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Petition to City of Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Park Board Commissioners

Encourage smoking bylaw compliance at Sunset Beach [420]

The 420 event has been setting up at Sunset Beach for a couple of years now. The event has morphed from a protest, to a celebration, to an unsanctioned marketplace that sells questionable quality, still illegal substances to minors. The event has never been approved by the Vancouver Park Board. However, disregarding the considerable number of bylaws that get violated (particularly but not limited to smoking bylaws), there is no proactive or reactive enforcement or deterrent. The event is disruptive to neighbours, residents and businesses in the area. Children, babies, seniors and people with respiratory issues are negatively impacted by it. Transportation is interrupted or severely affected. And, even though some of the organizers try to motivate attendants to clean up and respect the environment and property, costs for the city still add up to $250,000. There is also an increase in ER visits and car accidents -whose impact is only exacerbated by the neighbourhood's density. Furthermore, there are issues that the event and its organizers could address better, including: Guaranteeing the quality and accountability of items, to minimize impact in public health Ensuring that minors are not actively purchasing or consuming, according to the upcoming legislation Not smoking in the park per se, according to the existing bylaw and upcoming legislation Appropriate noise levels and respectful time slot We are not advocating for hard, potentially conflict-prone resolutions. We believe that the City, the VPD and the Parks Board could find other solutions, including but not limited to: Closing the area just for that day, Organizing an alternative, community-inclusive event, Helping the 420 organizers find a different location with less community and environmental impact, Increasing efforts and outreach towards promoting a healthier (for everyone) event We acknowledge that it's a politically risky initiative for them. However, we believe that it's the right thing to do for their constituents, the community and for the sake of setting a precedent of law-abiding friendly conflict resolution. We encourage the VPD, the Parks Board and the City of Vancouver to work together in ensuring that the matter is resolved in a peaceful, well thought, healthy and lawful way.

Protect Sunset Beach
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Petition to Florida State Senate, Florida State House

Cannabis Prohibition Equals Suffering & Dying. Ending the Madness is Easy, Will You Help?

I ask you to sign this petition directed to the Florida State Senate & Florida State House, requesting the Florida Legislators take immediate action. By means of "A Joint Resolution", we request Florida Legislators, place the question of establishing Cannabis as a Right for adults to possess, use, and cultivate in their homes and private property on the 2018 ballot for voters to approve or reject. The proposed Amendment, in its entirety, is shown below. I once believed, as some of you might currently, Cannabis Legalization is merely a legal issue but now I realize and fully understand, access to the Cannabis Plant is a matter of Civil Liberty, life & death and should be a Human Right for all. For me, this was made perfectly clear following the passing of my best friend of over twenty years, my seemingly healthy wife. Rhonda passed away only five months after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and three months before I was educated to the fact, Cannabis, the plant, kills cancer cells. More specifically, ingesting Cannabis Oil made using only plant material is, despite the Federal Government restricting research, scientifically proven to shrink and inhibit tumor growth and without harming the patient.  I understand anyone's disbelief, especially if this is the first you've heard this claim. I certainly didn't believe it when I first heard the truth but I'm not aggerating, not at all. In the years following my wife's death, I've seen first hand the benefits of Cannabis Oil extending and or saving lives. Even the National Cancer Institute's own research shows Cannabis kills cancer cells. The science and evidence, dating back decades is irrefutable and is being suppressed but why? Cannabis Prohibition and its tyranny began without concern for Public Health or Safety. Instead, it was financial gain, racism, and fear which led to Congress passing the "Marihuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937" but it didn't end there. The Government despotism was codified and further amplified in 1970 when Congress passed the "Controlled Substances Act of 1970". Their inclusion of the Cannabis Plant as a Schedule 1 within the Controlled Substances Act was done in spite of citizens, in the late 1960's nearly defeating the Marihuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937. Together, we must, once-and-for-all end the ongoing suffering caused by Cannabis Prohibition. The past 80 years of our Federal Government forcing Cannabis Prohibition upon our State and State's, has harmed, jailed, and killed countless Floridians and American's alike. Cost of enforcement, loss of Civil liberty, environmental pollution, higher healthcare costs for far less effective treatments, etc, etc. Every day, whether you realize it or not, directly or indirectly, we and our loved ones are paying the price of Cannabis Prohibition. The unjustified and immoral criminalization of this safe, nontoxic, medicinally beneficial PLANT must end today, in 2018 and Your Signing of this Petition Will Help. Please don't let what happened to my loved one happen to you or yours. Don't feel powerless ending the madness, please share this petition and ask friends, family, coworkers, and everyone to also sign. Together we are strong, together we will end Cannabis Prohibition forever, thank you.Kind regards, sincerely,Colby Wise                                     A JOINT RESOLUTION 2018 Joint Resolution Creating Section 28 of Article I of the State Constitution relating to adults twenty-one and older having and exercising a personal right to possession, use, and cultivation of Cannabis. Be it resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida: That the creation of Section 28 of Article I of the State Constitution set forth below are agreed to and shall be submitted to the electors of Florida for approval or rejection at the general election to be held in November 2018: Title: “ADULT RIGHT TO CANNABIS" ARTICLE I, SECTION 28. All people in the State of Florida twenty-one years of age and older shall have the right under state laws to possession, use, and cultivation of Cannabis. This RIGHT shall not be infringed except that the transfer of Cannabis by purchase or sale may be regulated as necessary to ensure public health and safety. "Cannabis" in this section is defined as ALL parts of any plant of the genus Cannabis, whether growing or not, and the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin. “Possession” in this section is defined as the state of having, owning, or controlling cannabis; actual or constructive; whether sole or joint possession; including the joint control with another / others. “Use” in this section is defined as application, ingestion, consumption, or inhalation. Including but not limited to eating, drinking, vaporizing, and smoking. “Cultivation” in this section is defined as the planting, tending, improving, or harvesting of crops or plants; the preparation of ground or growing medium to promote their growth. The provisions of this section are severable and if any clause or sentence of this measure, or an application thereof, is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, other provisions shall continue to be in effect to the fullest extent possible.

Floridians For Freedom
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