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Petition to Sara Todd, Carol Culley, Cllr Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council, Sean McGonigle, Lucy Powell

Manchester Town Hall & Albert Square Renovation Project: £330M Too Much.

We think that it is wrong to spend £330M on a Manchester town hall & Albert square refurbishment project, at a time when so many Manchester residents, including children and the disabled, are living below the poverty line, and suffering from hunger, fuel poverty and homelessness under the cuts. Proposed plans to start around March 2017 at the cost of around £330M or more for this very substantial project, should in all moral fairness be postponed to a time when so many residents of Manchester aren't suffering greatly from deprivation - from the neglect of their basic human needs for food, shelter, warmth and good health. We petition for this project to be frozen, and commence on or after March 2019. We understand that this grade 1 listed building is a huge gem for our city, and that it's part of our heritage, BUT, Children, The Disabled, Pensioners and Families need the help of Manchester City Council especially at this time! The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the University of Manchesters' research shows that more than half a MILLION residents live in neighbourhoods which are in 10 per cent of those which are most deprived in the country. Low wages, and poor qualifications are still prevalent, & so many people in Manchester are living below the breadline, and deserve better than to live and die in dire poverty and want. Tackling poverty, instead of spending 350M on the proposed refurbishments, would also ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the region’s success, and those who do benefit could support the refurbishment project at a later date. Taking some points and quotes from the Manchester council webcast meetings, (viewable online), we would like to bring the following to your attention also: Wednesday 16th November 2016 - Cllr Bernard Priest, "A very substantial project" - "We remain committed to delivering this project" "This is already a significant cost for the people of Manchester to bear" Thursday 10th November 2016 - Cllr Hugh Barrett, states that he is appalled by the recent report, and says, "It is not what we asked for!” By freezing this project for a few years, we think that Manchester City Council, and appropriate councillors could provide a better report, and also gain time to be able to save more towards the very high cost of this project, therefore providing more time and funds for vital work to begin now to help the poorest in the city of Manchester and Greater Manchester who are living below the breadline. We propose that Manchester council look at this proposal and understand that the people of Manchester deserve to be a higher priority than refurbishing a 140 year old building. This petition will be delivered to: Sara Todd, Carol Culley ,Deputy leader of the Manchester City Council, Cllr Bernard Priest 2 more decision makers...  

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