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Petition to Renee Wachter

Opposition for the Suspension of Major and Minor Programs at UW-Superior

Many students at the University of Wisconsin Superior are outraged at the recent decision to suspend 9 majors, 15 minors and 1 masters program, as well as put 15 other programs on warning. Students and faculty were not consulted about this decision that was announced October 31st. From this policy's announcement date, no students will be allowed to enroll in the suspended programs. The school has stated that this is not for budgetary reasons. But claim instead that majors/minors must be cut because it makes decisions harder for first generation students. This claim is insulting, and the research cited as evidence is not applicable this University's situation. This statement also implies that the majors on this list would be the wrong decisions for first generation students. This decision also goes against the liberal arts principles on which the University was founded. This policy is not in the best interest of students, faculty, or the University as a whole. More importantly, there was no forum for input from students or faculty before this decision was made. PROGRAMS AFFECTED: Suspended (Graduate Programs) Masters in Art Therapy Suspended (Majors/Concentrations)   Broad Field Science  Broad Field Science (Teaching)  Chemistry: Forensic   Communicating Arts: Journalism  Communicating Arts: Media  Political Science   Sociology  Theatre  Visual Arts: Art History   Suspended (Minors)  Computer Science   Computer Science (Teaching)  Earth Science   Geography   Geography (Teaching)  Global Studies   Health and Human Performance  History (Teaching)  Journalism   Legal Studies  Media Communication   Photography   Physics  Physics (Teaching)  Psychology (Teaching)  PROGRAMS ON WARNING: Warning (Major Programs) Broad Field Social Science Broad Field Social Science (teaching)Chemistry Chemistry (teaching)Computer science EconomicsHistoryHistory (teaching)Mathematics Mathematics (teaching) Warning (Minor Programs) Biology (teaching)Chemistry (teaching)EnglishEnglish (teaching)Mathematics (teaching) The programs cut have little rhyme or reason. For example, the global studies minor on this list costs almost nothing and is a very popular program, whereas gender studies, which also costs nothing but has half the participants isn’t on this list. I am not advocating that either should be cancelled but rather that these choices seem arbitrary and not dictated by student’s desires. Granted, it was stated that this was not for budgetary reasons. In that case, it must be for the students. The implications of this policy are far reaching and will affect the overall quality of the education UW-Superior has to offer. Please sign this petition if you do not approve of this policy and its implementation.

Sydney Kloster
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Petition to President Varlotta & her Administration

#NotMyHiram Alumni Petition

Dear Fellow Hiram College Alumni, I wish to inform you that President Lori Varlotta’s has an administrative agenda to remove nearly 20% of professors regardless of tenure status from Hiram College. Current Hiram students have formed the #NotMyHiram movement to seek to maintain the integrity of academic tenure, keep our professors teaching at Hiram, and to maintain our liberal arts tradition. Please see for more information. For four years Hiram College was my home. A large part of what made it home was my wonderful, caring professors. I was on a first name basis with them. I would go to their houses for dinner. They’ve given me their cell phone numbers and I’ve called them for advice since I graduated. With the removal of ~20% of the full-time faculty, this is #NotMyHiram. President Varlotta stated in her “Strategic Executive Plan” that she would form the “New Liberal Arts” by increasing “faculty and staff accountability and success.” To do this, the school would “recruit and retain a competent and caring faculty and staff who place students first” and that it would “align faculty and staff expertise with institutional priorities to foster a culture of success and accountability.” By attempting to fire these faculty members, President Varlotta has failed to “recruit and retain” faculty as her “Strategic Executive Plan” stated. It is clear that President Varlotta and her administration is not retaining faculty, nor are they being transparent about their intentions. We, the undersigned, call for the retention of Hiram College’s faculty and to honor these professors’ tenure. If these professors are removed from the college we declare this is #NotMyHiram and will withhold from donating any money to the college in the future.

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Petition to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue University, Purdue University Board of Trustees, Indiana University, Indiana University Board of Trustees

Save the French & German Programs at IPFW

The Department of International Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) is vigorously fighting the elimination of their Bachelor of Arts programs in French and German. Will you stand with us and tell IPFW and its parent institutions (Indiana University and Purdue University) that we will not allow the pointless reduction of meaningful humanities content at our metropolitan multi-system university? A recent report from the University Strategic Alignment Process (USAP) at IPFW proposed these closures after soliciting precious little input from faculty and ignoring the very positive feedback that the department received for these programs from the USAP team over the past two years. The team valued the fundamental contributions made by all ILCS programs, including French and German, to the IPFW mission and goals of Plan 2020; particularly, they highlighted the successful efforts of ILCS towards the crucial goal of internationalizing the campus. Claiming that the elimination of French and German is based on the evaluation emerging from the USAP process is not accurate. The French and German majors have been quite effective in recruiting, keeping, and graduating their students, and in producing students acquire high ranking jobs - locally, domestically, and internationally. Despite their smaller size, French and German generate more revenue for COAS and IPFW than the cost of maintaining their faculty. Moreover, since no faculty or administrative positions will be eliminated in this move, there are seemingly no savings to be gained from doing away with these programs.  IPFW is the only public university offering majors in French and German in the northeast Indiana area. Our graduates are vital in providing foreign language teachers for schools and local companies, which require employees who are capable of navigating cultural and linguistic borders to communicate successfully with colleagues and clients engaged in commerce, governance, and other organizational activities both at home and abroad.    The Purdue University Board of Trustees seems to be telling the entire northeast Indiana area that we are not worthy of an education that prepares us for the reality of a competitive global and internationalized world. That, it seems, is a privilege reserved only for those students and the families who can afford to send their children to West Lafayette, Bloomington, or a private university. We urge you to add your voice to this petition, to tell us why you're doing so, and to stand with us as we demand that all stakeholders be listened to and that this process take into account the financial realities that make this decision not just bad for the ILCS department, but bad for all of northeast Indiana, both now and in the future.

Sara Elaine Jackson
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