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Petition to Amazon,, Jeff Bezos

Amazon: Stop selling gay “cure” books

(UPDATE) Amazon removed conversion therapy books from its site on July 2, 2019. We are now asking that it sets a clear policy stating it will no longer allow conversion therapy books on its site. The books are down now, but with no change in the written policy, we can easily be back to fighting to take the books down at any moment. Amazon is selling books that promote gay “cures” as you read this. Some of the books include: “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality” “Healing Homosexuality” “How a Gay Boy Became a Straight Man” Conversion therapy is destructive in all ways. It became popular in the 1970s following aversion therapy (which directed patients to use hormone pills, electrical shocks, and medication that induced vomiting to “cure” gay people and turn them straight). 14 states have banned conversion therapy for minors because of how destructive it is. Reparative therapy, which these books are examples of, tries to change one’s sexuality on the belief that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Surprise: none of these therapies work. And moreover, they’re incredibly damaging to the victims. In fact, they can and have lead to mental health issues including depression, self-harm, and suicide. Right now, Amazon is profiting from selling these books that give a platform to a dangerous and abusive practice. Celebrating books that qualify homosexuality as an illness is not right and you can help stop it. Amazon has removed a gay conversion therapy app from its app store before following public outrage. If that app goes against their policies, why doesn’t selling books that promote the same thing?

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Petition to LGBT, Baltimore, korean, SPA

Keep Seoul Spa open in Baltimore MD

To our community, loyal customers, and every small business owner, We are a small business in Baltimore, MD called Seoul Spa. We need your help to stay open.  Our situation: The new landlord is trying to force us to move out. A little bit about our business. Seoul Spa is a traditional Korean spa - It consists of detoxing in dry heat and soaking in herbal tubs. We have been in business for about 8 years now and our spa is the only one of its' kind in the Baltimore area. We create a relaxing space to enjoy with family and friends. I'm proud to say we have a wonderful LGBT community that supports us and have become the most loyal regular customers. Without them, we may have already floundered. Our customers have been directly affected since the change in building ownership. Seoul Spa is located on the second floor of the building. The landlord has blocked off the escalators (served as the most accessible stairs for 8 years) and allowed access to one elevator (located far from front entrance in a corner) to reach our business. Frequently, the elevator will not function and the front entrance doors to the building are locked. Due to this, there are so many worries to name. When there is no functioning elevator and the entrance doors are locked, the customers cannot reach us. In this case, we must have an employee leave the spa to guide the customer from the front door to the spa. Please, we need signatures to help assist in our court case to stay open. The support of these signatures will hopefully help keep our case strong in court. We have used a great deal of money we cannot recover from, in order to stay afloat.  Respectfully, Seoul Spa

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Petition to Major Social Media Platforms That Create and Use Emojis, Major Electronics Manufacturers That Create and Use Emojis, Any Creator or Distributor of Emojis Worldwide

LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Emojis For Everyone

You, Person who uses emojis! - Read This: This year it’s the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the beginning of the modern LGBTQIA+ civil rights movement in America, and to celebrate, we think it’s about time the world had a better understanding of the beautiful gender, sexual, and romantic identities that make up all those letters (and every identity hidden beneath the + sign too!). And what better way than with the most universal language - emojis. This petition is to encourage the social media platforms that design these symbols to add LGBTQIA+ pride flag emojis. We’re talking about the transgender flag, the bisexual flag, the lesbian flag, the aromantic flag, the agender flag, and many more. Most of the time, companies wait until the governing emoji board Unicode approves certain ideas. But that can take years and it doesn’t need to be that way. And that’s because platforms can also design emojis independently! For example, if you copy + paste the Transgender flag formula from Emojipedia into a status on some social media platforms right now, you’ll get a single pink, blue, and white transgender flag! Once the major emoji publishers all agree that this formula = the transgender flag, you would be able to use it anywhere! Sign this petition now to show these companies you want these Pride Flag emojis! Show them how much you want to use these emojis to better express and celebrate your identity and the identities of others! Show them what Pride in your identity looks like!! Awesome Companies That Can Make This Change HAPPEN - Read This: You’ve all designed emojis, and yet the rainbow flag is still the only LGBTQ+ flag that’s universal to all of you. Let’s add more together! Don’t you think there should be lesbian, bisexual, and transgender pride flags? Wouldn’t it be great if, through emojis, you all contributed to conversations about what it means to be nonbinary, intersex, asexual, and so many more identities? We know it’s easier and simpler to wait for Unicode’s blessing before designing new emojis, but that’s why this petition exists–to band you all together to bring change sooner. We’ve created this LGBTQ+ pride flag emoji formula guide that you can follow to make sure your emojis are compatible with each other! Together you can show some much needed love to the LGBTQ+ community and bring more recognition to these identities! We’d love if you signed the petition too :)

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