau Whitney, a senior economist at New Frontier Data. The analysis shows that if marijuana were fully legal in all 50 states, it would create at least a combined $131.8 billion in in federal tax revenue between 2017 and 2025. That is based on an estimated 15 percent retail sales tax, payroll tax deductions and business tax revenue. The federal government would reap $51.7 billion in sales tax from a legal marijuana market between 2017 and 2025, entirely new revenue for a business that remains illegal -- and unable to be taxed -- federally. The business tax rate for the study was calculated at 35 percent. The corporate tax rate was lowered to 21 percent in a sweeping tax bill President Trump signed last month. “If cannabis businesses were legalized tomorrow and taxed as normal businesses with a standard 35 percent tax rate, cannabis businesses would infuse the U.S. economy with an additional $12.6 billion this year,” said Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, the CEO of New Frontier. The study also calculates that there would be 782,000 additional jobs nationwide if cannabis were legalized today, a number that would increase to 1.1 million by 2025. That includes workers at all ends of the marijuana supply chain, from farmers to transporters to sellers. The study estimates that about 25 percent of the marijuana market will continue to be illicit, and will shrink if the legal marketplace is not overly taxed or expensive. “Consumers want to do things legally in general, but they don’t want to do it at too much of a price,” Whitney said. “If they go to 7-11 to pick up cannabis, they’re willing to pay 10 to 15 percent on top of what they get on the street. Once they get above that, it slows the transition and makes the consumer think twice about making that legal purchase.” Marijuana is legal for adult recreational use in eight states. California, the world’s largest market, started its recreational sales on Jan. 1. Twenty-nine states allow the use of medical marijuana. In the three states where adult use has been legal for the longest period of time – Colorado, Washington and Oregon – there had been a combined total of $1.3 billion in tax receipts, according to the stud    

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