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Petition to Walmart, Doug McMillon, Greg Foran, David Cheesewright, Marc Lore, Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, Andy Barron, Dan Bartlett, Michael J. Bender, Brett Biggs, Steve Bratspies, Jacqui Canney, Michael Dastugue, Jeffrey J. Gearhart, Ben-Saba Hasan, Scott Huff, Mark Ibbotson, Jay Jorgensen, Richard Mayfield, Judith McKenna, Kathleen McLaughlin, Michael Moore, Julie Murphy, Scott Price, Charles Redfield, Tony Rogers, Linda Simon, Chris Sultemeier

Tell Walmart to stop this cage-free hypocrisy!

Living in New York can be expensive; so finding good deals and stretching each dollar is very important. That is why I frequently shop at Walmart both here, and when I visit my family in Mexico. Shockingly, when shopping back home in Mexico at Walmart, I learned that Walmart has different standards for food safety and how animals should be treated. Like the vast majority of consumers in the US and throughout Mexico, my family takes animal welfare seriously. This is why my family and I were shocked to learn that Walmart refuses to end its support of cruel cage farms in Mexico despite already committing to going 100% cage-free in the United States! Walmart locations in Mexico are clearly held to a substandard and this not acceptable. Major restaurants, retailers, distributors and egg suppliers are making the transition to cage-free due to an outpour from consumers demanding these important changes for animals. Even McDonald’s, Burger King, and Grupo Bimbo have committed to going 100% cage-free in Mexico. So why does Walmart think that nobody will catch wind of its continued support of caging animals in this changing climate? As it stands today, Walmart is showing its apparent true colors: Food standards in Mexico are not as important as food standards in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I ask both my Mexican and American friends -- please sign my petition to plead for equal food standards in both United States and Mexico. 

The Humane League
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Petition to Donald Trump, President of the United States, Enrique Peña Nieto

President Trump and President Nieto: Select Otra Nation To Replace the US/Mexico Border

Petition the Governments of Mexico and the United States to eradicate the border and co-create Otra Nation.Since the end of WWII we have seen a ten-fold increase in physical borders erected. These visual scars are deeper when nations share a rich and vibrant history together. Mexico and the United States have always prospered when they see each others strengths by working together and we propose the eradication of the entire US/Mexico border via a trans-national ’New Deal’ to create a shared co-nation called Otra Nation, built on local economic empowerment, energy independence and revolutionary infrastructure and transit. Let's build a future with the next centuries technologies... at the cost of the last.Here is to a brighter future, Memo C and MADE --- The 19th century brought us boundaries, the 20th century we built walls, the next we will bridge nations by creating communities based on shared principles of economic resiliency, energy independence and a trust based society. ---What is Otra Nation?Otra Nation is shared co-nation open to citizens of both Mexico and the United Stated and co-maintained by respective governments. Physical land and the initial investment will be provided by both countries and the infrastructure and services will be built with a workforce of 50% Mexico and 50% American. Otra Nation will be the worlds’ first continental bi-national socio-ecotone.Read the full proposal at If we reach 250,000 votes this petition will be hand delivered to both the President of Mexico and the President of the United States. ----------------- Petición en Español  Pedimos a los Gobiernos de México y Estados Unidos que se erradique la frontera física y se cree entre los dos países una co-nación: Otra Nation. Desde el término de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, hemos visto un incremento importante en la construcción de fronteras físicas. Estas heridas visuales son más profundas cuando las naciones comparten una rica y vibrante historia juntas. México y Estados Unidos siempre han prosperado cuando han visto las fortalezas uno del otro al trabajar juntos; así que proponemos la erradicación total de la frontera entre nuestros países a través de un ‘nuevo acuerdo’ transnacional para crear una co-nación compartida llamada Otra Nation, fundada en el empoderamiento económico local, independencia energética e infraestructura y sistemas de transporte revolucionarios. Construyamos un futuro con la tecnología del siguiente siglo, al precio del pasado. Por un futuro más prometedor, Memo C y MADE --- El siglo XIX nos trajo límites y fronteras, en el siglo XX construimos muros; en este, vamos a unir naciones al crear comunidades basadas en principios compartidos de resiliencia económica, independencia energética y una sociedad basada en la confianza. ---¿Qué es Otra Nation? Otra Nation es una co-nación compartida abierta tanto a ciudadanos de México como de Estados Unidos, y co-establecida por ambos Gobiernos. La tierra y la inversión inicial serán proporcionados por ambos países, y la infraestructura y servicios serán construidos con una fuerza de trabajo 50% Mexicana y 50% Estadounidense. Otra Nation será el primer socio-ecotono binacional del mundo. Lee la propuesta completa aquí Alcanzando 250,000 votos, esta petición será entregada de forma personal tanto al Presidente Constitucional de México y al Presidente de los Estados Unidos.

Memo Cruz
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Petition to Donald Trump

Immigration Laws in the US and how they are unfair

Immigration is a big thing in the United States. It has been a long time since the Pilgrims first came to the United States to settle this fine land, and now here we are a few hundred years later, dealing with people all over the world trying to get into the United States trying to start a new life. I feel like this system is corrupt and it needs to be fixed.  What is happening in the United States is devastating. Last week, over 165 undocumented immigrants have gotten either deported or arrested. This needs to be put to a stop. Just put your shoes into a poor person that lives in Mexico that doesn't know what to do with their lives. What do you think the first thing you would do about it? I mean just pretend you are super poor and you are a good person just trying to find a new life, where are you going to go? I mean the most sensible answer would be to immigrate to the United States. The problem is you can't do it legally since you are poor, and so you have to do it illegally. So then now you get into the country and you get settled into a house in a big city and you love it. And now, a few years later you get deported. The country you love oh so much just kicks you out. You invested so much money into this country and bam, you get deported. This is what happened to more than 165 immigrants this past week, and it's really sad and we need to put this to a stop! Please help me spread awareness of this issue, and try to help me take the steps to get the government to stop!  Now, you probably think I am crazy because there needs to be some sort of law. Well I think a possible solution rather than "building a wall" or deporting immigrants is to know who is coming into the country and see if they are a good person, or a bad person. If they have a felony they go back to Mexico, simple as that.

Nathan SOmething
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