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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate

DEMAND that New York State legalize cannabis.

  The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act that recently failed the 2019 legislative session for New York State needs to be made into law at the first opportunity in the 2020 legislative session. It is no secret that the majority of New York citizens agree with responsible legalization. Governor Andrew Cuomo had also made legalization of cannabis a key point in his 2018 campaign for Governor of New York State.     We, the citizens who agree with responsible legalization, feel that it is not the place nor the right of ANY out of state organizations such as SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) or in state organizations such as any police department to decide and dictate what they deem safe for New Yorkers to consume. There is irrefutable evidence that full legalization of cannabis for recreational use has many benefits. We, the citizens of New York State also feel that the politicians involved care less about social justice, and more about revenue streams.    The representatives of New York State citizens have forgotten who they work for. They need to be more concerned with the will of the people, and less concerned with special interest groups. The New York State Constitution would have to be amended in order for citizens to hold a vote, so our representatives need to be the ones to go to bat for us.    Decriminalization does not work. There is nowhere guaranteed safe for citizens to obtain cannabis unless they grow it themselves. This is presently not possible under New York law. Decriminalization says that you can consume it and posess it, but you can't get caught with it. How is anyone to consume or posess it without fear? Where do they get it and how do they transport it? That basically means it is still fully illegal!   We are not asking for change, we DEMAND it. The police agencies have overstepped their boundaries. They are to ENFORCE the laws, not make or influence them. Allowing special interest groups to interfere with the will of the people is a bastardization of our democracy. The medical studies have already been done, far before Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the studies he felt he needed.    Thus is the cases of the late Robert Randall, Elvy Musikka, and Irv Rosenfeld. These people historically won the right to consume cannabis. They did so by using hard irrefutable evidence from studies carried out by our Federal governmemt. There are more benefits than risks.    Deceiminalization is nothing more than a legal way to create racial and caste system chaos. You all know better. While you are busy pandering to people like Kevin Sabet's special interest groups, citizens are being jailed for the use of a plant. Expungememt means absolutely nothing if lives continue to be ruined by New York State's archaic laws.    It is time that this is fixed. Elections are around the corner.               

Robert Kinsey
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