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Petition to Michael van Holst, Bill Armstrong, Mo Mohamed Salih, Jesse Helmer, Maureen Cassidy, Phil Squire, Josh Morgan, Paul Hubert, Anna Hopkins, Virgina Ridley, Stephen Turner, Harold L. Usher, Tanya Park, Jared Zaifman, Matt Brown

Stop the War on Free Speech in London, ON

We the residents of London, Ontario demand that Mayor Matt Brown and the rest of City Council repeal the second part of a motion passed at City Hall on August 22, 2017 that states:"Civic Administration be directed to prepare the necessary formal council policy to confirm the prohibition of activities of organizations whose ideologies is contrary to the City of London are not permitted in civic spaces, and/or facilities and spaces."This emergency motion was issued by Mayor Matt Brown at council calling on Londoners to stand against all forms of racism, bigotry and hatred.Racism, bigotry and hatred have no place in London but our right to free speech does.As Londoners, we are vehemently in opposition to any motion that is passed by this City Council that undermines our fundamental and constitutional rights, freedoms, and laws under the guise of political correctness. Andrew Sancton, the former head of Western University’s local government program and a highly respected academic in Canada said council’s vagueness could have serious consequences. “This is extremely dangerous because it looks like it’s almost limitless in its application, and it could cause all kinds of trouble,” Sancton said.Constitutional expert and Professor at the University of Waterloo, Emmett Macfarlane, has come out opposing the anti-free speech motion as well. He says any bylaw using language similar to the council motion wouldn’t withstand a constitutional challenge. “(It) would, in my view, fall clearly offside with the Charter of Rights and freedom of expression guarantees,” he said. “It’s not to say that there are no limits whatsoever that can be placed on expression, but if you have such broad and vague and ambiguous language, you’re going to run into serious trouble, I think." This motion appears to violate the Code of Conduct for Members of Council under Rule 2.5 which states: "Members shall seek to serve the public interest by upholding both the letter and the spirit of the laws of the Federal Parliament, the Ontario Legislature, and the by-laws and policies of the Corporation." Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants every single person in Canada under section 2 with: (a) freedom of conscience and religion;(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and(d) freedom of association.Londoners who are victims of hate speech are already protected by hate speech laws under sections 318-320 of the Criminal Code. If anyone or any group is in violation of the hate speech clause then they will face the full extent of the law. There is a difference between dangerous speech, which is crime, and offensive speech, which we have to tolerate even if we don’t like it.City Council is not a court of justice. They should not be pre-determining who is innocent or guilty of a crime. They are elected to govern not to adjudicate. Any person(s) or organization (s) should be given a chance to exercise their rights as Canadians and considered innocent until proven guilty. We are fortunate to live in Canada where the separation of powers protects our citizens from institutional abuses of our human rights. This City Council was also not elected to ride the coat tails of U.S. politics. “Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen." - George Orwell

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Petition to John Tory, Energy and Environment Division City of Toronto, Lori Stahlbrand

Encourage Locally Grown Food in Toronto and Combat Climate Change

The global food system is currently responsible for 30% of all of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions and CO2 emissions are contributing to the greater problem our environment is facing: global warming. Carbon emissions from imported food impacts our environment significantly – by inducing severe weather changes, rising sea levels and flooding, and more directly, people.  Consumers in Toronto are buying many imported products that generate hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions across the globe through transportation. A local box of strawberries in season in Ontario saves around 3,263g from buying a non-local strawberry from California. Eating seasonal and local foods can reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and slow global warming. By eating local and seasonal foods in Toronto, we can reduce our footprints by up to 10%. So, what we are proposing is to redirect consumers in Toronto so that we can all reduce our carbon footprints by buying and consuming more local and seasonal produce items. As it is, consumers are not able to clearly see which products are local and seasonal in grocery stores. This petition urges the Municipal Government of Toronto to create a program for all grocery stores in the City to combat food transportation emissions and climate change. This idea aims to: o   Use clear signs for local and seasonal products in grocery stores, providing information about the distance travelled and carbon emissions you save from buying a local product as opposed to a non-local product o   Requires supermarkets to label as well non-local products that are not in season, providing information on the distance the product has travelled and how much carbon emissions it has generated through transportation and importation This idea could start with a simple petition, if we can present this to the Municipal Government, we could reduce our carbon footprints by 10% by buying local produce that is in season. Our goal is to obtain at least 100,000 signatures – with your support, we could make a difference and combat climate change together. Please sign this petition so we can make an important change in Toronto. Thank you.

