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Support Federal Programs for LGBTQ+ Homeless youth

40% of homeless youth are members of the LGBTQ+ community50% of LGBTQ+ youth face familial rejection as a result of coming out, 1 in 4 of those teens are forced to leave home.Shelters often refuse to support queer youth forcing them on the streetsThey face increased risks of trauma and sexual exploitation in sheltersThere are currently no federal programs that meet the needs of LGBTQ+ youth homeless population Members of the LGBTQ+ community are three times more likely to suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety disorder and depressionThey are also at an increased risk of post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts or actionsSuicide is the leading cause of death in young members (age 10-24)  of the LGBTQ+ community The Bill sponsored by Vermont Senator, Patrick Leahy would require reforms such as:  - "inserting age, gender, and culturally and linguistically appropriate before home-based services;" - "trauma-informed and gender-responsive services for runaway or homeless youth, including such youth who are victims of trafficking in persons or sexual exploitation; and an assessment of family engagement in support and reunification (if reunification is appropriate), interventions, and services for parents or legal guardians of such youth, or (if appropriate) individuals identified by such youth as family." - "striking job attainment skills, and mental and physical health care and inserting job attainment skills, mental and physical health care, and suicide prevention services;" -"to provide counseling to homeless youth and to encourage, if appropriate, the involvement in such counseling of their parents or legal guardians, or (if appropriate) individuals identified by such youth as family;" -to provide aftercare services, if possible, to homeless youth who have received shelter and services from a transitional living youth project, including (to the extent practicable) such youth who, after receiving such shelter and services, relocate to a State other than the State in which such project is located; (among others, a full list at    

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