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Petition to Rahm Emanuel, James Cappleman, Vance Henry, Harry Osterman, Tom Tumney, Ameya Pawar, Greg Harris, Heather Steans, Dick Durbin

Support the Wilson Underline-Red Line Station Public Plaza, Not a Fenced-In Parking Lot

Please show your support for the Wilson Underline Public Plaza by signing this petition. Join the Wilson L Public Space Committee in calling upon the City of Chicago, 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman, and the CTA to listen and respond to the community and our message: A lively public plaza in Uptown will transform our neighborhood and bring renewed positive activity and benefits for the community.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! After close to two years, a multi-pronged community grassroots effort in Uptown has resulted in The Wilson Underline: a working proposal for vibrant, effective urban design within a multi-use public space. Of the 930 + residents who responded to a survey of parking lot vs. plaza, 94% are in favor of the plaza proposal. Add your voice to this chorus! This public space would be located under the Chicago Transit Authority’s new Wilson transit station in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. We reject the notion that a gated parking lot is the best or only mechanism for public safety. Best practices, forward thinking, and study after study show that activating public space leads to increased public safety and security. Please support this effort. Sign the petition now, and share with all Chicagoans! For more information on the plan presented, visit

Wilson Underline
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