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Petition to Nicole Read, Doug Bing, Marc Dalton, Dan Ruimy

Mayor Nicole Read Must Resign

Nicole Read has proven herself to be unfit for the position she holds as Mayor of Maple Ridge. This petition is to demand her immediate resignation. Since becoming Mayor: Nicole Read called a halt to enforcement of camping bylaws along Cliff Avenue (which she then denied doing, until proof was provided), single-handedly causing a camp to be formed along Cliff Ave. To this day Read continues to prioritize providing for these people regardless of the financial and social cost to the rest of the city and in spite of the lack of services and the clear mental and physical decline of those who she is claiming to help.   Reads inept leadership created a chain of events that would ultimately see at least 500 (and rising) mostly drug addicted, hard to house, mentally ill, homeless people moving into Maple Ridge from other communities. There are far more drug addicted, criminally entrenched, homeless living in the streets than before Read took office. Read regularly refers to her constituents as “Nimby’s”,“haters” and other derogatory terms, in an appalling lack of respect of consideration for the people she was elected to represent.   Read has engaged on an active and bitter disinformation campaign to try and rewrite history casting blame on MLA’s Bing and Dalton for every aspect of the current homeless crisis in Maple Ridge, in spite of irrefutable proof to the contrary. Her open hostility and blaming attitude towards our MLA’s and other representatives of the Province has caused deep concern not only locally, but was recently addressed in the Legislative Assembly by the Minister of Housing, Rich Coleman.In terms of general city governance; Nicole Read has proposed hundreds of millions in spending on unnecessary and largely unwanted civic projects. The most problematic of these is a $70 million museum and archives project which has the potential for Mayor Read, through her company The History Group, to profit financially. Read has consistently refused to address community concerns of conflict of interest, while at the same time has moved forward in spending taxpayer dollars to pursue design work and seeking partner funding, including a trip to Ottawa at taxpayer expense. In spite of independent polling showing no support from the community, Read has engaged on a “consultation” process that is 100% controlled by the city. From the hosting of the polls in the city website, to the fact that the mail out polls are only being accepted at City Hall, the entire process is fully accessible to the city where results can be altered, duplicated and deleted. She has neither addressed nor acknowledged the absolute strangeness of building a new museum when the current one is completely underutilized. She has ignored repeated questions, comments and concerns regarding the museum and the fact that former councils have routinely failed to back a even an expansion of the current museum due to lack of interest and use by the public.    In spite of a lack of support, Read has directed the city to spend close to a million dollars in generating plans, seeking funding, etc in spite of having only received generally negative feedback. It has already been announced that taxes will be raised to fund these projects.  Several parts of the spending plan have already been quietly removed from the larger proposal and are to be carried out without benefit of any public approval process such as a new sports field at the Albion sports complex. With the announcement of the city being chosen as the site for the 2020 BC Summer Games (another of Read's vanity projects that saw little public support) the costs will increase and taxes will further increase to cover this. In spite of these ever growing expenses, Read still refuses to acknowledge community concerns or address the results of private polling which clearly shows the lack of support. Read continues to act in bad faith in regards to her actions and failures in regards to the homeless crisis now engulfing Maple Ridge. As mayor she has held closed door meetings than any other mayor in the city’s history. Nicole Read has consistently shown a blithe disregard for the welfare of the community as a whole, from overstepping city authority and opening a homeless shelter (at taxpayer expense), to the proposed $110 Million in infrastructure spending which has now ballooned to $200 million and will require a significant tax increase to support.   In Short: Nicole Read has shown an appalling lack of respect, or concern for the residents of Maple Ridge. Nicole Read has demonstrated a willingness to blatantly overstep her authority. She has willfully and without benefit of any public process or accountability spent millions in taxpayer money in a series of disastrous and ultimately useless actions that has seen the homeless population increase exponentially, to the extreme detriment of not only the community, but the homeless themselves. Nicole Read has shown an utter disregard for the concepts of majority rule, the backbone of democracy. Nicole Read has demonstrated an inability to act with honesty and integrity. Not one of her campaign promises have been achieved – especially her promise to “open the books” and bring accountability and communication to the Mayor’s office. Her promise to end homelessness in the city has caused the homeless population to increase exponentially. Her promise to attract new businesses (and expand the tax base) has not only failed to happen, but her other failures have resulted in local businesses closing at a faster rate than new businesses can open. Nicole Read must resign.

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