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Petition to Council of the European Union, United Nations

Third gender marker: NON-BINARY

“STREET HARASSMENT” reports the abuse that Non-Binary people face in Society. Not another colorful project in the LGBTQ+ History, but a highlight in an international movement that aims to protect the Community from hate crime with a few law reforms. A Social Initiative by Joss Jaycoff with the conscious purpose to change some legislations. This petition aims to secure and insure indefinitely the basic Human Rights TRANS people deserve. Following up the latest update from May 2019 on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) by the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop classifying Transgender people as having a “Mental Disorder”, we ask for 3 reforms: The Legal Recognition of a 3rd Gender marker; “NON-BINARY”. (Not Male nor Female). Which includes the following: Transgender, Transexual (those identifying outside the binary), Genderqueer, Genderfluid, Intersex, Agender, Gender Neutral, Two-Spirit, Demigender, Gender Non-Conforming and more.We demand the right to identify as Non-Binary in official documents (ID, Passport, Driver’s License, Healthcare paperwork) without being diagnosed with a “Mental Disorder”. The right to transition without being diagnosed with a “Gender Identity Disorder” or facing abusive requirements like sterilization or bureaucratic obstacles. The banning of the genital mutilation of Intersex people and the sterilization of Trans people in the European Union, (and hopefully Worldwide, of course.) We urge you to SIGN THIS PETITION, and to put pressure to the Government in your country to adopt the changes from the ICD-11 from 2019. Since Trans people have it really difficult in most countries to access to basic healthcare, housing or getting a job, your support is vital. Some countries are going backwards, others are openly violating Human Rights, persecuting and killing Trans people just for being their true-selves. Still in 2020. Visibility and Awareness brings Representation, Representation brings Legal Recognition, and Recognition leads to Social Acceptance, which lowers Hate Crime. We live in a Society that doesn’t recognize us, the distress this causes shows on the high rates of suicide that Trans people face, the abuse and the trauma that Trans kids have to deal with in schools and public spaces. The Legal Recognition of a 3rd Gender marker will -literally- save lives, and protect the marginalized under the law. For your information: In 2017, Canada introduced the Gender Neutral option “ X ” (instead of M or F) for their passports. Australia, Denmark, Germany, Malta, New Zealand and Pakistan already included the X option, and still other countries (India, Ireland, and Nepal) allow some other third-gender designation. In the US, Washington, D.C., Oregon and Colorado approved the X designation for their driver’s licenses in 2017. Same year, California lawmakers decided to allow “nonbinary" as a third gender option on official state identification documents. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed “Gender Identity Disorder” as a diagnosable “Mental Health” condition from the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM-5) in 2018. In 2012 Argentina passed its Gender Identity Law (Spanish: Ley de identidad de género), which allows transgender people to identify with their chosen gender on official documents without first having to receive hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery or psychiatric counseling. Australia may have been the first country to legally recognize 3rd classifications, following recognition of Alex MacFarlane as having indeterminate sex, reported in 2003. Some eastern societies have long recognized transgender people as a 3rd gender, like India, though this may not include formal legal recognition in all cases. Models for recognition of Trans parenthood exist in Sweden and Malta. One of the main arguments against the inclusion of a 3rd gender identifier in the U.S. is that it would make law enforcement and surveillance harder, however countries that have officially recognized a 3rd gender marker have NOT reported these issues. It’s now that we ask for your support, SIGN THE PETITION. Thank you, X

Joss Jaycoff
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Petition to Televisa San Angel, México


¡El amor de Juliantina se ha convertido un fenómeno global! Se convirtieron en la primera pareja LGBT de mujeres en una novela dramática mexicana.Fueron transmitidas en televisión nacional y en horario central y en un canal sumamente masivo como lo es Las Estrellas. Ha abierto las puertas al público de que algo tan natural y normal como es el AMOR sea aceptado en todas sus formas, sin importar su género, orientación sexual ni color de piel.Ha abierto la puerta para que nuestra comunidad LGTBQ sea más visible y aceptada. Su impacto en México y Latinoamerica se hace cada vez más fuerte tocando ya los niveles internacionales. Fanáticos de todas partes del mundo se han conglomerado con ideas creativas para seguir su historia de cercas: Periscope, Twitter, Instagram Lives han sido los puntos de encuentro entre miles de personas de alrededor del mundo que se enamoraron de su bonita historia. ¡Podemos conseguir más de ellas, sumemos fuerzas para que esta bella historia continúe y este no sea su fin! Muchas gracias. ¡Merecemos más Juliantina!  _________________________________________ Juliantina's love has become a global phenomenon! They became the first LGBT women's couple in a Mexican dramatic novel.They were broadcast on national television and at the central time and on an extremely massive channel such as The Stars. It has opened the doors to the public to something as natural and normal like LOVE, which should be accepted in all its forms, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or skin color.It has opened the door for our LGTBQ community to be more visible and accepted. Its impact in Mexico and Latin America is becoming stronger and stronger at the international level. Fans from all over the world have come together with creative ideas to follow their history closely: Periscope, Twitter, Instagram Lives have been the meeting points between thousands of people from around the world who fell in love with its beautiful history. We can get more of them, let's join forces so that this beautiful story continues! Thank you very much! We deserve more of Juliantina! 

Marija Milovanovic
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