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Petition to Darrell Steinberg, Mr. Sean Loloee, Office of Grants and Local Services, Kevin McCarty, Richard Pan, Doris O. Matsui, Mario Lara, Raymond Costantino, Ken Cooley, Marianne Conarroe, Genevieve Levy, Dave Jones, Rich Desmond, Phil Serna, Ami Bera

Save Our Suburb! Stop Downtown Sacramento from Turning our Park into a Haven for Crime!

We strenuously object to having our former Science center building turned into a homeless respite shelter in our park. This was decided by the city of Sacramento for the old Powerhouse Space & Science Museum at 3615 Auburn Blvd. *UPDATE: AND NOW: The City of Sacramento is doing it to us AGAIN — with another project that will draw crime and lawlessness back into our park- conveniently for lawless individuals who are looking for a place to do their “business”. First this project for the homeless- and now a park “improvement” project that will do anything but!!! Homeless shelters and unsecured, unmaintained rundown ballparks are NOT a good combination. ESPECIALLY in a residential R-1 zone, close to homes, parks, schools. But what’s worse? A half built, blighted,  unfinished project. Why are they doing this here again? The City of Sacramento sited a shelter in an area that is, for all intents and purposes, NOT in the CITY of Sacramento. It is “technically” City of Sacramento property, but this location in the City of Sacramento’s District 2 “Peninsula” is essentially siting city projects in unincorporated Sacramento County. (See map) The crime, drug use, and trash that inevitably accompany makeshift homeless population encampments is what all of us countywide want to have cleaned up. But now, in addition to dealing with that, we will have additional concerns to worry about: an unsecured, unmaintained breeding ground for more crime. Why? Because of a proposed Del Paso Regional Park “improvement” project. But will it actually be an improvement? Unincorporated Sacramento County neighborhoods surround Del Paso Regional Park. Our County Sheriff, Park Rangers and local park resources are there for us when we need them. They care about what is going on in our community. Why doesn’t the City care? Because it’s NOT their backyard. We deserve to be safe in our community. We have had to deal with the homeless and the situation of unsavory crime and illicit activities in our area effectively on our own. We’ve learned how to do it—and we finally did what the City neglects to do by way of our own community volunteers and resourcefulness. Because of Del Paso Regional Park’s special “Natural Habitat” status there aren’t any homeless on D2 City property following our efforts. Del Paso Park Rangers come out after we notify them and at times have made felony arrests while removing the encampments that were illegally trespassing (Sac City Code 12.72.060 AA). If another city project of any type (respite center/shelter, underfunded Renfree Field plan) happens at this spot, it will not only necessitate that the city’s homeless population be bussed or otherwise drawn to the Del Paso Park and into our residential neighborhoods- it will create a new haven for crime- which we have worked hard to get to a point where we now can keep our neighborhood clean, pleasant and enjoyable… free from drugs and safe from crime. Overwhelmingly, our community supports alternative options to replace the former Science Museum- such as a Nature Center + Local History museum tied to the Del Paso Regional park (similar to Effie Yeaw Nature Center), or another type of Children’s Museum that would enrich and serve the Children in our area- including Childrens Receiving Home residents next door, or a local history museum to provide our community with educational opportunities and a central location to learn about the unique history of this area… We all need our Park to be managed in a more consistent use with the zoning and location. City money isn’t put towards this. Initially, the City of Sacramento proposed building a homeless shelter on the site of the former Powerhouse Since Museum, a parcel that is now considered, and treated as “surplus property”. Mayor Steinberg’s “Comprehensive Siting Plan” found a convenient location for such a facility, particularly when you consider that none of his voters would be impacted. Since the approach and funding for that plan is ever changing, it would be more fiscally responsible to create a self-funding amenity that would also create jobs…not to mention, a more inclusive and wide ranging “recreational area” surrounding a facility like a Nature Center or history museum. Currently, the city has entered into a very expensive contract that is grinding away every day without seeing a single client. This isn’t beneficial to the city or to any of the stakeholders involved. Long term goals between the two entities of City and County are absolutely possible if we think critically and evaluate how decisions are evolving to where we are at NOW. Enough is enough—it’s high time that we, the community, and our elected representatives take proper care of this unique piece of land. The political leadership downtown needs to listen to and understand what the residents of the Unincorporated areas of Sacramento County think about the City of Sacramento’s District 2 “Peninsula” and the way the park has been treated as merely an investment for the City to use and abuse, to neglect and not protect… far from them but near to us. Enough! Keep the park AS a PARK, divest from the City and reconfigure the park as County property. We are tired of the way things have happened up until now and don’t intend to allow this to continue. Save Our Suburb! Preserve and “Keep Del Paso Regional Park Green” for Future Generations!

