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Petition to Sam Papa

Say NO to the Committee's Plan! Save Papa o Te Aroha Marae, Tokoroa

This Petition seeks to stop the creation of a Charitable Trust and the undermining of the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha Marae. The current Committee of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society : Tene Kereopa (President) Glennys Whyte,(Assistant Treasurer), Mark Mahutonga (Secretary), Prue Christie (Treasurer), Carey Taluta (Deacon) are seeking to create a new Charitable Trust with the intention of Trustees self appointing.  Further it is the intention that the new entity will take the Lead for all Marae activities. We do not believe a new entity is required for the Marae and would like the integrity of Papa o Te Aroha to be retained and not be undermined by the creation of a Charitable Trust. It is unnecessary as the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha is an Incorporated Society. Incorporated Societies can apply for Charitable Status. The Incorporated Society is Driven by its members Not a Board of Trustees Why is Papa o Te Aroha Marae so important to this community?  Because it was established through the Wairua (Spirit) of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society with Father Tuerlings and the support of the Hamilton Diocesan Bishop Edward Gaines in 1987. It was created to be a Community Marae to be used by all peoples to demonstrate the Catholic values of Aroha (Care and Attention), respect and charity to all.  There is a Pou for all peoples within its walls in the great wharenui.  Calling all to feel at home in the warmth of the ancestral representations. It is considered a very Holy site of ordination for the very first Catholic Maori Bishop, Bishop Takuira Max Mariu in 1988 by Bishop Edward Gaines. We seek support to preserve this Mauri and keep the integrity and Tapu o te Mana o Papa o Te Aroha free from violation. We DO NOT support the removal of Catholic or Maori in any way. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Committee to act now to Retain the Incorporated Society i.e. Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society as the only Governing Entity for Papa o Te Aroha Marae, and to cease all investigation and actions to create a new Charitable Trust.

Andrew Paul
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Petition to City of Maribyrnong

Save parks and playgrounds in West Footscray

City of Maribyrnong are proposing an upgrade to sport facilities in West Footscray. It is proposed that to make way for more sporting grounds, West Footscray is to have reduced playgrounds and park spaces for the community to use.  In their concept drawings the following things are noted: Removal of Shorten Reserve Playground No intention to re-instate the BBQ and Shade structure erected at Shorten Reserve  Removal of open green space at Barrett Reserve Removal of the old establish Trees at Barrett Reserve Reduction / Remove of Playground and Skate park at Johnson Reserve The removal of the 10th Footscray Scout Group Building We will be losing open spaces that our kids adore. We have spent many hours with our kids at all 3 reserves not to mention the loss of a central community hub with the Scout Hall.  The Council, at the drop in session said the Scouts will have access to the proposed new Sports Facility Building but how will they have the same access, storage and open spaces for the kids to learn and be involved as they have now. On many nights of the week we see them using Barrett Reserve. City of Maribyrnong has stated that the building is beyond repair, which is completely false. The main concern is disability access, which of course is a cheap and easy fix by comparison.  The Council also has stated there has already been extensive community consultation during this process but speaking to the main users of those areas last night I don't believe that to be true. Certainly it seems they have been dictated information regarding the councils intention but that is where it ends.  I am personally all for the upgrading of our open spaces and better maintenance of them. I am completely opposed to handing them over to sporting groups where we lose access. West Footscray needs central, kid friendly, common spaces to continue strengthening our community.  If you oppose this proposed development and the current designs please join the fight.  Thanks, Brendan Borg Resident.

Brendan Borg
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Petition to To Mayor Penny Taylor and Elected Councillors of the City of Subiaco

Mayor Penny Taylor: Save Subi! Support our History & Homes not Highrise!

We, the undersigned, respectfully request the Mayor and councillors of the City of Subiaco to reject the Draft Local Planning Scheme 5 as amended by the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage and, further, we ask that the Mayor and councillors seek a minimum of 24 months period of time to develop an alternative Local Planning Scheme that protects the historical neighbourhoods of the City of Subiaco. The Nyungar area now known as Subiaco, in Western Australia, has a long and rich history with stories from the Early settlers and Benedictine monks, through the first and second world wars, as the state's home of Australian Rules Football for over 100 years, as the birthplace of many and as a vibrant, green group of inner-city suburbs. It has contributed so much to the fabric of Perth and is home to many important landmarks. Subiaco has consistently led the way in modelling what a successful, higher density, inner-city commercial and residential area can be. It is and always has been such a special and proud place! Now the State Government is planning to rezone nearly 50% of historic Subiaco, Shenton Park and Daglish for massive high-density development. This is simply unjustified and will permanently destroy these historic neighbourhoods, their amenity and what attracts families and visitors here. Subiaco has already met its density targets, there is no need for this destructive plan so don’t let it happen! We are calling on the Mayor and elected councillors of the City of Subiaco to stand with its residents and help us Save Subi and protect this important and precious place for current and future generations. This is a fight for us all, because you can’t replace history. Once it’s gone, its gone. Let's create a positive future together instead! To learn more, see a map of the proposed plan, to donate, write a submission or get involved, please visit  Thank you so much for taking action to Save Subi!

Save Subi!
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