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Get Phansexuals to be included in the LGBT community!!!!!

This is petition to add Phansexuals to the LGBTTQQIAAP community and the acronym, making it LGBTTQQIAAPP. Phans are huge fans of the brilliant and talented youtubers dan and Phil (look them up if you don’t know) !!! The phantom is as huge and vibrant community of the best people the internet and world has to offer however we face a problem, many of us only feel attraction to these beautiful men.....and catzzz!!! (LOL JK JK). This is not a joking matter tho, those of us who are only attracted to these bois face subjugation and discrimination not only from our families and the outside world but from the one place that is meant to be a safe have, the LGBT community. There is a long history of persecution and oppression of Phansexuals and erasure of our achievements and vibrant history ( many don’t even realize that some of the head campaigners for gay rights at the Stonewall riots were phans and we even helped win the civil war, and WWII. We ask only to be accepted into the community we belong, the LGBT community and propose that a P is added to the end to recognize the phansexual struggle and would love your support! In the meantime we will stay crafting and try not to let this world make us cry and hope all phans can!!!! uWu

Phanny Girl
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