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Petition to Environmental Protection Agency

Review Environmental Impacts of Construction on Mattos Field/Webster St.

SEND the message to MEPA: Protect our Open Space and the environment! We, the signers of this petition, believe in the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and their offices of the Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA) to do their part to safeguard Massachusetts special places and green goals in regard to the Mattos Field/Webster St. project.  In November, the residents of Gloucester were asked to vote and approved funding for a controversial multi-million-dollar new school project that our City representatives led us to believe that any and all environmental reviews had taken place. It has been identified that several critical processes had not been completed.  We the people urge MEPA to follow through on its duty to review all processes and provide meaningful opportunities for public review of potential environmental impacts of this project for which certain actions by state agencies are required. Some of theses actions are, but not limited to1.     Complete a site visit and invite the public for input 2.     Complete and submit an Environmental Impact Report 3.     Complete and submit a Transportation Impact Assessment report We the people implore the EEA and MEPA to safeguard the LAWFUL PROTECTIONS that ensure health, safety, well-being, recreation and quality of life benefits for all.  We the people ask that they deny the request to proceed to the MSBA/City of Gloucester (School Committee, School Administration and the Building Committee) This will avoid, minimize, and mitigate any damage to this fragile neighborhood environment to the maximum extent practicable. PLEASE ADD YOUR SIGNATURE TO THIS PETITION AND ALSO LEAVE A COMMENT OF CONCERN AS THEY WILL BE SENT TO THE MSBA FOR REVIEW! YOU MAY ALSO SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS TO MEPA@MASS.GOV Public notice was published in the Gloucester Daily Times on February 12, 2021 for a review of any adverse environmental impacts from a new consolidated school, EGS/VETS on Mattos Field/Webster Street.      The public has just 20 days to submit comments and concerns, we are asking you to please sign our petition at  Also, please send in your comments of concern by March 16, 2021 to We will forward this petition as public comment as well. We hope you do both. Thank you all for your past and continued support of Mattos Field!      

Patti Amaral
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Petition to Tracy L. DeBarber, Marcia Puc

PROTECT our drinking water and SAVE Fulling Mill Brook

PROTECT Our Drinking Water and SAVE Fulling Mill BrookA proposed commercial building on undeveloped land on Prospect Street (Route 68) is being reviewed by the Naugatuck Inland-Wetlands Commission for possible approval. The current plans include a 10,000-square foot building, a parking lot, and a bridge crossing over Fulling Mill Brook. This development is called "0 Prospect Street" (IWC #20-08/Acct# 070-3100) and would be located approximately across the street from Mike's Engine Stand and Reliable Pools and Spas. We, the undersigned, are opposed to this development and ask the Inland-Wetlands Commission to deny approval for the following reasons: 1. This project could have a devastating impact on the wells and aquifers used by surrounding neighborhoods. Earth moving and/or blasting could cause these wells to become contaminated, less productive, or dry up entirely. For those residences on well water, there is currently NO alternative water supply available. 2. This project has been ruled a significant activity and poses the potential for major impact to the wetlands surrounding Fulling Mill Brook. It will displace wildlife and destroy wildlife habitats, contribute to the loss of green corridor and aquatic life, harm ground soil, and potentially compromise Fulling Mill Brook, its streamlets, wetlands, underground water springs and the Naugatuck River.

Michele Zychowski
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