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Petition to London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Cllr Lord True

Accept the Twickenham Alive proposal to reinstate a Lido on Twickenham Riverside

During consultations with local stakeholders it has become clear that there is a wish to bring back a Lido on Twickenham Riverside. Twickenham Alive has identified a successful "courtyard" style lido with health spa in Bristol which would fit into the site available. The success and popularity of the Lido in Bristol has given the Bristol Lido the confidence to invest in a second Lido in Reading. The Bristol Lido concept is a proven financial success which would ensure the long term future and sustainability of the facility. More importantly though, it provides the local people with an everyday escape from modern life, an accessible urban retreat. The Richmond Card would be welcome at the lido and spa, offering discounts and special offers to residents. Should the Twickenham Alive proposal be accepted by Richmond Council, the guys from Bristol Lido would be happy to come to Twickenham and build a lido on Twickenham Riverside providing the funding and organising the build; supporting the Twickenham Lido on a financial and operational level. A video of Bristol Lido, with health spa and restaurant/cafe, can be seen here Bristol Lido Video We have the finance, the expertise and support, and only need around a quarter of the site available, so we ask Richmond Council to accept the proposal to reinstate Twickenham Lido on Twickenham Riverside which would go forward at no cost to the taxpayer or the Council and provide a leisure and sport facility for the people of Twickenham and surrounding areas. Such a facility on Twickenham Riverside would act as a Magnet and contribute to the rejuvenation of the town as well as providing a sport and leisure facility for local people. We also propose to reinstate boathouses on the site which were lost during the Second World War which could be used by local river based sports clubs such as the Stand Up Paddleboarding club and the proposed Eel Pie Museum. Twickenham Riverside used to be a vibrant area for the local community with its lido and boathouses. Please support our petition and help us persuade the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to reinstate Twickenham's Lido.

Twickenham Lido
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Petition to Lady Sylvia Hermon, FM ARLENE FOSTER, Jeremy Corbyn MP

Please save our Victorian homes of 11-17 Southwell Road, Bangor, Co. Down from demolition and allow all residents to remain living there.

Please could you support our petition regarding saving numbers 11-17 Southwell Road. Currently, as part of the Queen's Parade development, there is a planned proposal to demolish these homes. The homes are situated at the Southwell Road/ King Street perimeter, and are not a hindrance to the Queen's Parade development which is taking place. It is not as if these houses are an obstacle to the development, as they are not actually in the centre of the site. The Queen’s Parade development can be built without demolishing these houses. In two of the development plans, the proposal was to keep the houses. Therefore, surely it is not a requirement to remove them. What is the problem in keeping them we ask! Is it another money making exercise for the developers? We do not see the point in knocking down unique, Victorian homes which are in good structural condition and a key part of Bangor's heritage, in order to replace them with 2016/ 2017 modern flats. Regarding number 15, the Reynolds family have lived there for 85 years. This property was the residence of the late Dr. Hugh Francis Reynolds M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., who held his practice there, and his wife Mrs. Mabel Reynolds. Other residents were J.J. Reynolds (retired RIC) and F.J. Reynolds (retired RAF/ Royal Mail Manager). The current resident is Gavan Reynolds. The Reynolds family, who stay in Scotland, visit their ancestral home regularly, and also consider it their home that they love dearly. These are not just buildings, but homes with a background and culture, which are significant to those living there. Remember the Tonic Cinema, Pickie Pool, Barry's Amusements, the beaches and other Victorian homes! These are all key pillars of Bangor's culture, which were demolished.  The people of Bangor deserve better, and we should preserve Ulster and Ireland's heritage.  Please sign to save our homes. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Gavan and Frank Reynolds

Frank J Reynolds
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