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Petition to El Al Airlines, Yeshiva University, Orthodox Union, UJA Federation

Jewish Press must fire editor for Racist and Homophobic Tweets

If there is one group who knows the sting and tragedy of bigotry and discrimination it is the Jewish People. That is why it is highly disturbing that Elliot Resnick, Chief Editor of The Jewish Press, has repeatedly engaged in bigoted racist, sexist, and homophobic Twitter rants. He also seems to think it's fine for grown men to seduce our 17-year old daughters. It's difficult to tell if he works for a Jewish publication or an Alt-Right hate group.  Here are a few of Resnick's choice Tweets: 1) Racist 1: "If blacks resent America's (SIC) so much, let them discard Christianity (which the 'white man' gave them) and re-embrace the primitive religions they practiced in Africa. 2) Racist 2: "If only liberals had a quarter of the decency and civility of Robert E. Lee, this world would be a far better place." 3) Homophobia 1: "...the gay rights movement is evil. To celebrate and glorify sin, as it does, is despicable, and to shove immoral values down other people's throats, as it does, is worse than despicable." 4) Homophobia 2: "The path of my Uber ride is marked in rainbow colors. The homosexual agenda apparently can never be sufficiently shoved down our throats."  5) Anti-Islam: "Defeating ISIS is impossible. In one form or another, ISIS will exist as long as Islam does."  6) Sexual Abuse of Minors: "How is it assault to commit a consensual immoral act with a 17-year old? The notion that a 17-year old in this century is an innocent child is laughable."  7) Race & Religion: "A party (SIC) of me wishes that over the next few election cycles, every Democrat seat is won by blacks (male and female) and Muslims (male and female). That way, I won't have to read the nauseating and unAmerican media reports of the 'first ever' _________ anymore."  8) Fake White Supremacy: "Raise your hand...if you can tell me what these fictitious white supremacists believe in and where I can find their writings?"    These quotes are the tip of the ugly iceberg. Elliot Resnick's backward and hateful views are a total disgrace and his Twitter Troll behavior is a stunning betrayal of Jewish and American values. He is uniquely unfit and unqualified to edit The Jewish Press and must be terminated immediately. And before Resnick whines "censorship", his odious views are more than everyday opinions -- they are deliberately spewed, mean-spirited attacks on entire communities intended to divide, offend and dehumanize.  Until Resnick is fired, key advertisers such as El Al, The Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University should immediately pull their advertising -- unless they agree with Resnick's toxic views. The UJA Federation must also stop providing mass free subscriptions in their lobby. To stay silent and not act in the face of such blatant racial and anti-LGBT incitement is to consent.  Please demand that these advertisers do what is right and just -- or let them know that you will consider Resnick's opinions their own.  

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Petition to Major Social Media Platforms That Create and Use Emojis, Major Electronics Manufacturers That Create and Use Emojis, Any Creator or Distributor of Emojis Worldwide

LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Emojis For Everyone

You, Person who uses emojis! - Read This: This year it’s the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the beginning of the modern LGBTQIA+ civil rights movement in America, and to celebrate, we think it’s about time the world had a better understanding of the beautiful gender, sexual, and romantic identities that make up all those letters (and every identity hidden beneath the + sign too!). And what better way than with the most universal language - emojis. This petition is to encourage the social media platforms that design these symbols to add LGBTQIA+ pride flag emojis. We’re talking about the transgender flag, the bisexual flag, the lesbian flag, the aromantic flag, the agender flag, and many more. Most of the time, companies wait until the governing emoji board Unicode approves certain ideas. But that can take years and it doesn’t need to be that way. And that’s because platforms can also design emojis independently! For example, if you copy + paste the Transgender flag formula from Emojipedia into a status on some social media platforms right now, you’ll get a single pink, blue, and white transgender flag! Once the major emoji publishers all agree that this formula = the transgender flag, you would be able to use it anywhere! Sign this petition now to show these companies you want these Pride Flag emojis! Show them how much you want to use these emojis to better express and celebrate your identity and the identities of others! Show them what Pride in your identity looks like!! Awesome Companies That Can Make This Change HAPPEN - Read This: You’ve all designed emojis, and yet the rainbow flag is still the only LGBTQ+ flag that’s universal to all of you. Let’s add more together! Don’t you think there should be lesbian, bisexual, and transgender pride flags? Wouldn’t it be great if, through emojis, you all contributed to conversations about what it means to be nonbinary, intersex, asexual, and so many more identities? We know it’s easier and simpler to wait for Unicode’s blessing before designing new emojis, but that’s why this petition exists–to band you all together to bring change sooner. We’ve created this LGBTQ+ pride flag emoji formula guide that you can follow to make sure your emojis are compatible with each other! Together you can show some much needed love to the LGBTQ+ community and bring more recognition to these identities! We’d love if you signed the petition too :)

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Petition to Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity

Publish Zeta Tau Alpha's Position on LGBTQ+ Sisters on the ZTA Website

    Zeta Tau Alpha refuses to make a statement of support--or lack thereof--for the LGBTQ+ community. When questioned, representatives from ZTA’s International Office responded, saying that Zeta would not make a stance on this issue as it would be “polarizing” to the women within the fraternity. When pressed, representatives stated that it would be akin to the Fraternity publicly celebrating Christmas. International Office would rather stay silent than risk offending sisters who “don’t believe in [LGBTQ+ persons].” By refusing to celebrate the LGBTQ+ identities of its members for fear of ostracizing members who “don’t believe”, Zeta Tau Alpha is stating that it has a place in its institution for homophobia.       According to their website, “The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the…fostering of a spirit of love…and the [molding] of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world.” If that nobler womanhood it seeks to build is one of respect, inclusion, and love (the greatest of all things), then Zeta Tau Alpha has the responsibility to state so publicly on their website, and to make it clear to all LGBTQ+ PNMs and current sisters that their identities are valued, respected, and celebrated. If this is not the kind of world Zeta wants to see for it’s sisters, that needs to be said as well, such that PNMs and current sisters can make educated and informed decisions about beginning or continuing their membership in an organization with such values.     If you are a Zeta, sign this petition and show International Office that we will not allow this inaction to continue.     If you are not a Zeta, sign this petition and show the world that times are changing, and silence is no longer an option.       “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”                                               --Martin Luther King Jr.    

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