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Petition to Australian Football League, Andrew Demetriou

I’ve experienced homophobia in Aussie Rules Football first hand -- now it’s time to end it.

This is a terrifying petition to write. But it’s important. I’d like to tell you what it’s like being a gay footy player, because today there’s a real chance we could begin to change the culture of homophobia in the AFL. I’ve played amateur footy every season since I was five - almost all in the Yarra Valley league. I was raised in a household that lives and breathes the game. But when I realised I was gay the idea that my teammates might find out was terrifying. It’s a blokey culture -- and gay slurs are a regular part of games and training. It’s a horrible reminder that you’re different, reviled and unwelcome. It felt like the footy club would be the one place I could never come out. Whether it’s intentional or not, the reality is that the culture of the AFL is hostile to fans and players like me. Young gay people are up to 6 times more likely to be depressed, to self harm, or to contemplate suicide. I was 12 when I realised I might be gay, and footy was my life. It was a really hard time for me and if I had known of positive gay role models in society, in football, it would have made a world of difference.  The AFL has done amazing work tackling racism -- now it’s time for the AFL to take real and substantive action to build a culture where people like me are welcomed and supported - and where homophobia is simply not acceptable. Last week, the AFL issued a statement saying it supported the No to Homophobia campaign ( It’s a great first step, and now the AFL needs to do more. I believe if the AFL and Andrew Demetriou are serious, they should show the No to Homophobia ad on the big screen at the Grand Final, and even add it to the footy record. It'd show to the hundreds of thousands of people watching that this time their commitment is real. They should commit to a Pride Round, just like they have done with the Multicultural and Indigenous Rounds -- it would have a massive impact in building a more inclusive and respectful culture towards the GLBTI communtiy in sport.It was my teammates who eventually told me they knew I was gay, and that it wasn't an issue for them. I think I'm pretty lucky to have such a supportive group of players around me - especially in a regional town. It could have gone the other way - and it's no wonder to me that there are no openly gay players in the AFL. I know how they feel. But I think the players are ready for change. The clubs are ready for change. The supporters are ready for change. We just need the AFL to lead and help shift the sporting culture so that players and fans like me can openly be who we are without fear.*****I want to show the AFL that there are other players and fans just like me -- who’ve experienced the highs and lows of being gay and intimately involved in the sport we all love. *** Please tweet about this campaign at #aflpride and join this facebook group if you want to help be part of creating a more inclusive and welcoming culture for gay people in the AFL:

Jason Ball
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Petition to Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Michael Coutts-Trotter

FaCs you're either my parents or not! Remove the family court for trans youth in OOHC

My name’s Travis I'm a 15 year old brotherboy (Aboriginal Transgender female to male), I'm also a ward of the state meaning my parental responsibility is with the NSW family and community services minister. I have a very interesting case that is starting up around the barriers of being in foster care and accessing blockers. Where my rights are being denied, discrimination is being produced towards me and other trans young people because we aren't living with our birth parents, and outright irrelevant procedures for a therapeutic reversible medication that will pretty much save lives and better our mental health. My mother lost parental responsibility of me when I was 8 months old as a result of her neglecting me and using substances. When I was younger I apparently saw her on a frequent basis especially when my little brother was born. Then at 6 yrs old I moved to Port Macquarie and haven't seen her since.  My father was unknown up until 2 years ago when DNA testing was done to confirm so. I've seen him 3 times since he was identified as my father as I don’t want to be around someone with a negative vibe and potential risk to my safety. So the relationship between my mother and father is the equivalent of being strangers. If I was to walk down the street they wouldn't know who I was let alone even talk to me. I was placed with multiple family members and one foster family from the ages of 8 months old to 12 years of age. This is when I was placed into the out of home care system, so far I've had 9 foster care placements, another kinship placement from Gold Coast to Melbourne and from February this year I've been residing in residential care on the far north coast. At ages 4 and 5 I started stealing my brothers clothes and it grew from this. I always thought I was a boy but didn't realise what was going on. Throughout my placements I copped a lot of transphobia and abuse because I wasn't feminine enough for them. I also went through the phase of just agreeing with the adults around me just to see if what they were saying was true. Well that lasted less then 5 minutes as I instantly broke down in tears and literally tore my clothes off. This time last year I formally came out because I moved to a new state and felt comfortable to do so. Then early this year the placement broke down and I got moved back to the northern rivers in a resi house. In June this year I started attending Brisbane’s lady Cilento gender clinic in hopes to start the whole process to access stage one and two treatments. Everything was ready to go for stage one treatment (Puberty Blockers) until it reached FaCs legal department. This is what came back   FACS Legal advised that in the matter of in the matter of Re Jamie (2013) FamCAFC 110, (“Re Jamie”) the Full Court made specific a couple of references to children in out of home care. After receiving the decision of Re Jamie, a detailed briefing was prepared for the Secretary which he subsequently endorsed. The briefing advised:   “If the Director-General or Minister (or other government department) is a legal guardian for a child with gender dysphoria, then for abundant caution application should still be made to the Court for authorisation of Stage 1 treatment in addition to the assessment of capacity for Stage 2 treatment. The reason for this is that the Full Court distinguished cases where the child is in the care of a public authority as opposed to a parent.” There is a risk that the parents do not agree with Travis commencing Stage 1 treatment and this would constitute a controversy or disagreement in Re Jamie terms and an application to the Family Court of Australia is required for the authorisation of Stage 1 treatment. Basically, what they want is opinions off my mother and father. But here’s the problem, FaCs took me off my mum at 8 months old, parental responsibility has been with the NSW minister ever since until I’m 18 years of age. I’ve seen my mum 5 times, and my father twice in my 15 years! Does this mean that they should be getting my “birth parents” opinion on where I’m living too? I also had irreversible surgery on my eye and leg, they didn’t get my parents say and that is irreversible puberty blockers are reversible. In saying this, I'm hoping you the reader will take 2 seconds to fill the form out and help us out! With my case I have an appointment with the clinic next week and ill see what happens from there but, even if medical opinions suggests delaying and suppressing the medication will impact the child's wellbeing/safety and I don't have to go to court, I am determined to change the briefing regards to trans youth subjected to FaCs.  Myself and the help of others are currently working together gaining a team of NGO's, government bodies, legal representatives, and organisations to challenge the high courts decision and potentially take legal action against the FaCs secretary for a breach of rights and discrimination against young trans people under the NSW minister of department and community services.   I’d really appreciate the publics cooperation as I’m hoping the more notice everyone has of this taboo subject will help the case out and make it a safer and less invasive procedure for young trans people who are a ward of the state in NSW. LETS CHANGE HISTORY!!! This will be delivered to the parliament house, FaCs secretary, and used in court as a resource.

