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Petition to Hon. J. Michel Doyon, Hon. Alexandre Boulerice, Board of Directors of OSM

Stop Kremlin propaganda on Canadian soil - OSM Mariinsky concert in Montreal, Nov. 11 2017

English follows. Le 11 novembre 2017, l'Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal organise un concert « Orchestre Mariinsky » avec le chef d'orchestre Valeri Gergiev et le pianiste Denis Matsuev - tous les deux célèbres musiciens russes et partisans de longue date du régime dictatorial du Kremlin. Les deux font partie du « pouvoir doux » du Kremlin - influence économique et culturelle pour promouvoir la Russie de Poutine et pour persuader d'avoir un dialogue avec le Kremlin. En 2008, Gergiev a joué dans la ville de Tskhinvali, occupée et détruite par la Russie, suite à l'agression militaire en Géorgie. En 2013, il a défendu la législation anti-homosexuel du Kremlin face aux médias néerlandais. En 2014, ils ont signé une lettre en faveur de l'annexion de la Crimée par la Russie et de ses politiques à l'égard de l'Ukraine. En 2016, Gergiev a joué dans la ville de Palmyre en Syrie, occupée par la Russie, tandis que les militaires du Kremlin tuaient des civils à Alep. En tant que membre honoraire du Conseil communautaire du comité d'enquête de Russie, M. Gergiev continue de fermer les yeux sur les poursuites illégales contre l'opposition politique de M. Poutine, les assassinats de journalistes et la récente série haineuse d'assassinats et de tortures d'homosexuels par la police en Tchétchénie. Ce concert fait partie de la stratégie du Kremlin - présenter le régime au public occidental comme étant culturel et civilisé. Signez cette pétition pour faire savoir à l'OSM qu'il ne peut pas fermer les yeux sur les dissidents torturés et tués en Russie, les milliers de morts et les millions de déplacés en Ukraine et en Syrie, les violations flagrantes des droits humains et l'hostilité envers les voisins et le monde occidental. ************** On November 11th, 2017, the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal is having a concert "Mariinsky Orchestra" featuring a conductor Valeri Gergiev and a pianist Denis Matsuev, both - famous musicians from Russia and long-time supporters of the Kremlin’s dictatorship regime. Both are parts of Kremlin's "soft power" - economic and cultural influence to promote Putin's Russia and persuade for a dialog with Kremlin. In 2008, Gergiev performed in Russia-occupied and destroyed city of Tskhinvali after a military aggression in Georgia. In 2013, he defended Kremlin’s anti-gay legislation when confronted by the Dutch media. In 2014, both Matsuev and Gergiev signed a letter in support of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and policies towards Ukraine. In 2016, Gergiev performed in Russia-occupied Syrian city of Palmyra while Kremlin’s bombers were killing civilians in Aleppo. As an Honorary Member of the Community Council of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Mr. Gergiev continues to turn a blind eye to illegal prosecutions of V. Putin’s political opposition, murders of journalists and the recent heinous string of incidents of murder and torture of gay people by the police in Gergiev’s homeland, Chechnya. This concert is part of Kremlin’s strategy to present the regime to the Western public as being cultural and civilized. Sign this petition to let the OSM know, that it cannot turn a blind eye at tortured and killed dissents in Russia, thousands killed and millions displaced in Ukraine and Syria, gross human rights violations and hostility towards the neighbors and the Western world. 

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Petition to Barry Neufeld, Bob Patterson, Heather Maahs, Silvia Dyck, Dan Coulter, Walt Krahn, Paul McManus

Protect & Support the LGBT youth of School District 33, Chilliwack

Hey Stranger - As of recently, one of Chilliwack School board trustee's, Barry Neufeld made some slightly less then acceptable commentary on the LGBTQ+ community. Recently introduced, SOGI 123 aims to help individual kids, and young adults who identify as LGBT within Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, get through probably one of the hardest times of their life. SOGI 123 aims to make LGBT students feel safe; currently 64% of these students feel unsafe. Elementary, middle, and high school is hard enough for any teenager, and even more confusing for an LGBT teen. SOGI 123 wants that to change. Educational institutions should have all students feeling welcome - Barry, however, treats this program as a "weapon of propaganda", insisting we're "too sensitive" and we should be adopting a Russian-Style muzzle on "LGBTQ+ Propaganda." Mr. Neufeld - are you aware Russia is currently, and actively rounding up anyone who seems gay, or is gay, and is putting them in concentration camps?!  Your sheer ignorance on the matter appalls me. My Name is Michael Hayden. I was a recent student in your district, and I identify as a member of the LGBT community. I have felt unsafe in schools because of my sexual orientation. Had you apologized for your remarks, I could've looked past this. For someone who isn't apart of the LGBT community it's easy for you over look our issues, and see us as second class citizens. However I am furious. Your inability to educate yourself in the matter alarms me. You have a job to ensure the safety of the students under you regardless of their orientation, sex, or race. I do not think you're interested in the safety of the students within your district.  To make sure this petition, is extra gay, just for you Barry, here is a quote from a gay icon, Lady Gaga: "Well, that's your opinion, isn't it? And I'm not about to waste my time trying to change it." So we don't want your apology - we'd like your resignation from the school board.  This is the part where I'd throw my pocket glitter and make my jazzy exit to some NYC Broadway show tune, but I'm fresh out of pocket glitter, and to angry to sing show tunes.   

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Petition to Correctional Services of Canada

CSC: Implement Policy Changes for Trans Prisoners!

In 2016, the Ontario and BC Departments of Corrections instituted major policy changes with regards to how trans prisoners are housed, searched, and given access to medical care. But the Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) still lags far behind in recognizing the rights of trans prisoners. Sign this petition now to help implement policy changes for trans prisoners housed by the CSC. Trans prisoners are still required to have Sexual Reassignment Surgery in order to be housed in a prison that corresponds to their gender identity. Meanwhile, the limited rights that are afforded to trans prisoners can be difficult to access, making it challenging if not impossible for trans prisoners to undergo such procedures in order to obtain appropriate housing.   In collaboration with several of our trans members currently incarcerated in CSC prisons, we have drafted a list of policy demands that cover housing, medical care, access to gendered clothing, and more - summarized below. We encourage you to sign this petition and join us in demanding positive policy changes for trans prisoners. - Ensure access to qualified health professionals. - Give all trans prisoners the right to choose their gendered housing in prison.- Offer private shower and bathroom access for trans prisoners.- Allow prisoners to choose which guards perform searches.- Provide access to clothing and personal items regardless of gender.- Raise wages and living allowances.- End involuntary segregation.- Ease access for outside groups and visitors. - Always prioritize alternatives to incarceration. Sign this petition to help implement these policy changes for trans prisoners housed by the CSC.  

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