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Remove Bishop Robert C. Morlino from Diocese of Madison, WI

Imagine burying a loved one who was denied funeral rites just because of who they loved. It’s a reality LGBTQ families and their loved ones are facing due to the actions of Bishop Robert C. Morlino.My family has a long history with the Madison, Wisconsin Diocese that Bishop Morlino now presides over. We were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and were taught by our family priest that love is core of the Catholic faith. Since his arrival, Bishop Morlino has put bigotry and hatred front and center.Bishop Morlino has instructed priests to consider withholding funeral rites or exclude the partner of the deceased to minimize “risk of scandal or confusion.” This is not being directed by church leadership or being asked for by parishioners, but solely based on his own bigotry.Pope Francis is transforming the church to return to love and compassion where people like Bishop Morlino have tried to instill hatred and bigotry. It’s why I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino.In these moments of grief, providing these sacred rites is not a scandal — it’s what is right. I can’t imagine losing someone and then being interrogated about their or my own sexuality.Trying to deny LGBTQ people burial rites is just the latest example of Bishop Morlino’s divisive behavior. He has ordered priests to call on parishioners to stand against same-sex marriage, instructed priests to avoid monasteries that disagree with his worldview, and tries to infuse his personal politics into the pulpit.Bishop Morlino’s 14 year pattern of hate and abusing his power has no place in the Madison Diocese, let alone the Catholic Church. I’m calling on His Holiness Pope Francis to remove Bishop Morlino. With your support, he will hear our voices and restore love to our community and send a message that hate has no place in the Catholic faith.Signed,Amelia Royko Maurer

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We do not support Autumn - Trans women taking a stand within our own community

Transgender women are at a cultural tipping point. In a world where we used to transition and go stealth in peace is no longer.  Don't get me wrong, some of the strides we have made in the last 5 years are significant and welcome changes for the community.  But with that visibility transgender women who need to be called out have come to the forefront of the movement. Let me state that most trans women are normal people who want to successfully transition to female and live a normal life. That includes things like attending college, having a fulfilling career and starting a family.    What we can no longer accept is the trans women who some view as fetishists reclaiming what we have worked for. These trans people push boundaries unnecessarily, make cis women uncomfortable, and make it harder for the average trans person to just live their life.    A recent example of that is Autumn Trafficante, a transgender woman living in Manhattan. Over the weekend, in a Soho Equinox women's locker room, she exposed her penis in a facility full of cisgender women. She then proceeded to walk around the locker room while fully naked and took the time to do her hair and makeup at the public sink with her penis still exposed. She even acknowledged how she made some of the cisgender women uncomfortable. She calls it liberating. The fetishists who agree with her call it brave. Autumn is a self identified "lesbian". You can view her whole story here:   It's time to call it for what it is. It's unacceptable. There was a time before transgender got trendy, that a trans woman didn't like the parts she was born with, which is kind of why transition became a thing in the first place. There was a time when a trans woman would quickly slip into a stall to change instead of flaunting her penis. We cannot accept this normalization of perversion  within the trans community. We will see everything we have worked for chipped away before our eyes if we let this continue. We need to think of how our actions make everyone feel, trans or cis. We need to stop accepting those in our community being selfish at best or fetishist at worst. It's time to push back.

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