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Petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis, Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki, His Excellency Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Dominique François Joseph Cardinal Mamberti, Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich, His Eminence Daniel Nicholas Cardinal DiNardo, Most Reverend José H. Gomez, Most Reverend Wilton D. Gregory, Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron

Remove Bishop Robert C. Morlino from Diocese of Madison, WI

Imagine burying a loved one who was denied funeral rites just because of who they loved. It’s a reality LGBTQ families and their loved ones are facing due to the actions of Bishop Robert C. Morlino.My family has a long history with the Madison, Wisconsin Diocese that Bishop Morlino now presides over. We were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and were taught by our family priest that love is core of the Catholic faith. Since his arrival, Bishop Morlino has put bigotry and hatred front and center.Bishop Morlino has instructed priests to consider withholding funeral rites or exclude the partner of the deceased to minimize “risk of scandal or confusion.” This is not being directed by church leadership or being asked for by parishioners, but solely based on his own bigotry.Pope Francis is transforming the church to return to love and compassion where people like Bishop Morlino have tried to instill hatred and bigotry. It’s why I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino.In these moments of grief, providing these sacred rites is not a scandal — it’s what is right. I can’t imagine losing someone and then being interrogated about their or my own sexuality.Trying to deny LGBTQ people burial rites is just the latest example of Bishop Morlino’s divisive behavior. He has ordered priests to call on parishioners to stand against same-sex marriage, instructed priests to avoid monasteries that disagree with his worldview, and tries to infuse his personal politics into the pulpit.Bishop Morlino’s 14 year pattern of hate and abusing his power has no place in the Madison Diocese, let alone the Catholic Church. I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino. With your support, he will hear our voices and restore love to our community and send a message that hate has no place in the Catholic faith.Signed,Amelia Royko Maurer

Amelia Royko Maurer
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Petition to Netflix

Netflix: Arab insulting & Mocking LGBT community getting stand up deal with Netflix.

When the first Lebanese finally got his chance to have his own Netflix stand up show, this guy was chosen Adel Karam. This guy mocks the LGBT and will have his own Netflix show , I mean is this even acceptable!!! Please type in on YouTube "majdi w wajdi" he portrays the LGBT as horny people who want in to get in other people's pants!!! I am not sure the head of Netflix is aware of this issue, I hope we can do something about, it is truly degrading since all of us should be equal. What kind of disgusting world we live in were people who mock others birth right are encouraged! I contacted several popular news channels and no one seemed to reply. Contacted Netflix and the costumer service said you may choose not to view the content. My problem is with Netflix supporting this guy that mocks people for who they are!!  Background Story: Many other deserving people who should have this deal. A friend of mine was rejected by Lebanese production companies simply because he is "fat" and "doesn't have a face suitable for tv" What about his chance or his opportunity, Lebanon does not feature an amateur venue. How can he prove himself and make it, if his people do not believe in him. My friend lives in sadness and misery because no one ever gave him the chance, why should the world be unfair ! Why do we accept this fact ! Soulful, kind , respectable, lovable, open minded people are spat on meanwhile people who resort in to cheap scummy humor are encouraged and welcomed to spread there toxicity!  So please help me, help him, help the LGBT community, help the people who are not given an opportunity to express themselves. Help me change the world, one problem at a time. 

Bob Martin
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