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Petition to National Transportation Safety Board, Andrew M. Cuomo, Kemp Hannon, Elaine R. Phillips, John Brooks, Todd Kaminsky, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Charles E. Schumer

Demand that the National Transportation Safety Board investigate the Long Island Rail Road

The Long Island Rail Road is the busiest commuter railroad in the county, transporting nearly 90 million people yearly.  The infrastructure is antiquated with delays and cancellations being at an all-time high.  In comparison with the reliability of the service we receive daily, ticket prices are astronomical and the service continues to decline daily.  2018 has been the worst year in the history of the LIRR. In a report by the New York State Comptroller published in January of 2018: "• Last year, 16,115 trains were late, including 6,170 that were more than 10 minutes late(3,254 were more than 15 minutes late).• A total of 1,269 trains were canceled at the terminal before departure, the most since2010. Another 567 trains were terminated en route.• The LIRR estimates that delayed trains were late by an average of 13.2 minutes (upfrom 12.9 minutes in 2015), but that estimate excludes canceled or terminated trains.For that reason, this measure does not capture the experience of LIRR riders. Forexample, OSC estimates that the passengers on canceled trains during peak periods were delayed, on average, by half an hour."  The report doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the commuter experience.  I ride the LIRR five days a week from Nassau County to Brooklyn for work.  Daily, we are subjected to overcrowding, short trains, cancellations, delays, broken rails, "slip-slide" conditions, signal problems, trespassers on the tracks, vehicles being struck by trains, broken gates, and derailments.  When there is bad weather, the trains leak, and flood, causing dangerous conditions for riders. The LIRR is dangerous and a health hazard to commute on.  Riders are packed into train cars like sardines in a can.   Slowing down or stopping of trains causes people to be pushed into one another and I've personally witnessed people being knocked to the ground.  The trains are neither cleaned nor maintained properly resulting in awful squeaking, non functioning climate control, and filthy bathrooms. I personally, along with many others have been documenting and reporting on these conditions for several years on my Twitter account @FixTheLIRR.  Every day there are dozens of posts by commuters and replies from the LIRR, but NOTHING is ever done to fix the problems.  As a Firefighter and Critical Care EMT, the conditions alarm me every day.  If we ever had to evacuate a train due to an emergency we would be in dire straits as the trains are so overcrowded, even exiting normally at a station is sometimes nearly impossible and always difficult. Overcrowding conditions at Penn Station cause dangerous situations on the platforms and result in people falling on the stairways and platforms.  Commuters are arriving later and later to work.  We are missing time with our families.  We have has ENOUGH.  I care enough to know that the LIRR needs to be held accountable before someone is killed or injured.  They need to be held accountable NOW.   

Meri Kassner
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Petition to Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Joseph J. Lhota, Andrew M. Cuomo, Long Island Rail Road

Remove Patrick Nowakowski from his position as President of The Long Island Rail Road

