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Petition to CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Library to remain open on weekends/ La biblioteca permanecerá abierta los fines de semana

As you may be aware, a large body of the student community goes to the library to study during the weekdays, between lectures or even after school to get work done until the closing time. It is a place we have little to no distraction and where we can study with or without friends in a comfortable and focused environment.  However, during the weekends it can often be quite stressful to study at home, where we are usually sat in one place with constant distractions around us, whether it is the neighbors, housemates or loud music from the streets. The library is important for us students as it has the majority of the books related to our course are in our library and we can find the information we need easily. In addition, for international students, there are a lot of textbooks in english for our course, unlike the other libraries located in Valencia.  I am confident I speak for the rest of my classmates as well as other students attending CEU Cardenal Herrera that it would be tremendously helpful for us if the library was open during the weekends as well as the weekdays.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Como sabrá, una gran parte de la comunidad estudiantil va a la biblioteca a estudiar durante los días de la semana, entre clases o incluso después de la escuela hasta la hora del cierre ya que así podemos terminar los diferentes proyectos efectivamente. La biblioteca es un lugar en el que tenemos poca o ninguna distracción y donde podemos estudiar con o sin amigos en un ambiente cómodo y sin despistes. No obstante, durante los fines de semana puede ser estresante estudiar en casa, donde usualmente nos encontramos en un lugar con constantes distracciones, a veces puede tratarse de vecinos, compañeros de casa o simplemente música alta en las calles. La biblioteca es muy importante para el universitario, ya que tiene la mayoría de los libros relacionados con nuestros cursos y podemos encontrar la información que necesitamos con facilidad. Además, para los estudiantes internacionales, hay muchos libros de texto en inglés, a diferencia de las otras bibliotecas ubicadas en Valencia. Estoy segura de que hablo en nombre del resto de mis compañeros de clase y de otros estudiantes que asisten al CEU; que sería tremendamente útil si la biblioteca permaneciera también abierta los fines de semana.      

Sera Kahyaoglu
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Petition to University College London, UCL Provost

Call upon UCL to recognise and act upon lack of library study spaces

Already paying at least £9,000 a year, too many students are having to get to UCL as early as 8.45 am during exam time to secure a study space at the university library. Students have been studying on the floor, working through the night or temporarily moving in with friends closer to campus to arrive in time for a desk. Student numbers have risen from 19,365 to 39,473 in the past 10 years, while expansion of facilities have failed to increase in accordance. This leaves over 22 students per on-campus quiet study space, also affecting queues for toilets and UCL cafes. This provides an additional stress given the new 30 minute limit for time spent away from your desk. While additional study spaces are planned in the UCL East campus (to be opened in 2020/1), we believe that the current situation is unacceptable for a world-class university that UCL claims to be. We do appreciate that: -The Main Library, Science Library and Cruciform are now currently open 24 hours -Halima Begum, UCLU Education and Campaigns Officer has managed to secure an average of 503 study spaces per day, open 9am-9pm during the exam period -The National Student Survey is now being used as a justification for raising tuition fees even higher, leaving us with no option but to boycott it, so this has further limited our ability to raise these issues Primarily, we ask UCL to make better temporary use of available space around the university, such as teaching and conference rooms. In addition, we recognise that study spaces in libraries are the most useful and ask UCL to act on the augmentation of library provision, which may require building additional libraries. Fundamentally, we believe that if student numbers continue to increase at the current rate, it will only put further strain on existing facilities. We therefore call on the university to curb the growth in student numbers until sufficient facilities are available. The overcrowding isn't just a problem for students but staff as well, as expressed in this recently published Guardian article.

Liberty Jacklin
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