Travis Fox
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Petition to The Hon Christian Porter, Senator the Hon Zed Seselja

Stop our politicians prioritising LGBTI rights over children’s rights!

I am an ordinary South Australian working Mum who wants to know why our politicians have stopped standing up for the rights of children and traditional families through legalising ‘Rainbow Families’ in Australia. I wasn’t aware that same sex couples could legally have children in Australia until recently through media coverage on same sex marriage. I now know that in February 2017 adoption of children, IVF and surrogacy by same sex couples was passed into law by the South Australian parliament. I feel that this legislation was passed by stealth. Where was the public consultation on such an important social change? Who was advocating for the children? Who was advocating for the traditional family unit? The following coverage on the new legislation demonstrates the significant bias towards the rights of the LGBTI community, see I am now also aware that South Australia was one of the last states and territories to pass such legislation with only the Northern Territory not having passed such legislation. Children are the natural product of a traditional relationship between a man and a woman. We all know that children can only come about through the DNA of a man and a woman so why are we allowing our politicians to legislate against nature? Children naturally have ONE father and ONE mother. They do not have two mothers and three fathers as is described the following article about a federal Senator, see Traditional families respect children’s rights, see and The argument that everyone, regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation, should have the opportunity to experience parenthood is fundamentally flawed and morally bereft. I firmly believe that with the realisation that you are gay comes the reality that children are not part of your future. Children are NOT a human rights issue! Not being able to have Children outside of a traditional relationship is NOT discrimination or an inequality issue! Children are not toys, they are not an accessory nor are they something that all people should be able to buy off the supermarket shelf. Children are actual human beings who have feelings and are expected to grow up and contribute to society. The fact that science can enable children to happen for same sex couples is NOT a reason to allow this to occur. Nor is the often used excuse that traditional families aren’t providing the best families for children with the increasing divorce rates and domestic violence. This appears to have led to the argument that ‘love makes a family’. None of the above points are valid reasons to endorse the creation of non traditional families, love alone is NOT enough! We do not live in a perfect world but that is no reason to lower the bar and treat children like a social experiment. Children ideally need BOTH a mother and a father as nature dictates. Our politicians have lost their moral compass. We appear to have entered the ‘anything goes era’ where ‘inclusiveness’ overrides commonsense. As a society our optimal goal must be to uphold and encourage traditional families, not to design a ‘new age’ version of families that denies children their natural human rights to a mother and a father. This flawed thinking has bought us ‘Rainbow Families’ and will erode our societal norms and societies values until nothing is outside of the boundaries anymore. Why are we allowing the reshaping of society against the natural order? Where will this stop? Why should children of same sex relationships be forced to question their beginnings, inheriting a lifetime sentence with a burning hole from being forced into an abnormal family situation. These children don’t get to CHOOSE such a life. How is it right or fair to these children? Haven’t our politicians effectively signed a ‘blank cheque’ for the medical industry to deal with the mental anguish that this will create for children of same sex relationships? Isn’t this the very definition of child abuse? These ‘Rainbow Children’ will be the ‘Stolen Generation’ of the future. Surely the role of governments in today’s society is to legislate for the greater good? Then why have our governments prioritised the rights of the LGBTI community over the rights of children? What happened to us? We have become a society led by an overinflated sense of entitlement and self interest. Please sign this petition if you want to stand up for traditional families and the children of future generations and push to have our federal government override our state governments and abolish the legislation that allows same sex couples the ability to have children and create ‘Rainbow Families’.

Jane Harris
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