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Petition to Council President John A. Michitson, Council Vice President Thomas J. Sullivan, Councillor Joseph J. Bevilacqua, Councillor Colin F. LePage, Councillor Timothy J. Jordan, Councillor William J. Macek, Councillor Mary Ellen Daly O'Brien, Councillor Michael S. McGonagle, Mayor James J. Fiorentini, Councillor Melinda Barrett

Vote to Ban Marijuana Retail in Haverhill, MA

Unless Haverhill convinces our City Council to put this topic back to a vote and let Haverhill residents decide to opt out, our city will have to allow multiple (6) marijuana dispensaries in our city, making them a fixture in many areas. Haverhill may become a marijuana retail destination for neighboring towns especially as multiple towns around us have already banned retail marijuana sales.  Methuen, Lawrence, Merrimac, North Andover, and Andover all have voted to ban marijuana retail from their cities and towns. Some things to consider: Many of the marijuana retail zones in Haverhill are in residential neighborhoods, close to schools and highways. These could increase traffic and crime in local communities and impact housing values. Citizens of New Hampshire and other states will be able to purchase and consume marijuana products in our city. There are already applications for marijuana retail shops in Bradford, Downtown, Amesbury Road (Old Seafood Etc Location) and on 125 near Grande Mexico. Haverhill is a great city and has improved a lot in the last several years, marijuana retail could undo that progress and our city would become a destination and attraction in a negative way.Haverhill's City Council made the decision to NOT put a ballot referendum measure for vote before the marijuana retail moratorium expired in 2018 forcing the city (by state law) to create districts within the city to allow marijuana retail shops. BUT the citizens have the right to demand the city put a ballot referendum to vote. According to state law - "the city or town must pass the ban through a ballot referendum measure where all voters of their town/city would have an opportunity to vote." Haverhill would need 10% of registered voters (about 4K petitioners) to force the city to put a ban up for vote. I started this petition because...There are already 2 applications for marijuana retail shops in my community of mostly residential homes and there are others across the city. As a long time Haverhill resident it would be crushing to us and many families to see their home values decline and neighborhoods negatively impacted by marijuana retail. Voters in 2016 did not realize they would be forced to allow a certain number of marijuana retail shops in their towns. If Haverhill could put all the marijuana retail shops in office parks away from residents that would be great, but Massachusetts law states any city that does not ban marijuana retail must allow a certain number of shops based on certain criteria. For Haverhill it is at least 6 shops. Please sign this petition and email the mayor plus all city council members.

No Pot Shops Haverhill
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Lawrence Kupers, William N Taylor II


Our son, Edwin Rubis, is serving a federal sentence of 40 years for a non-violent marijuana offense. [ At age 29, our son, while battling drug addiction, associated himself with drug couriers, and was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana. After his arrest, his court-appointed attorney advised him, along with us, that he needed to provide information on others in the drug trade. Edwin could not provide such information. Therefore, he was quickly deemed "uncooperative", and the judge gave him a harsh sentence - 40 years.Edwin has been away from us for the last 19 years. During the course of time, we have adamantly petitioned, and at times cried, for his early release, at every level of the court system. Sadly to say, we continue to struggle, missing him, with no positive resolution to obtain his freedom. Edwin's children need him. We need him. Our son is not a terrorist, a rapist, a gang member, nor a violent individual to continually be kept in prison for decades for distributing marijuana. While imprisoned, Edwin has taken diligent steps to better himself. He has achieved numerous rehabilitation programs from the psychology and religious departments. He has graduated from college with a degree in Religious Education; and he is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling and Therapist Certification. In addition, he serves as a mentor to others, under the supervision of the head chaplain. He is also working as a G.E.D. and E.S.L. tutor in the education department, at his present institution of confinement, helping others further their education. In addition, Edwin also finished a 2 year dental apprenticeship from The Department of Labor, and worked as a dental assistant for the last 7 years in the medical department.We love our son, [uncle, father, and brother]. We wish for him to receive another chance at life. But our dream for him to be reunited with us, can not be accomplished without your full support. Please help us obtain our son's freedom by signing this petition urging President Donald Trump to grant our son clemency or a pardon. Edwin is a changed man. He has been fully rehabilitated and deserves a second chance at life. Sincerely, Maria Roque - and - Family.

Jeremy Malone
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