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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Georgia State Senate, Honorable Judge Kimberly A. Childs, Victor Reynolds, Marty First, Georgia Governor, Donald Trump

Tell Georgia: Stop Prosecuting Medical Cannabis Support Scott Negron's battle for change!

We want to help bring change in this Country. The lies and superstition used to block the use of Medical Cannabis has done nothing but damage to the people of this country since the 1930's. Here it has helped to erase a life of service and modest accomplishments.The Negron/Mazurek (Medical), Cannabis "Trafficking" trial Case No.15-9-02848-42 Cobb County ,Georgia Superior Court has been "resolved" by a forced, coerced  plea deal that Negron took under direct threat to keep him from corruptly receiving over 30 years sentence in Prison. It left his life and health in financial and medical shambles. He stayed in the fight and sacrificed everything he had in hopes that the People of the State of Georgia and the Country would stand with him.Here, he sends his message: "I write to you as a fellow American citizen in hope that you are an advocate of Liberty. The lies and superstitions that have been used against Cannabis since the 1930's have forever affected millions of people in this country. If you support the choice for people who are ill, like myself ("Crohns disease" and severe chronic osteoarthritis/degenerative joint disease), to use medicinal cannabis for their pain & maladies my hope is you will consider helping us to get their story in front of more people. We need thousands of signatures and voices. Given the circumstance, we respectfully believed the State of Georgia had the wisdom, legal authority & discretion to make the decision not to prosecute. They selectively prosecuted me because of politics. They let a serviceman and his wife off Scot free for cultivating Medical Cannabis for his wife's Multiple Sclerosis the next county over.  We are not the criminal element and traffickers the State has in mind when pursuing criminals. I'm grateful for your interest, hope you will consider supporting my efforts at exoneration and legislative changes.Please accept my sincere intention to be a part of solutions & rational change for Georgia. If there is any further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact me. I answer all inquiries personally" Excerpts from the Petition, article & statements: Essentially this criminal legal action sought to use a questionable & problematic search warrant, to prosecute and imprison a seriously suffering and medically disabled medical cannabis patient & his caregiver. They are accused of growing a medical cannabis for his various treatments. No evidence or accusation of sales, no distribution, no scales, no money, no valuables, no monetary enrichment. The charge of "trafficking" is alleged simply on the technically arbitrary amount of plants seized by weight; that’s it. Here is further information in the form of a short bio links About the defendants: Scott is an ex-professional & volunteer, Firefighter/First res-ponder medic & business owner. He has been repeatedly awarded & cited over the past 30 years for multiple "acts of Civic Heroism" both on the job and as a civilian, for intervening in accidents/fires & violent crimes on the behalf of other people at great risk to himself. He has done thousands of hours of volunteer & pro-Bono work starting in the 70's teaching basic computing to young kids at Montessori summer school in Santa Barbara. He was helping other very sick and suffering patients in the Atlanta near his adopted home of Cobb County Georgia. Here is his LinkedIn profile: He has always been involved in "doing", to help others.As he was raising his own son as a primary custody parent, he cared for his elderly grandparents through their struggle with Alzheimer's disease & dementia to maintain dignity in their old age for 10 years in his home as a custodial guardian, to keep them out of a nursing home until their death all while dealing with his own health issues & physical changes. He has worked hard, affected and saved many lives and served his community well. Now he is being painted as a criminal "with a history" because of non-serious previous arrests (no convictions) on record and incredibly, his assistant/caregiver was being tried as an accomplice! Co-defendant David Mazurek, Born in Green Bay Wisconsin moved to Georgia in 1973 is a local resident. A graduate of Tucker High School & Georgia Tech. University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Aerospace Engineering. He worked in both Defense & Aerospace, held security clearances and (at 60 years old), has never been arrested, not even a misdemeanor traffic violation. He has never smoked, used or tried cannabis or any illegal narcotic in his life. In 2002 he went to work with Negron's small subcontracting business & eventually came to join their family, helping to care for "Jorge & Josephine", the grandparents as a live-in assistant caregiver. Jorge literally died in David’s arms & Josephine followed to the other side within months. After their deaths, Mazurek stayed on to help care for Scott's ever worsening medical disabilities. Despite never having used any illegal drugs in his entire life, both Mazurek & Negron were accused of "appearing heavily intoxicated with Cannabis". To sum up David’s culpability: an