Save Our Suburb
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Petition to Becket Planning Board

Becket Residents Opposition to Marijuana Establishment DONATIONS NOT NECESSARY OR NEEDED

Approving a special permit for a Tier 11 marijuana establishment which allows up to 100,000 square feet of cultivation to Tetrahydra Agtek could set a poor precedent for future proceedings on up to five such applications in Becket • Air pollution — foul odors generated by cannabis growing facilities. Mitigation processes/baseline measurements must be in writing prior to a vote. • Water pollution and impacts on wetlands should be fully assessed by the Becket Conservation Commission before the Planning Board accepts TetraHydra’s assertions. Concern continues to focus on the great amount of development proposed on this property in close proximity to the many wetlands and bordering vegetated wetland areas that define this parcel. •  Light pollution- Artificial light from greenhouses can affect health, create ecological issues for sensitive animal populations. The consequences of light pollution go beyond just not being able to see the stars. It can have serious ecological consequences, and studies suggest that it has adverse health effects on humans. • Harm to water supplies. Cannabis consumes substantial water and TetraHydra filed to drill at least one well. Their claim that they will not use much water must be fully examined by independent experts. Monitoring systems are needed to track water use and pollution. • Siting a 24-foot-tall, 31,000-square-foot commercial industrial pot production facility in a primarily residential area would not be in keeping with the community’s character. • Building an industrial cannabis facility 50 feet off Quarry Road, across from the Becket Quarry is inappropriate. Under the Trustees of Reservations’ stewardship, the quarry will attract many more tourists including minors to Becket for recreation and organized educational purposes.  • The Planning Board has not received expert independent environmental analyses of TetraHydra’s proposal. Becket residents have joined together to commission expert environmental assessments. The board should not approve the application until the environmental assessments are completed and thoroughly reviewed. • The applicant has not provided a financial plan showing they have reliable, sufficient funding. They refer to their financial information as “secret sauce.” Secret sauce works for Big Macs, but not to show they can generate the economic benefits that Becket officials hope for. • The applicant has repeatedly changed the project’s scope and the design.  There have been 4 site plans each featuring a different size greenhouse. Indoor and outdoor grow areas were in different locations before the outdoor grow was eventually eliminated. All of these changes make it difficult to gauge the potential impact on the community. The applicant’s proposal should be denied until a complete plan with adequate, written safeguards is submitted and reviewed by experts. IF YOU OPPOSE THE APPROVAL OF A SPECIAL PERMT TO THE COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA FACILITY OF TETRAHYDRA AGREK,  FOR ANY ONE OR MORE OF THE ABOVE REASONS PLEASE SIGNIFY YOUR OPPOSITION BY SIGNING THIS PETITION WITH YOUR NAME AND BECKET ADDRESS IN THE SPACE PROVIDED BELOW AND PROVIDE ANY COMMENTS YOU HAVE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

Laurie Friedman
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Petition to City of Plantation, City of Plantation Mayor Lynn Stoner, City of Plantation Councilmember Erik Anderson, City of Plantation Councilmember Denise Horland, City of Plantation Councilmember Ron Jacobs, City of Plantation Councilmember Nick Sortal, City of Plantation Planning and Zoning Board, City of Plantation Review Committee

