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Petition to Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini S.p.A., The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society

Make Lamborghini transmissions manual again

Over the past few decades, increasingly larger numbers of vehicle manufacturers have been inching away from the manual transmission. While it is not only easier and more comforting for some to drive vehicles with automatic transmissions, it has also become faster to use other means of shifting such as sequential gear boxes as well as “paddle shifters”. Lamborghini is no stranger to using the fastest possible driving methods to make the fastest possible times and to make podium finishes. Furthermore, less and less buyers are choosing to buy a manual varient when they can choose an “easier, less stressful” varient of the car. For this reason and more, Lamborghini has chosen to make every one of their cars without the classic manual transmission and instead with e-gear. However, for many other drivers, the manual transmission is about a lot more than just having more control and feel of their car. It’s about making a potentially boring expeirence much more fun and challenging. It’s something that makes the driver feel more in sync with the car they’re in and even allow for driving technique that would have otherwise been more alien to accomplish, if at all. While it doesn’t bother us that Lamborghini chooses to use more advanced means of chaging gears in high stakes racing championships, it continues to hurt as each new design they release has no manual varient, even by way of custom order. And above all, owning a car that seems to do increasingly more for the driver rather than the other way around takes the original excitement that truly came with owning such a powerful and exclusive car. It demands less required speed of the hands, feet, and mind when pushing yourself to the limit behind the wheel. We do not want to be handed a fast car, we want to practice and earn the right to drive that car fast. The will to evolve with the habits and ways of what we drive is what makes this petition so important. Lamborghini S.p.A. has the resources to make this happen, they just fail to realize how much we actually want it.

Sterling Cueto
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