officer said: "there is no way he didn't know about it, so that means he was involved." There was also a misleading written accusation of violent assault being committed contained in and cited as probable cause on the application for the search warrant. The grand jury indictment has been mysteriously sealed. This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice) for medical cannabis, illegal search & asset seizure. As Scott wrote: "I would like people to know what they have done here in Cobb County. The corruption they level at citizens here. We need your help and are asking, praying for help & calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: all Medical Cannabis advocates for desperately needed moral/vocal support." Statement from Negron: "I hope to convince you to take a minute to look into my case, sign & circulate this petition to support me, a fellow who is sick and now in mortal danger. You see, I have been extremely ill, plagued with severe paralyzing chronic pain, degenerative joints & even longer with debilitating digestive ailments similar to Crohn's disease. I've run the gauntlet of doctors, almost a dozen of them, pain management and watched other friends die from long term heavy pain medication. Steroid treatment for asthma helped kill my father at 50 years old. That is one of the treatments they wanted to use on me. The acute, chronic pain started circa 2000, and by 2005 doctor prescribed pharmaceutical pain-killers/Pain management, massive regular doses of anti-inflammatory & analgesics made it 25%-35% worse, AND added over 200lbs to my weight in under 2 years. In 2009 I left pain management and began to use cannabis in various Medicinal ways to treat my pain, inflammation, as a digestive aid (primarily by consumption, and various other ways, such as Juiced, RAW), but I never participated in any black market activities. My health responded so well, that we began exploring further naturopathic options on healing." In 2015, our house was invaded on a very suspicious warrant and we were arrested in Cobb Country . Without any evidence of dealing or distribution what-so-ever, I was indited with the ridiculous charge of "Trafficking". However ludicrous the charges are - I am facing 15 to 30 YEARS IN PRISON. Please read my story and sign the petition to keep me FREE to recover from my long illnesses and to pursue medical health and happiness. "My assistant/caregiver & I are being tried in Cobb County Georgia, accused of "Trafficking." Is this the appropriate charge for the accusation of growing my own supply of Medical Cannabis for my health conditions? This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice). We need your help. I am asking, praying for help and calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: GEORGIA Medical Cannabis patients are desperately in need MORAL/VOCAL support from advocates. This issue is not about politics, it's about people who are suffering. I am a patient; a human being who is suffering, not a drug dealer or criminal profiteer. Now, after 18 months in prison, I return to my shattered life with 9 years of probation.  I want people to understand that I do not view our justice system, the Judge, D.A. or officers in this case as enemies. I know they are simply doing their job. I hold no contempt for them. However, corruption is wrong, and Cobb County Government and the legal system here, this Judge Adel Grubbs  is among the most corrupt. As a man and citizen, I truly want to be a benefit to this issue; I want to help develop solutions and in all modesty: After almost twenty years of constant illness & suffering and the constant research done to find out how to help myself, I feel qualified & knowledgeable enough to do so. The disinformation campaign waged against Cannabis has been over seventy years. I believe that everyone would benefit from further truthful education and tolerance when it comes to Medical Cannabis. If they knew the truth and the facts, I do not believe they would want to put us in prison. "People who need Cannabis as medicine should be able to access it without participating in black market criminal activities. I respectfully believe people should be able to get it or grow it legally and should not be turned into criminals, and I promise to do everything I can to help with this cause. Never in my life would I have intended to be in this position any more than I intended to be sick. My life is difficult right now but I am not here to whine. I am here to ask for help to fight." There are MANY OTHERS suffering worse than I am. Self preservation is a human right and the strongest power on earth in this country, over any office of government is the power of a Jury of citizens; the voice of the People. Does this sick man & His caregiver belong in prison? Imprisoning them for the decision to save himself from what he believed was a certain death is not in the best interest of the People. If you are interested in any further information, you are welcomed to contact us through the FaceBook group. PLEASE JOIN OUR GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION. Chronic Pain: Common Sense Justice for Medical Cannabis - Article by Lionshare P.R. Here is a link to the petition: Click here to support David & Scott's Legal Defense Fund!"Send $5 dollars & forward to FIVE people who care about this issue!" Thank you for your support." Warmest RegardsThomas Scott Negron-

