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Petition to Paul Ludwig

Please help make Atlantic Dunes Park a Historical Preservation by calling

Help make Atlantic Dunes Park a Historical Preservation Conservation park.   Save the Trees and Birds at Atlantic Dunes Park ADP. $2.5 million dollars to be spent on the removal of 80 Historical trees which would mean a reduction of 40% tree canopy. Replacing w new costly trees that would require a sprinkler system (planting plastic in the ground) maintenance of system, waste of a costly and previous resource nature water. Putting a playground next to the handicapped parking lot, an education area which means less plants and trees when the currently pavilion could be used for such educational purposes. A grilling area in the middle of the nature area, which means a smoke filled environment for the existing residents of squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, egrets, herons and other wildlife.      Hopefully the Historical Preservation board and city planners can draw up some plans that leave the 80 Australian Pines trees, one Almond tree alone and remove the smoky grilling area to keep the wildlife on the nature trails healthy. Thank you! Save the trees and birds! Just what we need, is another professionally landscaped, manicured, sun parched park! Atlantic Dunes Park is the last slice of serenity, peacefulness and natural beauty along the beach, with its abundance of wildlife and canopies of shade. It's a crime to destroy that, and I agree, our taxes can be put to much better use! $2.5 Million could be used for other necessary city budget items. Please click on the link below and sign the petition and leave your comments!  Let’s make Atlantic Dunes Park a Historical Conservation Preservation unique park. Atlantic Dunes Park, save the trees. The city of Delray Beach parks and recreation dept and city planners want to kill all 80 Australian pine trees that are 60-80 possibly 100 years old, also a single almond tree. They say these trees do not allow for undergrowth. Currently these trees provide 40,500 square footage of shade at the park. This would be an approximate loss of 40% of the tree canopy. They border the lifeguard and handicap parking lot, existing boardwalks and restroom facility. These areas do not have any undergrowth potential as the are cement asphalt wood and bathrooms building space, where nothing can grow anyways. These trees currently are homes to roosting herons and egrets. The existing and proposed ADA boardwalk is also shaded by these beautiful trees. Hence these trees do not need to be removed nor replaced. The financial cost to the city and taxpayers for their removal and costly replacement is unnecessary. The beauty of this unique park is these trees and the birds that live, roost and breed in them. (I also do not see how putting a grilling area in the middle of a natural area will help the existing cardinals, blue jays and squirrels who already live there, with the smoke from grilling. I am curious to know who thinks a smoking grill with benefit the wildlife? )  Were taxpaying residents calling you all, emailing you, lining up at your office door to have birds and squirrels homes removed by killing these lovely trees? My family and I have been residing in Delray for over 40 years and have enjoyed ADP and these trees, birds, squirrels and wildlife and fauna. These current plans must be stopped. Thank you for your time, please help me save these innocent trees.  These "non native" trees have these same rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of hosting wildlife, they just can not talk, lobby or protest, and they are peaceful and beautiful. please help me save these trees and taxpayer money. Please contact these city managers / officials.,,,,,,,  thank you ! save the trees.  

Paul Ludwig
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Petition to Saline Area Schools School Board, Steve Laatsch

Full-Time In-Person Classroom Instruction for Current SAS Hybrid Students

We tax-paying citizens of Saline Area Schools, with students elected to be in the hybrid model of teaching, support five day, full-time, in person learning for our students. Given the current climate of the covid data provided by the CDC, medical community, state, and local authorities, we believe it is in the best interest of the students to return to full-time classroom learning. We believe the benefits of full-time in-person instruction outweigh the risks at this time. We have elected for our students to be in-person, and give our full support to the teachers and district administration to return to full-time instruction. The option for virtual instruction should still be available to those who do not support in-person learning at this time.  We support all aspects of our child’s/children’s education experience (academic, emotional, and social). We feel a full-time classroom experience is the only way to meet these needs in whole. We understand social-distancing measures may have to be loosened in order for this to take effect, and we accept that risk. We know the district will do its best to mitigate the spread of disease, as it has been doing so effectively since the beginning.  Please consider our request for full-time instruction. We are supporting what we believe, as parents, is best for our children. 

Danielle Gillespie
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