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Petition to CEO Jim Mangia / St John's Well Child & FamilyCenter, Caitlyn Jenner

Stop Dishonoring the LGBTQ Community By Honoring Caitlyn Jenner!!!

The LGBTQ community demands that organizations STOP allowing Caitlyn Jenner to PURCHASE awards, honors, and accolades as an attempt to mask her damaged rapport with the community at large. Caitlyn Jenner has been nothing but harmful to the LGBTQ community by: *Supporting an administration that has aggressively attacked transgender children, service members in the armed forces, and has reversed civil protections for transgender people which were implemented by President Obama. * Justifying the discrimination & violence against trans women by stating that "they should put people at ease and not make them uncomfortable by looking like men in dresses". * Expressing opposition to same-sex marriage on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show". AND ...In addition to slandering her family in her book for less than $4M and #361 on the Amazon list; SHE was at fault for the death of an elderly woman in a car crash and SUED the dead woman's (Kim Howe) estate. Among the many other atrocities and egregious examples of her lack of empathy, 10/13/17 she went on another media rant blaming Ellen DeGeneres for her tarnished reputation and attempting to draw sympathy from mainstream media-- who are unaware of the tyrant Caitlyn Jenner really is. These are NOT attributes worthy of honor or an award. Caitlyn Jenner's values and ideology aren't those that the LGBTQ community; especially trans people, would look for in someone as a "representative". When organizations honor Caitlyn Jenner despite the fact that their mission & vision are the antithesis of what Jenner stands for; it expresses tolerance for Caitlyn's harmful actions, which ultimately breaks their promise to protect and advocate for the vulnerable, at risk populations they serve. St John's Well Child & Family Center is supposed to uphold that promise. They are a health clinic that offers services to the transgender community; which are delivered by a staff of dedicated transgender individuals. We believe the decision to publicly award Caitlyn Jenner on 10/21/17 at the TransNation Film Festival's Eleganza night is a terrible mistake. The decision was made without considerable input from the transgender staff at St. John's who are also community members above all else. We know that Caitlyn has given money to St John's, and we know that the higher-ups want more from her. The transgender staff are already working extremely hard to deliver vital services and now have been put in the very difficult position of having to take backlash from the community for decisions that were above their heads. Transgender people who work in the non-profit sector are typically only one pay check away from being in the same position as the demographic they serve. Being that transgender people in particular face economic hardships that are disproportionate to other members of the LGBTQ community, challenging problematic politics such as those excercised by St. John's and other other organizations puts them at risk. Caitlyn has given small donations ($25,000-$50,000) that are only a fraction of what she makes purely on the annual interest of her reported net worth of $100 million dollars. Her tax breaks mean more to her than the issues that affect the LGBTQ community and our overall wellbeing. Her contributions do not make up for her awful track record and the massive amount of harm she has caused to the transgender & LGBTQ community at large.  The LGBTQ community has given Caitlyn Jenner SEVERAL attempts to right her wrongs, but her cognitive dissonance and stubborn arrogance have prevented her from formally apologizing to us and vowing to do better.  Therefore; we (Trans Liberation Now) ask that St. John's Well Child & Family Center rescind their award/honor on 10/21/17. Failure to meet that demand will result in a demonstration at the Eleganza Gala located at: The Cicada Club- 617 S Olive Street in Downtown Los Angeles at 6:30pm We will NO LONGER be Caitlyn Jenner's PR props or puppets to her propaganda! We will NOT allow her to carry on as if she is the Christopher Columbus of Trans Identity or the Trans Christ and savior.  We will NOT continue to allow her to pimp our narratives out for profit, an use us as social experiments that she can mold into an extension of the Kardashian brand. We will NOT allow her to continue building her divisive caste system pins white trans people against black & brown trans people!  We will NOT allow her to bully her way into safe spaces that are designated for those whom her political & social efforts have harmed! We will NOT allow her to carry-on like the Trans Harvey Weinstein & harrass other trans women and abuse her privilege & status! AND Caitlyn Jenner is a humanitarian fraud and we will  NO LONGER allow her to make false claims that her foundation (The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation) is benefitting ALL trans people when there are ZERO people of color on her staff or board (non-reflective of those she claims to serve) AND-- we will NO LONGER allow her to use her foundation as a self-congratulatory tool to lend credibility to her status as an influential figure within the LGBTQ community. Example: Transnation's film festival's Eleganza Gala is honoring Caitlyn Jenner along with Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton (Activist, Actress, Community Advocate). The organizer & curator for the TransNation film festival is ALSO the president of The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation!! Instead of allowing a hard working, well respected African-American trans woman have her moment, Caitlyn Jenner used it as an opportunity to center herself by having Zackary Drucker her President, honor HER at this event! Help us put a STOP to this! Your signature(s) will tell St. John's Well Child & Family Center & other organizations to: STOP DISHONORING THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY BY HONORING CAITLYN JENNER!! Thank you!!!   

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Petition to Jeremy McGee

Interfaith Site Should Break All Ties With Anti-LGBT Affiliates

Interfaith Site should break off all ties to the anti-LGBT American Center for Law & Justice and Trump's anti-LGBT lawyer, Jay Sekulow. The Backstory If you’ve been following the news about the Trump administration lately, you’ve probably heard the name Jay Sekulow. Sekulow is one of Trump’s legal advisors and is frequently referred to in the media as “Trump’s lawyer.”  He makes frequent appearances on Fox News. Sekulow has an extensive anti-LGBT history.  He is the chief counsel for the the anti-LGBT organization, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). The ACLJ was founded by Pat Robertson to oppose the American Civil Liberties Union.  Since 1991, Sekulow has been working through the ACLJ to defund Planned Parenthood, defend school prayer and government subsidization of religion (or rather, Christianity), oppose the Islamic community center at Ground Zero, oppose LGBT marriage equality in the US, and promote the criminalization of homosexuality in Africa. The connection between Patheos and the ACLJ is a matter of public record. Patheos and Affinity4 are BN Media brands, and Affinity4 funnels charitable contributions to the ACLJ, as well as several other right-wing groups like the National Rifle Association, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, Gun Owners of America, Promise Keepers, Concerned Women for America, and the American Family Association. But that’s not all. Jeremy McGee, President and COO of Patheos, serves on the Board of Affinity4 together with Jay Sekulow. Affinity 4 is the link between Beliefnet (which now owns Patheos) and the ACLJ. (Patheos is also promoting Sekulow’s book.) Since Patheos was bought out by BN Media and Jay Sekulow has become Trump’s legal advisor, Patheos is now just one step removed from the Trump administration.  The same attitude that the Trump Presidency has toward free speech is reflected in the attitude of the new ownership of Patheos.  The anti-LGBT policies of the Trump administration are reflected in the anti-LGBT agenda of Patheos’ affiliates. This isn’t a coincidence, because the people in both organizations move in the same political and social circles.  As the degrees of separation get smaller, the similarities get larger. What’s more, BN Media also seems to have taken a page from the Trump playbook for dealing with negative publicity.  Since the Patheos controversy broke out, BN Media has taken active steps to obscure the relationship between Patheos and the ACLJ and Sekulow. Over two dozen Pagan authors have since left Patheos, due in part to concern about the morally problematic connections between Patheos and right-wing political groups like the ACLJ, which was of special concern in light of Patheos’ demand for increased editorial control over its authors. Patheos should break off all ties to the anti-LGBT American Center for Law & Justice and Trump's anti-LGBT lawyer, Jay Sekulow.

John Halstead
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