For years now, riders of the Long Island Rail Road have been neglected and treated like absolute garbage by Patrick Nowakowski. Fares keep going up, a monthly pass can cost upwards of $500, and in return you get several trains delayed and/or cancelled on a daily basis, dirty trains, crippling stations, broken rails, signal problems, and a 50/50 chance at getting a train from the 1970's. It's time the Long Island Rail Road began treating its customers with respect, and give us the service that we pay for. It is now January 25th, 2018, and it is also the 25th consecutive day of 2018 in which some problem with the LIRR has caused extreme delays and/or cancellation of trains. Issues range from signal problems, broken rails, etc. There has not been one single day this year where the entire system ran without trouble. Despite all of this, the LIRR claims its on-time performance to be "94%". This is due to the simple fact that the LIRR considers any train that's 5 minutes and 59 seconds late or under to be "on-time". How can a train that's six minutes late possibly be considered on-time? If the grace period were reduced to one minute, "on-time performance" would easily be at around 15-25%. Furthermore, there is a lot of evidence that Patrick Nowakowski seems to solely favor customers on the Babylon branch. Out of all the problems on the LIRR in the past year, the vast majority occur on the main line. That's right, the "main line", which is the backbone of the entire system, isn't treated like the "main line" at all. Instead, the Babylon branch seems to be turning into the LIRR's vision of the "main line". Anybody who lives on Long Island knows that most of the south shore, where the Babylon Line runs through, is the home to Wall Street brokers and investors, aka, the people who really have control in the government. Patrick Nowakowski knows this, and does whatever he can to make sure that these "superior people" are never given a bad riding experience, while us middle-class folks on the Main Line have to deal with daily issues on the LIRR. Concrete rail ties are much more durable and do a much better job and keeping rails from breaking than the standard wood ties. Guess which branch is the only branch that gets concrete ties? The Babylon branch. You can also take a guess as to which branch gets heated indoor platforms - the Babylon branch. Canopies to keep you dry on the platform when it's raining? Trains almost every 15-20 minutes? The Babylon branch - you get the point. Here is some more information to add to the issue that the Babylon branch is getting special treatment. In December of 2017, the LIRR announced that beginning January 8th of 2018, Amtrak would begin work to improve tracks outside of Penn Station, meaning that the timetables would be affected (more limited service). You can read more about this here, but the general consensus among LIRR riders is that the Babylon branch is getting a ton of extra trains, while every other branch is getting screwed over by having trains removed and combined with already overcrowded trains. For example, as seen on the MTA's website, the 5:06 PM express train from Penn Station to Huntington (with a 2016 ridership of 740) will not be operating during these several months, and is being combined with the 5:17 PM semi-express to Huntington (with a 2016 ridership of 1090). The 5:17 PM alone is already crowded enough. There are barely enough seats to accommodate everyone. Now, an additional 740 people will have to board that train and stand, causing dangerous overcrowding conditions. However, the Babylon branch, which already has more trains than all the other branches, is getting ADDITIONAL SERVICE AND EXTRA CARS. These trains are never overcrowded, and there is absolutely no need to be giving them additional service. What sense could this make other than Patrick Nowakowski giving favoritism to the Babylon branch? The Babylon branch is the only branch to get trains every 20 minutes (roughly) during off-peak hours, while some other branches (which are more crowded) have to wait upwards of one hour for the next train. In fact, they even even have an express train during off peak hours (1:05 PM), which is only 17 minutes after a local train (1:22 PM). No other branch has express trains during off-peak hours. It is clearly evident that Patrick Nowakowski is corrupt, and in violation of the MTA's Title VI anti-discrimination policy. We ask for him to be removed immediately.

Mark Davidson
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Petition to MTA- Joe Lhota, Charles E. Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Lee M. Zeldin, Andrew M. Cuomo, Thomas D. Croci, Dean Murray

We NEED a 4th LIRR Crossing for the Tri-Hamlet Area!

On Saturday, May 13th, 2017, the MTA/Long Island Railroad undertook railroad crossing renewal work at the LIRR crossing at William Floyd Parkway. The Mastic Beach, Mastic, and Shirley area, known by many as the Tri-Hamlet community, has only 3 LIRR grade crossings for the peninsula. While crossing renewal work was in progress, motorists were only able to use the other two area crossings at Smith Road and Mastic Road. This restriction created car accidents, and backed up traffic for miles, with some residents coming into the area and out of the area having to sit in traffic for between one and two hours, when a typical commute would take under 15 minutes. During normal traffic conditions, traffic backs up at this intersection, especially when there is a train at the station with the gates closed for extended periods of time, during peak travel time, and in the holiday and beach seasons. There have been delays in emergency response times due to traffic congestion in the past when all three LIRR crossings were operational. Economic activity is hindered due to congestion. The area, which was heavily impacted by Superstorm Sandy, has William Floyd Parkway designated as a coastal evacuation route. As evidenced by traffic conditions during the much need grade crossing renewal project, traffic can be at a standstill when this crossing is inaccessible. If there was a disaster in the area, not only will residents not be able to evacuate in a timely manner, but incoming assistance could be hindered due to congestion.  The Tri-Hamlet area has grown exponentially over the past few decades, with over 45,000 people residing in the two hamlets and one Village, a majority of them living south of the railroad tracks. This increase in population did not come with an increase in railroad crossings.  A railroad crossing at Hawthorne Street/Titmus Avenue in Mastic is needed for the area, and is long overdue. There has been pushback from the MTA in the past for this important crossing for the community. We need federal officials to help fund the project through the Federal Railroad Administration, and New York State elected officials and the MTA to move ahead with the plan. 

Friends of Long Island
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