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Petition to The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

Free Yulia Tsvetkova

DE / RU Julia Tsvetkova, a 26-year-old feminist activist and leader of the children's theatre “Merak”, has been arrested in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia. Julia has been accused of “distribution of pornographic materials.” This is how prosecution sees her artwork that is dedicated to body-positive feminism. The artwork that Julia was arrested for depicts female bodies. Each illustrates a motto: “Real women have […] and it's okay!”. With these pictures she explains that real women have body hair, fat, menstruation, wrinkles and grey hair, muscles, and imperfect skin. The police believe that Julia is using these images to “seduce” children while working with them in the theatre. This accusation is an absurd, there are no signs of pornography in these pictures, and persecution of activist is clearly politically motivated. Julia faces two to six years in jail for this "crime." Before that, police was trying to accuse the activist of “homosexual propaganda” for the performance about gender stereotypes, named “Pink ones and blue ones” (here implies the stereotypical color of boys’ and girls’ clothes) in her theatre. Julia was regularly summoned for questioning by the Investigative Committee during the last months. Moreover, even some of the underage actors from Julia’s children theatre were interrogated about the performance as well without the permission to do that from their parents. Julia constantly receives many threats, and she is bullied and harassed online. However, police do nothing to protect her in this situation. Julia’s mother told in the interview how this bulling negatively affected Julia’s mental health. Julia’s arrest was in the moment she couldn’t call her lawyer because of his vacation, and the activist was left defenceless in such stressful moment. The moment of her arrest was videotaped and it looks like an act of intimidation against other Russian feminist activists.  Please sign our petition and help us to free Yulia!

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Petition to Prosecutor General of Russia

Russia Prosecutor General, investigate mass murder and torture of LGBT people in Chechnya

Русский/English/Deutsch/Español/Polski/Japanese / French After almost two years, mass persecution of LGBT in Chechnya has resumed. Actually, it has never stopped. Men and women are being detained and tortured because of their alleged sexual or actual sexual orientation. Russian LGBT Network reports that since the end of December, around 40 people were detained, at least two people were killed. In early 2017, mass detentions took place in Chechnya. Over a hundred persons were rounded up, subjected to humiliation and torture, solely upon suspicion of being gay. Media suspects mass murders. At least three men have been confirmed as killed. Early in April Novaya Gazeta published two articles, “Honor Killings” (No 34, 3 April 2017) and “Reprisals Against Chechen Gays” (No35, 05 April 2017), in which a witness stated, “the detained were tortured, violated with a bottle, electrocuted. Some were beaten nearly to death and returned to their relatives like a sack of bones. I definitely know of two deaths…” (More info in NYTimes article) According to the same paper, the “gay hunt” is being carried out by local law enforcement as a “prophylactic” measure. Targets for such “prophylactics” in Chechnya are many: the use of alcohol and light narcotics, extramarital sexual relationships, “incorrect” appearance, suspicion of extremism, even just traffic violations. This time the cause is an issue that locals traditionally don’t speak about. Those close to the killed haven’t come forward to authorities, fearing their families could be “shamed,” and also because of unofficial support for “honor killings” on the part of authorities themselves. Check also this Dazed article for more info. We demand a full investigation of all the facts about unlawful repression in Chechnya of LGBT population, punishment for the guilty parties and an end to the practice of extra-judicial violence and killings in the republic. Sign now! You can also help those, who fight for life and freedom and donate here:

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