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Petition to Councillor Nick Kemp

Put Nature on the Map in Newcastle

Nature is faring worse in the UK than in other countries. We must act locally - and nationally - to reverse this trend.  All local authorities are legally obliged to conserve biodiversity - the number and variety of plants and animals in a particular area. ·              Newcastle City Council's local plan removed 9% of Newcastle’s green belt - the biggest proportion of any UK city. ·             The destruction of one the largest areas of mature woodland in the city was permitted by Newcastle City Council in 2015 to make way for unnecessary millionaire houses. ·             Designated wildlife sites were considered as ‘parks and allotments’ in a recent Newcastle City Council consultation on the future of parks, with no reference to their nature conservation value. ·             Planning applications that disregard nature conservation, including those that threaten protected species and pave over wildlife corridors have been approved by Newcastle City Council. ·             Tree cover in Newcastle is well below the UK average. ·             There are only a handful of wildflower areas in the city and glyphosate-based herbicides are still used widely by Newcastle City Council, despite increasing evidence of the detrimental effect on bee populations and other pollinating insects - and humans.   ·              Havannah and Three Hills Local Nature Reserve is set to be hemmed in by residential development, threatening wildlife and protected species in and around the reserve and endangering a nationally significant red squirrel population. The Newcastle and North Tyneside Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) aims to safeguard priority habitats and species, considered under threat locally and nationally. But there is no evidence that targets are being met, nor that objectives are being measured.  We are therefore calling on Newcastle City Council to observe its duty to conserve biodiversity by maintaining and protecting existing wildlife corridors and designated wildlife sites from further destruction and degradation. We want to see the creation of new wildlife habitats through increased planting of trees, shrubs, hedgerows, green roofs and living walls, and the introduction of wildflower areas and weed killer free zones. Not only will this benefit wildlife, but will help to mitigate the effects of air pollution and climate change.  By 2018 we would like to see comprehensive monitoring of all targets in the BAP to ensure targets are met, in particular to guide decisions on planning applications that affect biodiversity and, in so doing, enhance biodiversity value across all habitats in the city.  2,500 signatures on this petition will trigger a full debate at council. Please sign to send a clear message to Newcastle City Council that Newcastle needs better protection for nature.  

Save Newcastle Wildlife
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Petition to Matthew Sunman, Greg Knight, East Riding Yorkshire Council, Cllr Stephen Parnaby, Alan Menzies, Councillor Chris Matthews, Nigel Atkinson

Stop! the relocation of Bridlington Coach Park to Limekiln Lane Car Park

ERYC plans to move  Bridlington Coach Park to Limekiln Lane Car Park. Our aim is to stop the relocation to Limekiln Lane an area of outstanding natural beauty. "The plans for the prospective change to Limekiln Lane car park include the building of a coach park with spaces for 27 coaches. A conversation with the designer at the meeting revealed that he was asked to include provision for a future Park and Ride facility for the north of the town. How many towns do you know that have a coach park and Park and Ride facility built in such a desirable spot, on the edge of a beautiful recreational area and adjacent to a highly sought after and desirable residential area?" Read more at: I, the undersigned, oppose the planned development of the Limekiln Lane car park. Reasons for opposing are:  Limekiln Lane is one of the few naturally beautiful areas in Bridlington that remains unspoilt. To Tarmac over a green field will create an Industrial looking eyesore in a unspoilt area of outstanding natural beauty which is used by dog walkers, families having picnics and people just generally enjoying the surrounding area and view of the heritage coastline.There is so much that needs improving in our town yet ERYC want to spend nearly a million pounds on making a decent area of the town look worse. There will be added signage, lighting and road markings obscuring and transforming this residential area and making it a blot on the landscape. It will have a negative impact on residential properties.   Will bring additional traffic into area creating noise, light and air pollution for residents of Limekiln Lane and also residents of proposed route to Limekiln Lane car park.Traffic would also go past 3 schools endangering the health of both residents and children.Will cause more traffic congestion not only in the town centre but also along proposed route Scarborough Rd Roundabout/Marton Rd and surrounding area. These roads are already congested at peak times.  If the town becomes a success and we receive more visitors where will they park? ERYC are investing a lot of money to bring more visitors into the town yet reducing parking which is already stretched. Council is encouraging Leisure Centre users to park at Limekiln, where will they go when it's full? Travellers could also be a potential problem using the site at a cost to the taxpayer. In recent years ERYC has spent tens of thousands on clean up operations and deterrents such as metal bollards at the Bessingby/ Jubilee Woods site.      We want EYRC to revise its plans and and use existing sites.   Move the Coach Park to the current Park and Ride site in Wilsthorpe. This would lighten the traffic flow in town with infrastructure already in place on main road coming into/out of Bridlington. Park and Ride is rarely full and has a hardstanding that could be used for coaches. There is a cafe and toilets on site for the drivers. Why not send coaches here if adamant about closing coach park.                       Limekiln Lane is not suitable for this site!     Please sign our petition and let ERYC Councillors know how you feel.       

Keep Limekiln Green
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