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Petition to Cllr Corney, Alison Twyford, Cllr David Bard

Save Granny Gentle's Cottage Garden

We wholly object to the planning proposal for a 3-bedroom Scandinavian bungalow with a driveway for 4 vehicles in the ancient orchard of this beautiful Grade II listed property -- first and foremost because this application poses a threat to human life.  The fire in the Orwell shop on 5/3/2011 proved that emergency vehicles cannot access the spur of Town Green Road where Number 35 is located.  This alone must render the proposal void.  We are calling this out now so that any consequential fatalities or devastation to property would not rest on our consciences.  The access at the spur of Town Green Road is already extremely congested and any increase in traffic would further endanger pedestrians. This includes young children who use the footpath on route to Petersfield Primary School.  Again, we call out this serious road safety danger.  The applicant sought planning permission (S/2924/16/LB October 2016) to move his garage due to this very congestion, because, in his own words, it "conflicts with traffic movements from the driveway opposite" (p. 2).  The present planning application (S/3972/17/FL) seeks to put a driveway for 4 vehicles plus visiting traffic in the very location that the applicant felt was so inconvenient, just a year ago.  This makes a mockery of the planning process.  No heritage statement has been prepared in support of this application, yet it sits between three Grade ll listed buildings.  Even the minimum requirement (NPPF para. 128) has not been included in the DASP.  We call for a full heritage assessment to be carried out, in order to comply with the integrity of  due process and to reflect the importance of this historical site (the original Miller/Gentle Farm) which is crucial to the identity of Orwell and South Cambs District.  The LPA is obligated by law to consider the habitat of bats and newts.  This proposed site provides habitats for bats and newts.  We believe that it is entirely uncontroversial to suggest that scoping for bats and newts should have taken place prior to the application.  We call for a full bat and newt survey urgently, in order to comply with the integrity of due process.  Over the past year, the applicant has compulsively felled the ancient trees on his property.  Five handsome fruit trees and one mature Ash tree were even cut down three days after the application for planning permission had been signed.  This should be taken as a circumvention of due process.   The DASP which supports this application requires careful scrutiny. In Orwell Parish Council's view, and in our own view and experience, the DASP contains many inaccurate statements, which in turn render it an unreliable document. In our opinion, the DASP undermines the NPPF which is supposed to protect us from speculative proposals.  Heidi Allen MP is working hard to protect residents during this period of LDF suspension, but we will not be able to share in the benefit of her hard work if this proposal is not given the attention of the South Cambridgeshire Planning Committee.  For full details of all of the many neighbours' objections raised, do feel free to check out the link below:

James Bloor
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Stop the access road leading to Warren Rd, next to Falkland and Park House Schools.

Application No: 15/02300/OUTMAJ PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT AT SANDLEFORD PK. NEW - AMENDED PLANNING APPLICATION AS AT NOV 16. NEW - IMPORTANT UPDATE - PUBLIC CONSULTATION AT THE NEWBURY RUGBY CLUB ON 18 MAY 17 BETWEEN 3PM and 8PM, ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF 450 HOMES USING THE WARREN ROAD (ADVERT IN NEWBURY WEEKLY NEWS P49 (4/5/17). AS THE REVISED SANDLEFORD PLANNING APPLICATION IS STILL UNDER DISCUSSION, IT IS STILL POSSIBLE TO SEND IN OBJECTION LETTERS UP TO THE POINT OF THE OFFICIAL PLANNING MEETING - SUGGESTED OBJECTION POINTS CAN BE REQUESTED FROM: FOR USE IN YOUR OBJECTION LETTERS TO WEST BERKSHIRE COUNCIL.  THANK YOU. An AMENDED application for permission to carry out the above development has been submitted.  Part of this application is the formation of a new means of access onto Warren Road, which is next to Park House School and on the opposite side of the road from Falkland School.  I would like to ask for support to try to stop this from happening.  As all parents with children at these schools and local residents already know, it is already a congested area on the adjoining Andover Road.  To add to the traffic by adding a presumably well used new means of access would have the potential to be life-threatening.  Please would you sign this petition and please make sure it has your name and address so that your views will be taken into account by the Planning & Countryside Service (they will not accept anonymous comments).  Please sign, share the petition and also don't forget to write your objections to separately.  Your support in the petition will not count as an objection and so a letter is crucial.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. YOUR PREVIOUS OBJECTION LETTERS WILL BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT BUT WE MUST LET THEM KNOW LOCAL SUPPORT AGAINST THE JUNCTION IS STILL STRONG!

Julie Knapman
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We call on Enfield Council to take action on the owners of Tottenham Park Cemetery

Tottenham Park Cemetery has been the final resting place for local Muslims and Christians for many decades. We 'The Community for Tottenham Park Cemetery" will no longer accept the lack of care and the lack of commitment to maintain this cemetery from the current Directors/ Management. The state of disrepair, lack of care for our loved ones' final resting place and the lack of communication from the Director/Managers  has become unacceptable. There appears to be no upkeep or maintenance whatsoever of the cemetery. The cemetery is overgrown and there is Japanese Knotweed ( an illegal and highly destructive plant) growing freely and destroying memorials.  The drains are overfilling and flooding and after each religious period where people visit their loved one, there is a terrible refuse problem. Enfield Council must take action on the owners of Tottenham Park Cemetery and ensure that this place is safe for the community.  The cemetery is 'open all hours' where gates are not opened or locked as stated in the opening and closing times. Items have been stolen from graves including plants, flowers and personal items. There is evidence to suggest that the cemetery is being used for anti social behaviour and as a place to sleep overnight. Complaints have been made by loved ones for many years by individuals to the Company representatives and Enfield Council,  however this appears to have fallen on deaf ears and as a result, nothing has changed. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE- TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  We want the final resting place for our loved ones to be a place that we can be proud of. We want it to be cared for and well looked after. Please sign this to pushEnfield Council into taking action against the owners.  The Tottenham Park Cemetery Community.

Filiz Miles
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