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Petition to Manoj Ahuja, IAS Chairperson, Dr. Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academics), Twitter, Inc,

Introduce sexuality studies in the school curriculum from a young age.

Homophobia is defined as hatred or prejudice directed toward those who identify as homosexuals or any other sexuality on the same spectrum. This frequently manifests itself in extremes such as bullying, murder, or being forced to commit suicide. People have been forced out of their homes or suffered rejection and hostility from their parents after coming out to their families on multiple occasions.Homophobia is not something that people are born with; it is instilled in the minds of people from an early age. It is the outcome of a conditioned mind, and it frequently leads to behaviors that one would not expect youngsters to exhibit. This is why, in order to rid our society of this evil, it is critical to teach youngsters to appreciate others' individuality, regardless of what they identify as, and to be better and compassionate persons themselves.To promote the principle of individual respect, this petition demands CBSE include sexuality studies in the school curriculum from a young age to avoid homophobia at its source. Sensitizing pupils against homophobia would result in a better and more inclusive society, where people are not driven to take their own lives or be rejected for being their true, authentic selves. This will also help kids unlearn gender norms and toxic masculinity, as well as avoid prejudice against specific groups of individuals and allow everyone to express themselves without fear of social shame.Sign this petition to put an end to violence against LGBTQIA people for good. Let us work together to make the world a better place to live.

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Petition to government of florida, Parents of the children in Florida

Free children from the "don't say gay" bill in Florida

Members of the Florida Government think that introducing kids to LGBTQ+ topics in school would traumatize them but it is okay to out them to their parents instead. The "don't say gay" bill requires schools to inform the parents of a student within 6 weeks if the child is a part of the LGBTQ community. This bill also prohibits any kind if discussions on topics related to LGBTQ in the schools or teaching of any LGBTQ history. The children are exposed to the heterosexual stories and romances from an early age which are imposed by their heterosexual parents, so the real problem they have is not of their children being exposed to discussions based on sexual orientation but of their children not being straight. The decision of coming out is only in the hands of the individuals themselves. People decide to come out when they feel that they are in a safe space and they have moral support. Being outed by someone else could lead to a lot of problems; parents could react badly to it maybe even disown their child or in some extreme cases it could lead to physical abuse. This seems like not just a violation of LGBTQ rights but a violation of human rights like the freedom of speech and expression, freedom of living safely, the right to live in a free and fair world. These children are still in school therefore not even at an age to work and financially support themselves if something wrong takes place when they're outed to their parents. Please sign this petition to help free the LGBTQ kids from the "don't say gay" bill.  

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