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Keep Mac user automation such as Applescript & Automator in Mac OS X

In an article posted here, reports are coming in that Apple may consider removing scripting technologies such as UNIX CLI (shell, python, ruby, perl), System Services, Apple Events (JavaScript, AppleScript, AppleScriptObj-C, Scripting Bridge), Automator, Apple Configurator (AppleScript, Automator), and Application scripting support in Photos, iWork, Finder, Mail, and other Apple applications from future versions of the Mac OS. Removing these vital functions of the OS will affect thousands of users who rely on scripting to automate their work on a daily basis, such as graphic designers and scientists. I personally rely on a myriad of scripts to automate routine functions at my job as a graphic designer and would be lost without these time-saving scripts.  Look at some of these comments found at Michael Tsai's blog:   Andy Ihnatko: Does Apple care about giving users the ability to automate, simplify, and create their own solutions on Macs? Now I wonder and worry.   Mikey Campbell: Whether (Sal) Soghoian’s duties will be handed over to another team member is unknown, though the decision only serves to reinforce sentiment that automation technologies are no longer a priority at Apple. Matt Deatherage: Historically, when Apple devotes fewer resources to automation, users (especially professionals) suffer. Only Apple can decide to make this technology stay in the operating system and I hope that you will sign and share this with anyone you know who relies on Applescript and scripting technologies on Mac OS X.

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