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Stop Hate Groups From Plaguing University of Akron's Campus

The University of Akron continues to allow hate groups to come to the school. Not only do these groups harass our students but they also disrupt the learning at this institution.  What started as a once a semester thing as turn into a "multiple times a week" thing. They yell anti-lgbt slurs like "dykes" and "fags" and also refer to women as "sluts" and "whores" for attending college rather than "being home reading the bible to their children while their husband works."  It is getting beyond disgusting. They target us as we walk by and wave signs in our faces about how Jesus hates us and how death and hell are in store for us. They also have a photo of the 9/11 tragedy and refer to it as an act of God's wrath. We should be able to attend our school without fear for our safety. According to the law, our school should be protecting it's LGBT students under the code Title 9. I am not seeing that currently. If they would "approve" a hate group that is anti LGBT to attend our campus, what's next?  If they care about their students they would make a public statement that they don't condone or believe in the hateful behavior and maybe have someone right there making sure our students are safe.  There was only ONE time I have seen a police officer intervene and it was to protect the hate group because a random person knocked a sign over, but I have never seen them stand up for the students literally being harassed and screamed at.  Let's stop the copout about how it's freedom of speech. People say that when the speech isn't about YOU.  These young people deserve to feel safe at school. Stop the hatred

Jennifer Mills
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