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Petition to antony blinken, Joseph R. Biden

Close Down All Organizations Affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran in the U​.​S.

Despite the condemnations and sanctions that the United States has imposed on the Islamic Republic regime, there are a number of active Islamic organizations in the US that are directly tied to the regime. These centers disseminate propaganda supporting the inhuman ideology of this regime and gather support for its political agenda.  By hiding under the disguise of religious centers such as Alavi Foundation have continued to raise tens of millions of dollars for the pro-regime organizations in the US. Through these centers, the Iranian regime has launched several initiatives such as the “Muslim Congress” and “Ashura Project” to increase the political influence of its government amongst US-Muslims. These centers are commonly founded by radical and anti-Semite Iranian-American Shiites, who support the Islamic Republic and travel to Iran regularly to report their activities to the Iranian authorities and speak at government-sponsored events. They are commonly members of an Iranian regime organization, “Ahl Al-Bayt World Assembly”, responsible for disseminating the regime’s ideology in order to recruit pro-Iranian supporters to advance the regime’s agenda.  The Iranian Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, leads the Assembly, and its current secretary general, Mohammad Hassan Akhtari,  has a history of providing political support and facilitating activities of Hezbollah in Lebanon. These centers actively participate in the Iranian regime’s sponsored rallies, designed to fuel anti-Israeli hatred around the globe, and organize different political events that are in line with the Iranian regime’s regional policies against other countries, including Saudi Arabia. The centers continue to hold sessions and speeches around the world to gather support for the Iranian Supreme Leader’s agenda and the regime’s doctrine. These events are organized under the tenet of honoring the founder of the Islamic Republic, Khomaini, the anniversary of his death, and the celebration of the Islamic revolution.  The Iranian regime’s activities through these centers are specially designed to influence US public opinion and spread disinformation about human rights in Iran with the ultimate goal of affecting US policy and diplomatic relations with this terrorist regime. We, the undersigned, urge US government to investigate and consider closing down all organizations, including the below centers, affiliated with the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic across the United States of America. Al-Hadi school The Islamic Education Center of Houston The Islamic Institute of New York Manassas Islamic Centre in Virginia Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn, Michigan Awaited One Foundation in Dearborn, Michigan Islamic Institute of America in Dearborn, Michigan Muslim Congress

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Petition to United Nations, Joseph R. Biden, António Guterres

Emergency UN Resolution to Help Protesters in Iran

30 days after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, in the custody of the morality police on 16 September, an estimated 240 people have been killed in the country-wide anti-regime uprising. Among those killed or detained by the government are a considerable number of children, whose conditions and whereabouts remain unclear. In the most recent news, the Evin prison, where many of political and opposition prisoners are held, was set on fire, leaving at least four inmates dead.  In recent brutalities, the security forces tear-gassed an elementary school and shot and killed a teenage girl in a high school in Ardabil, while detaining many. The regime sources claim the children detained by the security forces were taken to psychiatric institutions. Footage taken at scenes of the protests show security forces sexually assaulting protestors, which has raised outcries for investigations. Yet, in the recent announcement, the authorities denied any responsibility for the actions of security forces. This is while the regime’s leadership had announced the maximum penalty for detainees in the past weeks, which raises concerns about the condition of detainees.  Although the crackdown has been country-wide, ethnic minorities, who have been the long subject of extreme repression and political violence, have been hit the hardest. In the past weeks, the Iranian regime has launched military operations in Iraq's Kurdish region, resulting in many casualties and disturbing peace in the region.  The world has shown its support for the Iranian people. However, to stop the regime’s brutalities, Governments and Humanitarian Organizations around the world must take stronger actions: -       This petition calls on the United Nations General Assembly to hold an emergency session and form a special council dedicated to investigating the regime’s crimes against its own people that goes far beyond the crackdown on peaceful protesters in the past week.  -       The UN Security Council, in particular, must put pressure on Iran to: a) immediately end repression of its civilian population, b) release detained protestors, and c) cooperate in accounting for the missing and dead.  -       We urge consideration for referring the Islamic Republic Regime and its leadership, including Ayatollah Khamenei, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Extensive measures must be taken by ICC to hold to account those responsible for attacks on protestors and their countless crimes against humanity.            

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Petition to

Stop the Jailing, Torture, Killing of Iranian Healthcare Providers and University Students

“Solidarity requires sustained, ongoing commitment.” – bell hooks  To whom it may concern,  The people are chanting “woman, life, freedom” across the world in support of the women-led uprising in Iran. The oppression of women is a global tragedy. Zhina (Mahsa) Amini was 22 years old and visiting Tehran with her family when she was detained by the “morality police” and was killed on September 16th, 2022, sparking the people’s protest across Iran and the world. In response, thousands of protesters, including children, women, and men, have been severely injured, jailed, tortured, and killed.  Healthcare providers treating and assisting injured protestors are also being jailed and killed. Dr. Ayda Rostami was last seen alive on December 12th in Tehran. She was a street medic, a doctor helping injured protesters. She was tortured, beaten, and killed, although official details of her death are unknown. She was 36 years old. Additionally, Maedeh Javanfar, a nurse, was killed on October 25th after being beaten in the head with a baton from the Islamic Republic forces during a protest. Dr. Hamid Gharehasanlou, a radiologist, is facing execution, and is among many other healthcare professionals who have been arrested, detained, tortured, and killed.  In universities across Iran, students continue to lead the protests, risking their lives, in the face of ongoing oppression. The Islamic Republic’s security forces are brutally attacking students on university campuses and killing or arresting students and faculty members. Thousands of students have been arrested and their whereabouts are still unknown. We fear for the lives of the students and faculty and vow to show solidarity.  The people’s revolution in Iran needs all of us to unite. We denounce the patriarchy and believe women's rights are human rights! We the undersigned believe that the killing of Dr. Rostami and the jailing, torture, and execution of other healthcare providers, is a war crime under the Geneva Convention and needs to be investigated by the International Criminal Court. We demand the freeze of assets on all the Islamic Republic’s officials, condemnation of the gender apartheid, travel ban for all sectors of the Islamic Republic, condemnation of the executions of political prisoners, no negotiations on nuclear deal, and continuing to voice clear statements of support for the people of Iran by all university leadership, healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals, elected officials including President Biden, the U.S. government, and the international community.  برای آزادی , Barayeh Azadi, for freedom! 

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