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Petition to Oklahoma State House, Oklahoma State Senate

Tell Oklahoma legislators, “Do not cut funding for Nursing Homes”

Tell your Senator and Representative “Do not cut funding for Nursing Homes” Once again, legislators at the State Capitol are considering budget cuts that would cripple the skilled nursing profession, close skilled nursing facilities across the state, and force massive layoffs. Most disturbingly, these cuts could leave some of our most elderly and vulnerable residents homeless and without care. We need your help and your activism to avoid these catastrophic spending reductions.  The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has announced that it may be forced to slash Medicaid rates by 25 percent. We believe that a budget cut of that magnitude would put over 90% of our member facilities out of business. In fact, a cut as deep as 10 percent might force half of our homes to close. That would jeopardize the quality of life – and even the safety and well-being – of thousands of elderly residents. When the Legislature considered massive cuts to nursing homes last year, we were able to change their minds … but only because they heard directly from constituents like you. Your calls, emails and visits to the Capitol helped to remind them of the importance of our work and the necessity of providing basic care to elderly and vulnerable Oklahomans. As a result, we completely avoided cuts to nursing homes despite a billion-dollar shortfall. We are asking you to once again step up to the plate and tell your legislators: don’t cut the budget for nursing homes. Respect our elderly residents, and fund the services they rely on.

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