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Bring a Right-Wing Speaker to Emerson

Dear Emerson College community, Emerson College prides itself on being one of the leaders in inclusivity and education in the communications. There have a countless number of fascinating and interesting people who have come to this campus and given talks about any number of issues. We clearly enjoy having industry professionals and leaders talk to our student body in order to enrich our learning experience. However, the one thing I have not seen is a speaker who is outwardly and explicitly of the non-politically left. The past year has created an, understandably, difficult political climate. But if free speech and inclusivity is something we truly care about as a community here at Emerson then it is simply time we have an event that spotlights someone with a differing opinion than the majority left. As of my writing this I have reached out to three prominent right-leaning speakers: Julie Borowski - a well-respected libertarian who is a political commentator on Youtube and Facebook. She has already responded and is interested in doing the event. Ben Shapiro - another libertarian-leaning political commentator and editor in chief at who has been featured on primetime news networks and has done many speaking events at colleges. Milo Yiannopoulos - a proudly gay, Jewish, republican and avid Trump supporter. He has done many speaking events at colleges and is notorious for his events being protested by non-agreeing students.  I believe either of these three would bring a much needed outside voice and perspective to a campus culture that has all but entirely rejected the right-wing mindset. My plan is to get this petition to spread around and hopefully gain positive support. I will then try to speak with Lee Pelton during his open office hours this Monday and show him the petition and take it from there. If this does gain support and an event is planned I think it will be a fantastic experience for anyone looking to further their understanding of politics or just the opinions of those around them in a positive and open forum. I hope, with everyone's help, we can continue to create an inclusive environment here at Emerson and that all voices are equally heard and supported.  Thank you.

Erik Picone
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