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Stop York Council from Bulldozing through Holgate Community Garden and Play Park

 Holgate Community Garden and Play Park is a green haven for inner city dwellers in York, which is soon to be demolished to make way for a road to service a new development in York Central. This is despite the fact that there are several alternative options to build a road nearby that would not destroy green space, nor impact negatively on existing residents. Bulldozing through this site will destroy what is for many local residents their only garden; a central point for exercising, gardening and socialising. Residents in this part of Holgate have tiny yards that are not suitable for exercising children or pets. The garden and basketball court are therefore well loved and actively used on a daily basis by families, dog walkers and gardening enthusiasts. Due to lack of council funding, the area was until 2011 quite neglected with unused flower beds, graffiti-covered walls and regular rubbish deposits. The creation of Holgate Community Garden by Julie Fern galvanised the local community into action to transform this space into a beautiful, tranquil site filled with flowers, vegetables and well cared for play equipment. The local residents have generously invested large sums of their own money in this project and carried out the work as a collective team. The result has been a transformation. It is now a beautiful place that residents are proud of and use daily with great enthusiasm. The road would negatively impact the area by: Removing a space to exercise and play. Destroying the opportunity for children to learn gardening skills and eat produce that they have grown themselves. Causing safety concerns for children living near a busy road. Destroying a range of ancient trees. Destroying a habitat for bats and local wildlife. Increasing noise, light and air pollution to intolerable and unsafe levels for the residents of Cleveland Street, Upper St Paul’s Terrace and Wilton Rise. Destroying a space where friendships are formed and flourish through regular gardening days, barbecues, picnics and craft events. To bulldoze through Holgate Community Garden and Play Park would be to bulldoze through the social cohesion and healthy living that the residents have fought hard to foster in this area. Please sign this petition to show your support and save our garden!  

Claire McMahon-Harvey
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Stop the access road leading to Warren Rd, next to Falkland and Park House Schools.

Application No: 18/00828/OUTMAJ & 18/00764/OUTMAJ PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT AT SANDLEFORD PARK. AN UPDATE, 12 APR 18:  Bloor Homes and Donnington New Homes have both submitted new Planning Applications for their respective patches of Sandleford Park.  The Wash Common Action Group intend to get together some valid objection points in the near future once we have read everything, that can be used if you would like to, in an objection letter to West Berkshire Council - I will let you know where these objection points will be displayed and they can be cut and paste into your email as you see fit. EVERY objection letter sent is crucial, from ALL the adults in your household/local family, as the number of objectors speak a thousand words. Please remember that all objections need to be measurable and factual. They will not consider objection letters involving emotions, just statistics/facts. However, luckily for us there are plenty of these to suggest that the Warren Road access should no longer be considered. Thank you for your support so far.Best wishes, Julie Enquiries to email: Part of this application includes the formation of a new means of access onto Warren Road, which is next to Park House Secondary School and on the opposite side of the road from Falkland Primary School.  I would like to ask for support to try to stop this from happening.  As all parents with children at these schools and local residents already know, it is already a congested area on the adjoining Andover Road.  To add to the traffic by adding a presumably well used new means of access would have the potential to be life-threatening.  Please would you sign this petition and please make sure it has your name and address so that your views will be taken into account by the Planning & Countryside Service (they will not accept anonymous comments).  Please sign, share the petition and also don't forget to write your objections to separately.  Your support in the petition will not count as an objection and so a letter is crucial.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. WE MUST LET THEM KNOW LOCAL SUPPORT AGAINST THE JUNCTION IS STILL STRONG!

Julie Knapman
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