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Petition to City of Pharr

City of Pharr: Establish a Curbside Recycling Program

Currently, schools and businesses in the City of Pharr can request a blue recycling bin from Pharr Public Works. There are also three recycling centers throughout the city. However, the city still has not established a curbside recycling program in which all residential, school, and commercial buildings receive a blue bin(s) for paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass. I have spoken to the mayor, several city commissioners, representatives from Pharr Public Works, and administrators from Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD. There is general support for the initiative, with funding and implementation being the primary concerns. My goal is threefold: (1)  Enter a partnership with the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District to secure funds and grants, technology, resources, and physical space for the curbside recycling program. (2)   Establish an awareness and education campaign aimed to teach Pharr residents proper recycling practices via Operation Clean Sweep, Pharr Public Works presentations, Pharr IT.MEDIA videos, and social media outreach. (3)   Form an interlocal City of Pharr Green Commission composed of city officials, school leaders, and business representatives to oversee and improve the curbside recycling program’s implementation along with other sustainability efforts. In doing so, the City of Pharr can massively reduce waste and littering, save residents time and money, lead the lower Rio Grande Valley in sustainability efforts, demonstrate effective community partnership, provide service learning opportunities for students, improve the city's quality of life, and much more. As of May 6th, I have drafted a resolution that will urge the City of Pharr to begin establishing the program. This is the first step to future action and ordinances. Your signatures will show public support.

Thomas Garcia
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Petition to Sacramento County Animal Care, Darrell Steinberg, Jerry Brown, California State Senate, California State House, DIane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Tom McClintock, Ami Bera, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan


WILL BE PRINTING OUT AND DELIVERING THIS PETITION, OUR SIGNATURES AND COMMENTS IN PERSON TO THE SACRAMENTO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS NEXT WEEK! Below is Rosemary's story: she is now home where she belongs and I can not tell you how happy we all are to have our baby Rosemary back! Now our mission is to ensure that this NEVER happens to anyone else EVER AGAIN! The Shelter and the county of Sacramento must change legislation and policy to prevent this from happening to more people! Over these past few days I have received hundreds of stories from other people involving shelters in the sacramento area and surrounding counties and these stories have broken my hart, shocked me, and strengthened my resolve to make this right and to put a stop to this kind of tragedy! Sign now to demand change to legislation and policy a few suggestions I have would be to: 1.) at least a 6 day hold on lost pets not just 72 hours! 2.) ensure that there is a period of time allowed for owners to claim their companion after the adoption date. 3.) ensure that if the lost pet is still at the shelter the right full owners rights are recognized. 4.) And demand that officer Libby at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter issue a public apology!  My little 3.5 pound Minature pincher chihuahua mix Rosemary got out of my house while I was at work when our bigger family dog pushed open the door. I looked for her day in and day out and could not find her until the 6th. Day when someone on Facebook showed me she was at the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Now keep in mind that animal shelter is nearly 40 miles away from my home and I NEVER thought that she could or would be there. When I called the woman that runs the shelter told me that she had been adopted out and all she could do is give the adopters my contact information and let them decide what to do. What she didn't tell me is that my baby was still phisically at the shelter! So the next day I went in as soon as their doors opened to get my baby Rosemary and both employees that were helping me were stopped in their tracts by the woman that ran the shelter. She then approached me very angrily and hostile and the first thing she said to me wasn't hello or anything like that it "I told you, they would call you if they wanted! Why are you here? You can't be here IT isn't yours and I don't Care how you raised it." All while my poor baby could see me through the glass door and was jumping up and down onto the glass to try and get to me, it truly was hart breaking :(  PLEASE HELP AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO DEMAND THAT SITUATIONS LIKE THIS NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN AND TO DEMAND THAT ROSEMARY BE ALLOWED TO COME BACK TO HER RIGHTFUL HOME WHERE SHE IS LOVED AND MISSED BEYOND BELIEF! PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND DONATE!  

Alec Nygard
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Petition to Joan Schloeder (Rep. Chris Smith's Office), Mary M. Noonan, Chief of Staff (Rep. Chris Smith's Office), Chris Smith, Daniel Tillson

Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Christopher Smith NJ-4

The constituents of New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District are petitioning our Congressional representative, Chris Smith, to hold a public town hall meeting as soon as possible. Town hall meetings were essential to the formation of this great country, and they remain just as relevant today. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton believed that "the representative ought to be acquainted with the interests and circumstances of his constituents (Federalist 56)." Members of Congress have a duty to act in alignment with the ideologies and priorities of their districts. Congressman Smith has not hosted or attended a public town hall meeting since 1993, and requests to his staff have gone unanswered.  According to the United States House of Representatives Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: "Understanding the importance of balancing responsibilities in Washington with duties back home, this [year's] calendar also provides a district work period nearly every month so that elected Representatives can stay connected to their constituents." There are many open dates in the coming weeks.  If an in-person meeting is problematic, the nonpartisan Congressional Management Foundation found that online town hall meetings were "easy to run and did not require a significant amount of Members’ time or effort...Participating Members of Congress also found these interactions useful. As one Representative stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed being able to engage with my constituents on the topic...and learned a lot from the session.”  #WhereIsChrisSmith--- New Jersey's 4th congressional district includes: Mercer County Hamilton Township and Robbinsville Township Monmouth County Allentown; Avon-By-The-Sea; Belmar; Bradley Beach; Brielle; Colts Neck; Eatontown; Englishtown; Fair Haven; Farmingdale; Freehold Borough; Freehold Township ; Holmdel; Howell; Lake Como; Little Silver; Manalapan; Manasquan; Middletown (part); Millstone; Neptune City; Neptune Twp.; Ocean Twp.; Red Bank; Roosevelt; Rumson; Sea Girt; Shrewsbury Borough; Shrewsbury Twp.; Spring Lake; Spring Lake Heights; Tinton Falls; Upper Freehold; Wall. Ocean County  Bay Head, Jackson, Lakewood, Lakehurst, Manchester, Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant (part), Plumsted

Indivisible NJ4
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