Scott Negron
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Petition to James Beach, Senator Brian Stack

Restore Voting Rights To Felons on Parole/Probation in New Jersey

Dear fellow New Jersians,  Currently in N.J. more than 90,000 residents are not allowed to vote because of past felony convictions even though they are out of jail and even if their crime was for minor offenses like drug possession. Research shows that these bans greatly impact people of color, further disenfranchising them from participating as full citizens.  Many progressive leaning states have begun to change their state laws (14) to allow those not currently in prison to have a voice in our democracy because all of us can agree that if you have served your time, you deserve a second chance and that voting is a core privilege in any democracy. There is a bill in the NJ State Senate sponsored by Senators Brian Stack and Sandra Cunningham ( that would change NJ State Law, however this bill has been stalled in the State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee, chaired by Senator James Beach, since January 2018.  It is time for New Jersey, a progressive blue state, to start acting more like New Jersey and less like Alabama and give back the right to vote to our fellow neighbors. Please sign on and share with friends. Can also read:  Wylie Tene Jersey City, NJ

Wylie Tene
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Petition to Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs

21 Year Veteran Denied Access To Critical Care By The VA Needs Your Help

My father is a 21-year Navy veteran. He is 100% disabled with PTSD due to his service. He is currently living in an independent adult living environment and requires a higher level of care according to his doctor. While there are facilities that can provide this level of care, the cost is about $4,500 a month, which my dad cannot afford. About two years ago my father started using medicinal cannabis in order to lower his use of opioids. His VA doctor was behind the decision and when my father started taking fewer opioids, his doctor was very pleased.Right around Halloween of last year my father fell in his apartment and couldn't get up for over eight hours. At that point, we began the process of getting my father approved to move into the Oregon Veterans Home (OVH) located in Lebanon, OR. We were told that he had to meet certain medical criteria in order to be admitted into the home. We have been in constant contact with the intake coordinator down there and were never told that there were any other criteria for his admission. My father's VA doc evaluated him in March and came to the conclusion that he met the criteria and prepared a letter for the OVH stating this. The letter, along with his medical records, was sent down to the OVH.Approximately 11 days ago I received a call from the intake coordinator at the OVH stating that since my dad showed that he had been using cannabis in his medical records that there would have to be a note showing that he had ceased using it in order for him to be admitted to the OVH. This was the first time we had heard this. My father immediately called his doctor and requested a note go into his file that he had ceased using cannabis.  Two days later my dad received a call stating that he had to take two blood tests to confirm that he had ceased using cannabis, the first of those tests happened this last Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I got a call from the intake coordinator at OVH saying that since my dad was positive for THC that they were going to postpone his admission for 90 days, review his file at that time, then he would be put at the back of the line to wait for an opening.My dad is a frail 81-year-old man that served his country well. He was using a legal substance in Oregon to help him combat pain, a substance with far fewer side effects than opioids and with zero lethality.We need your help to tell the ODVA to admit my father to the OVH regardless of the THC in his system. He has taken a test to show a baseline for the THC in his blood and is scheduled for another test this upcoming Tuesday. These two tests should clearly show that he has ceased using cannabis. We understand he cannot use cannabis at OVH and he has agreed that he won't. My father is not some stoned out druggie that cannot handle his life, he is a veteran in pain that was using something his VA doctor approved of. He should not be punished for listening to his doctor.

Tim Nebergall
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