Help Protect Plantation Acres

Please help us tell the City of Plantation not to approve any rezoning in Plantation Acres or the surrounding area.   Plantation Acres is one of the few remaining South Florida neighborhoods with wide open spaces and a rural feel. Most of us moved to our wonderful neighborhood because we wanted a community that would provide a safe and tranquil place to raise our children among nature and animals. In fact, Plantation’s Future Land Use Policy specifically states, “The city shall continue to support the low density rural character of its western border including Plantation Acres by discouraging increased density both residential and non-residential use."  Our current zoning district (RS-1EP) is "intended to permit the incidental harboring of domestic animals for use by the occupants of the dwelling to provide for agriculture, farming and ranching activities on such larger-sized lots."  And most importantly, Plantation Acres is an overlay zoning district.  These are intended to provide for detailed regulations not addressed by the underlying district raised by specific concerns.  "The Plantation Acres Special Public Interest Overlay district is of special and substantial public interest because of the need to develop and redevelop Plantation Acres by reason of its environmental constraints, its intended rural development under Broward County criteria prior to its annexation to the City of Plantation, and its life-style unique in the City of Plantation. This district has attributes which should be preserved while protecting the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Plantation Acres. ... yet the purposed intent is to protect the amenities of broad open spaces, natural landscape and rural characteristics of the Acres, the only city district in which the predevelopment environment of the land can be discerned and appreciated." So how would 42 high density homes on land currently zoned for 11 homes fit into this unique, large lot, rural character community where horse ownership is prevalent?  They simply will not!  Allowing developers to build such a dense complex would only have adverse effects on Plantation Acres.  Residents riding their horses do not need more traffic and noise spooking their animals.  Pedestrians do not need more traffic to dodge as we have no sidewalks.  Money has already been spent trying to decrease and calm the traffic in the community as it is already troublesome.    It would set a precedent for developers who want to build additional high density projects and could negatively influence the value of our homes.   Unfortunately developers are lobbying the City of Plantation to rezone several parcels located off the southwest corner of NW 4th Street and Old Hiatus Road for just this. This land is platted for 11 homes, one per acre, but the developers have proposed packing in 42 homes. Please help keep Plantation Acres the charming place we know, love, and call home. Sign this petition and visit for more information.

Save Our Acres
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Petition to Save Our Skies LA

Air traffic growth at VNY and BUR needs to be held in check

PLEASE NOTE THAT CONTRIBUTIONS MADE THROUGH CHANGE.ORG DO NOT GO TO US. TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR CAMPAIGN PLEASE VISIT WWW.SOSLA.ORG. THANK YOU.   At VNY: In 2015, US Customs office opened & and now has expanded hours for international jets to arrive. In 2018, private charter jet traffic significantly increased due to Santa Monica Airport (SMO) 2017 runway shortening. In 2019, Gulfstream VNY, 2nd-in-nation maintenance facility for jets, opened for business. In 2021, Aero Jets advertises commercially scheduled flights for online purchase & Sun Air Jets more than doubled the size of its hangar / terminal facilities adding 62,000 sf “to manage its future business growth.” At BUR: In 2014, the Regional Intermodal Transit Center opened a three-level, 850,000 sf, 3200 car parking structure which also houses rental car companies. In 2016, BUR publicly announced plans to build a new 14-gate, 355,000 sf replacement terminal with up to 6,637 parking spaces. In 2018, private charter jet traffic significantly increased due to SMO 2017 runway shortening. The writing is on the wall: Unchecked growth — aided by the FAA’s implementation of NextGen computer navigation — is breaching airport promises to be good neighbors to surrounding residential and commercial areas . Additionally at VNY, allowing private charter jets to provide scheduled flights breaches a longstanding promise not to become a commercial airport. This growth — at two closely located & landlocked airports sharing the same airspace -- also poses environmental and other harms to LA residents, outdoor parks, and wildlife in the form of noise and documented air pollution.  The growth is causing health problems, sleep disturbances, and is taking away the quiet enjoyment of homes, parks, and neighborhoods around both airports. NOW THEREFORE, WE LOS ANGELES RESIDENTS CALL UPON THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES TO TAKE IMMEDIATE PROTECTIVE ACTION: TO TAKE LOCAL CONTROL OF VNY AIRPORT BY NO LONGER ACCEPTING FEDERAL FUNDS. TO CURTAIL VNY JET TRAFFIC GROWTH BY FORMALLY CONSIDERING SHORTENING THE RUNWAY (AS CITY OF SANTA MONICA DID AT SMO IN 2017) & BY FOLLOWING THE VNY MASTER PLAN THAT WAS APPROVED BY CITY OF LA;  TO CHALLENGE THE FAA’S MAY 13, 2021 DECISION THAT THE NEW BUR TERMINAL WILL HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT BY TIMELY FILING A PETITION FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW OF THAT DECISION IN FEDERAL COURT & TAKING OTHER ACTIONS AS POSSIBLE TO OPPOSE EXPANSION AT BUR. TO COMPEL COMPLIANCE WITH THE VOLUNTARY CURFEW HOURS OF 10 PM - 7 AM AT BUR & 11 PM -7 AM AT VNY. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION: WWW.SOSLA.ORG

Save Our Skies LA
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