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Petition to Sheffield City Council, The Charity commission

Protect Graves Park! Don't sell Cobnar Cottage!

Cobnar Cottage in Graves Park is up for auction at the end of this month. If the Council (acting as trustees of the park)succeed in selling the cottage, it will break the covenants on Graves Park. This will put any of the rest of the park at risk of sale. It also puts at risk all the other covenants on property given to the people of Sheffield by J G Graves. Graves Park does not belong to the Council, it belongs to the citizens of Sheffield.  In 2009 Sheffield City Council put all of the Graves Park covenants into one scheme, to protect all of the park and to stop any future disputes. By selling the cottage they are breaking their own agreements of just 6 years ago. The latest proposed solution is that a stonemason has volunteered to live in the cottage and restore it to its former glory, using his skills. The Friends of Graves Park have agreed to fund his work (he would give his labour for free and would only need funding for raw materials). The stonemason would also like to run training for young people and workshops for the public. The cottage would remain within the Graves Park trust and in public ownership. This is the perfect solution to the fate of the cottage. The Council, however, see no value in a stonemason working in Graves Park and have rejected this proposal. They are determined to sell the cottage. The Council says the people of Sheffield do not care about Cobnar Cottage and support its sale. Act now! Sign this petition! Write to your local Councillors! Write to the leader of the Council! Write to your MP! Help us to protect the covenants before it is too late! Support us in protecting Graves Park!  

Caroline Dewar
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Petition to Daniel Humphreys, Bryan Turner, Sir Peter Bottomley, Bob Smytherman

West Sussex County Council - Make Becket / Pavilion Road Safer for All!

Becket Road (leading into Pavilion Road) in West Worthing is unsafe for all residents in West Worthing (particularly the elderly or disabled, children and pets).  Currently, this road is frequented as a cut through as it runs parallel to the train lines and drivers fly down at speeds well above the already high limit of 30mph to avoid the level crossings.   In addition to this, due to the lack of off-street parking on this Victorian road, between 6pm and 8:30am both sides of the street are completely lined with parked cars, greatly reducing driver visibility of any small children or animals who might be trying to cross the road.  Given that this is a family street, with many children and house pets in the vicinity, this should be taken all the more seriously. I personally have witnessed a school child's near miss with a taxi as she passed between parked cars to cross the road and the driver skidded to a halt within inches of her life.  Even more personally, we lost our dearly beloved family cat just this weekend due to fatal injuries sustained in a hit and run collision in front of our home on this very road.  A postmortem exam at the vets confirmed that the velocity at which our Henry was hit would have had to been substantial, to cause the injuries which ended his life so violently. As both a mother of a young child and an animal lover, I find it shocking that the council has seemingly not taken any measures to make this road more safe for all who live in the area.   With this in mind, I formally request, and hope other residents of Worthing will support this as well, that some immediate measures are taken to reduce the speeds at which people drive down Becket Road; either in the form of speed bumps, speed cameras or speed signs - the kind that tell people how fast they're going.  These measures should be implemented with immediate effect to help prevent further tragedy.  Next time it could be one of our children.  

Tiya Ivy
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