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Petition to Cupertino City Council members

Say NO to re-zoning the commercial sites in Cupertino

Dear Cupertino City Council members, The existing 2005 General Plan is in effect until the year 2020. With 14,000 jobs to come from Apple Campus 2 and Main Street, we are already providing twice the ABAG projection of 7,000 jobs between 2010 and 2040. We don't need any more office allocation and we don't need Community Benefits program to promote any more development at this point. We would like to request the City Council to uphold the 2005 General Plan at this time. In a few years, properly revise the 2005 General Plan for a 2020-2040 General Plan with proper community input upfront as suggested by "California General Plan Guidelines." The draft GPA, proposed as Community Vision 2040, plans to do a blanket rezoning of many sites in Cupertino without any notification of the surrounding neighborhoods who are affected. Large areas are marked for additional height with no input from the immediately community. This abuses the intent of General Plan Amendment, which is allowed 4 times a year, to make project specific change to the General Plan with community input. There are many ongoing constructions, newly completed or to be completed in the next year: Rosebowl (Nineteen800), Biltmore 2, Main Street, Apple Campus 2. The traffic condition, air quality, noise level and school impact would all be impacted significantly by these projects still in the pipeline. What's the rush to build much much more at this time? We urge the council to NOT rezone any site without project specific plan or sufficient outreach meeting to solicit community input. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We DO NOT agree with the proposal of rezoning of sites for conformance with General Plan and Housing Element. All the proposed sites are along Stevens Creek Blvd and De Anza Blvd.  Cupertino's main arteries, Stevens Creek Blvd and De Anza Blvd, are already congested with heavy traffic. Parking near the Cupertino City Center has become worse because of the high density housing available in the area, especially along Stevens Creek Blvd between Wolfe and De Anza Blvd. There's no parking available for people coming to the library. Rodrigues Ave has become very crowded after recent lane restructuring. Though there are bike lanes on either sides of Rodrigues Ave, it is really unsafe for kids biking on this road, as cars are parked along on both sides of the road making it very narrow. Please note that this is the route that most of the middle school and high school kids go to and from the library. So, adding more residential units along these main roads will complicate the current Cupertino road scenario.  We still do not know the impact of the projects, like Rose Bowl, Main Street and Apple Spaceship, that are still in progress. It is definitely not going to get any better. So, before we rezone more sites to include housing elements, we need to make sure we understand the full depth of impact on traffic, school, emergency response, parks and recreation, safety of kids, and of course, pollution with too many vehicles standing bumper to bumper for extended time.  Also, the meetings related to adding more residential units or rezoning for more housing, need to have representatives from school, traffic and other important infrastructures. Sometimes, there is no accountability with the survey reports. It's the residents who send kids to school or drive day-in and day-out in these roads who face the brunt of it. Surveys and reports are just estimates and there's always an error margin to it. We hereby urge you to vote NO to rezoning for sites in Cupertino for conformance with General Plan and Housing Element.  

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Petition to City of Pharr

City of Pharr: Establish a Curbside Recycling Program

Currently, schools and businesses in the City of Pharr can request a blue recycling bin from Pharr Public Works. There are also three recycling centers throughout the city. However, the city still has not established a curbside recycling program in which all residential, school, and commercial buildings receive a blue bin(s) for paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass. I have spoken to the mayor, several city commissioners, representatives from Pharr Public Works, and administrators from Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD. There is general support for the initiative, with funding and implementation being the primary concerns. My goal is threefold: (1)  Enter a partnership with the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District to secure funds and grants, technology, resources, and physical space for the curbside recycling program. (2)   Establish an awareness and education campaign aimed to teach Pharr residents proper recycling practices via Operation Clean Sweep, Pharr Public Works presentations, Pharr IT.MEDIA videos, and social media outreach. (3)   Form an interlocal City of Pharr Green Commission composed of city officials, school leaders, and business representatives to oversee and improve the curbside recycling program’s implementation along with other sustainability efforts. In doing so, the City of Pharr can massively reduce waste and littering, save residents time and money, lead the lower Rio Grande Valley in sustainability efforts, demonstrate effective community partnership, provide service learning opportunities for students, improve the city's quality of life, and much more. As of May 6th, I have drafted a resolution that will urge the City of Pharr to begin establishing the program. This is the first step to future action and ordinances. Your signatures will show public support.

Thomas Garcia
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