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Petition to Irvine City Council

Stop the Irvine Sports Tax!

The City of Irvine is planning to impose a 1,100% fee increase on youth sports organizations to use city athletic fields, including baseball fields, starting July 1st.  Fees paid to the City by Northwood Little League would increase from approximately $5,000/year to $60,000/year.  To cover these additional costs, registrations fees would increase $125 on average per player above and beyond current fees.  If you have multiple kids in our league, and many do, you could be looking at $250-$375 increases.  By the way, this affects soccer, flag football, and other sports as well and parents have already told us that they will be forced to quit one sport because costs are just too high. NWLL serves nearly 1,000 players each year over fall and spring season including one of the largest special needs Challenger programs in the OC.  Registration fees average about $200 per player, ranging from $99 - $250. We charge Challenger players $50. Each year, we give thousands of dollars in financial assistance.  We never turn a player away.  Something we are very proud of as an NWLL family. Raising our costs will have a dramatic impact on driving registration numbers down. Many costs like insurance and chartering fees are fixed and will be spread across fewer players. We will have to reduce practices, reduce games, lower quality of uniforms, equipment, trophies, and other cost reduction measures. Bottom Line: Where we spend our money shows our values.  Raising revenue on the back of non-profits serving kids in our community demonstrates the wrong values.  Look at other ways like business permits or other city fees.  Don’t devastate the community programs that make the City of Irvine great. The City Council will vote on this matter at their 4 pm meeting on Tuesday, May 14th at City Hall.  We’d like as many of you as possible to attend wearing your baseball jerseys and hats to voice your disapproval of this massive fee increase. Please sign and share this petition with family and friends. Encourage the Council to Vote no on the Irvine Sports Tax. It's a yes vote for our kids.

Northwood Little League
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Petition to Martin Medrano, Janice Hahn, Anthony Duarte, Dr. Joseph Chang, Gino Kwok Esq., Jeffrey De La Torre

Secure the Future for Youth Baseball

Highlander has been the home of Youth Baseball in Hacienda Heights for almost 40 years. Through community funds from our Founders, Highlander was built with the intention it would always stay in the community for generations to come. It houses 4 fields (3 little league grade, 1 senior field), a snack shack, and parking for 100+ cars making it a One-Stop Shop for baseball. Highlander shares the parcel of land with Wedgeworth Elementary, who are in the process of finalizing their school expansion project. It will become a K-8 grade school and the new plans would be taking out 2 fields (1 LL field and the senior field - both with lights).  There are no contingency plans set for the Little League program by the School district (which owns the land). Currently there are 400+ kids in the program, running 30+ games on average a week at the Highlander Complex.  We want to make sure the community is informed in regards to the Highlander Baseball Fields and the plans for the new school. We want everyone to take part of the decision making since it will impact 400+ in-district kids. We know the significance these fields have to not just present and past players & families, but to the the community as well, for it was a community effort that made Highlander possible almost 40 years ago. We have TWO main objectives: 1) Save the Highlander Complex and have the Wedgeworth Plans be modified to accommodate the land the fields currently take up. 2) Have a fully funded contingency plan in conjunction with the Wedgeworth Project. This plan shall offer what is currently available to the Hacienda Heights Little League and shall be newly built in order to accommodate the Hacienda Heights Little League displacement. This shall include 4 fields (2 with lights), snack shack with functional kitchen, meeting room and parking for 100+ vehicles. We are willing to work with the School District and our local representatives to ensure we find a common ground and find a solution BOTH SIDES can be happy with.

Hacienda Heights Little League
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Petition to East Hartford Little League, Parents of EHLL

Bring the EHLL back!

In the fall of 2018, members of the East Hartford RoadRunners took over the Board of Directors of the EHLL with a goal to make a team full of their own players as town champions and recruit players for their own league and businesses, all while allowing the EHLL to fall apart.  They have consistently ignored the needs of players, parents and families of the EHLL and have caused havoc within the league. Players are disappointed and not playing, parents are angry and you are hard-pressed to find a happy person outside of their organization.  EHLL has been consistently pushed to the back burner while their other league takes priority and it’s time it stops. Among many issues the following are the biggest:  - They are making poor financial decisions - They do not do their jobs - They allow SAFETY of the players to not be a concern - Communicating with these members is impossible as no one replies to emails, calls or texts and the president’s voicemail has been full for weeks.  This petition calls for the removal of the following board members associated with the East Hartford RoadRunners:  Jonathan Chomick - President  Jerry Hollis - Vice President  Matthew Rondinone - Coaching Director  Scott Klapik - Player Agent  Brandy Klapik - Communications Director  Matthew Montovanni - Baseball Director Donna Hollis - Fundraising Director  Howard Carlmark - Equipment Director There are members and families of the EHLL, who’s first concern is the well-being of the league, who are ready and willing to step up and make it great. We want to see this happen: For the children and to honor this long-standing tradition in town. 

Concerned Parent
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