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Petition to St Johns County Commissioners

No Commercial on Roberts Road

The new owners at 1342 & 1344 Roberts Rd have applied to rezone their properties as commercial. They are calling it Fruit Cove Village. The plan is being pitched as a simple neighborhood gym, but there is another 30,000 sq feet of property that could be anything... bar, tattoo parlor, sex shop... We chose this area because it is residential. We want it to stay that way. We don't need a gym on Roberts Road. We are already beyond traffic capacity. There are plenty of commercial properties on San Jose and we don't mind the drive. We need to make our voices heard. We want our kids to walk and bike to school safely.We need to let the Commissioners know we do not want this. There was a public meeting on August 13 at 6pm. The standing-room-only crowd was overwhelmingly against the rezoning, aside from several friends of the applicants sprinkled around the room. There was no mention of alcohol, yet that was included with the application, as well as outdoor music. These "mom and pop" developers hired a representative to speak for them and that person moderated the meeting. There was also a meeting at the Planning and Zoning Agency on September 19th. This item passed at that meeting. The Board of County Commissioners will hear the plan on Tuesday November 5th at 9am in the County Administration Building (500 San Sebastian Way). Please try to be there if at all possible. We need to keep our neighborhood residential.

Residents of Roberts Rd
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